Weight Loss Programs

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Sometimes we may not realize the risks involved in being obese (overweight) and some people consider being fat as a sign of being rich which isn’t true. It’s very easy to gain than to lose weight especially in women. Usually being obese (overweight or of plus size) is as a result of accumulation of body fats. We take in more calories than what we can burn off in physical activity, the carbohydrates are then converted into fats to be stored in the body.

Weight Loss Programs - Substitute Eating With ActivitiesThis is associated with many health risks like diseases, sickness, disabilities and death. Though there are others


factors that cause weight gain such as health conditions like hypothyroidism, organ disease, and blood sugar imbalance among others. Extra calories is truly the key factor to weight gain which therefore calls for weight loss programs. Weight loss is a decrease in body mass. In this article we will share with you the weight loss programs that will help you to lose weight naturally and faster.

Briefly let’s look at the most effective and nature weight loss programs for fast and extreme weight loss.


Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss ProgramsDrink Plenty of Water

 Two thirds of our body and over 70% of the body fluid is Water.  Drinking a lot of water helps in weight loss. It’s a simple and fastest weight loss program because no heavy body exercise is involved. Water has no fats, no calories, and has no sugar, and drinking plenty of water helps to neutralize and suppress excess fats and proteins. This is true because after eating protein or fat foods, you feel thirst. Drinking at-least three litres of water daily reduces body fats and causes at-least 2% weight loss daily keeping other weight loss programs constant.

Weight Loss Programs - Drink Plenty of Water

Weight Loss ProgramsWork Out As Much As Possible

Working out as much as possible is an important and effective way to lose weight; this is because Working out daily or atleast three times a weak helps to burn off extra calories and fats that accumulates in the body. Physical exercises like jogging, running, weight lifting, gym exercise, sports activities are the best and major physical activities which burn lots of calories in the body and they lead to quick weight loss. Such activities however require balance in the diet because they require a lot of calories intake and may lead to excessive weight loss if enormously practiced.

Weight Loss Programs - Work Out As Much As Possible

Weight Loss ProgramsEat Healthy Food

 Eating healthy foods is a key factor to weight loss. Such foods have various essential nutrients which help to reduce body weight. This is an important natural and effective weight loss tip for plus size women. Though weight loss characterized by eating healthy food takes long, it helps not only to lose weight but also provide the body with essential nutrients reducing the risks of disease attacks. I use this weight loss program and it has helped me maintain my body weight.

Weight Loss Programs - Eat Healthy Food

Weight Loss Programs Avoid Fried Foods

Fried Foods contain a lot of fats. Fats have a lot of calories and when taken in excess, leads or may lead to weight gain. The cholesterol contained in the fats is highly dangerous to the body when in excess and might led to heart diseases and obesity. Fats have a great percentage of calories in the body and if you can’t effectively burn off the excess calories, it’s better to avoid fried and fatty foods though they are good and look nice but hazardous to your health.

Weight Loss Programs - Avoid Fried Foods

Weight Loss ProgramsAvoid Starchy Foods

Surely starchy foods are great source of carbohydrates which are of a great value to a healthy diet and our bodies. Starch foods have a high concentration of fats and taking a high fat (saturated) diet, leads to heart disease, blood sugar and obesity. Therefore for effective weight loss, it’s necessary that you reduce on the level of starchy food intake to achieve better results. Just try this weight loss program for about 4 months and check on the before and after Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Programs - Avoid Starchy Foods

Weight Loss ProgramsHigh Fiber Foods

Eat more High Fiber Foods because they are good for your healthy. They lower the risks of heart diseases, prevent constipation. High Fiber Foods are not digested by the body and come out of the body almost intact. They help during the digestion of complex sugars, preventing their accumulation in the body hence weight loss. If you combine this weight loss program with eating healthy foods and taking plenty of water, you will realize positive result in the first 2-3 weeks.

Weight Loss Programs - High Fiber Foods

Weight Loss ProgramsSnacks

Snacks can be either good or bad for your healthy depending on the calories content they contain. Snacks high in calories (candy, chips, chocolate) lead to weight gain and snacks low in calories content such as fruit and peanut butter, yogurt, hummus and wheat pita wedges leads to weight loss. Before buying any snack, think about the effects it may have towards your health.

Weight Loss Programs - Snacks

Weight Loss ProgramsSelf-Confidence (Believe in Yourself)

Just believe in yourself and you will achieve what you really want. Believing that you can work out and lose weight can make you achieve your goal otherwise if you are not sure that you are capable of losing that excessive weight, then you will not. It takes self-confidence and courage to believe in yourself, inside of you there is something that is greater than any obstacle. Try out the weight loss programs above and have faith in yourself and you will make it happen.

Weight Loss Programs - Self-Confidence (Believe in Yourself)

Weight Loss ProgramsPlay With Your Kids

The most joyful and interesting way to lose weight is to play with your kids. It involves simple exercise and activities which help to burn off calories reducing excessive fats in the body hence leading to weight loss. It makes the immune system for your children stronger and of greater resistance to common disease like heart disease, flue. This is the best weight loss exercise for your family.

Weight Loss Programs - Play With Your Kids

Weight Loss ProgramsSubstitute Eating With Activities

Substituting Eating with Activities such as sexJ, reading, playing games, jogging, among others should be considered as the last alternative to lose weight. Although it works well, it’s not recommended because food is life and a necessity for every living creature.

Weight Loss Programs - Substitute Eating With Activities

If you effectively implement and practice the above weight loss programs, I am 100% sure that you will achieve your goal. Otherwise all the best during the process of implementing the best and most effective weight loss programs.


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