What To Wear With Zebra Tights

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How To Wear Zebra Tights Women

Animal prints generally look cute especially when teamed with the appropriate attires. Recent research shows that a great number of ladies wear animal printed attires in the United States, United Kingdom and Austria. It’s now quite difficult to bump into a ladies wardrobe and fail to find a pair or pairs of printed animal attires. The commonest and stylish animal prints are from popular animals like the zebra, leopard, tiger, and cheetah. These animal prints include shorts, leggings, dresses, scarfs, and tops. In this article, we will focus on only one animal print the Zebra and in particular the zebra tights.

what to wear with zebra tightsGenerally zebra tights are awesome fashion wear especially when teamed with appropriate outfits. Zebra tights


though they are not a common designers wear; they look nice when teamed with leggings and High Heels or Boots. I team my zebra tights with a pair of leopard legging, leopard scarf and finish the trend with my favorite black flat ankle boots. There are many different ways to style zebra tights and mainly what determines the style is the look you want to create. You may decide to Go Color Blocking, Go Neutral, Be Romantic, Try the Chic Style, Be free and go casual.

You may have your own way to style zebra tights but these different outfits are still the most outstanding outfits with zebra tights. Let’s briefly look at the best and most appropriate way to style zebra tights.


what to wear with zebra tights

What To Wear With Zebra Tights – The Best Way To Style Zebra Tights

Outfit 1:

Zebra Tights Teamed With Leggings

Leggings are a preferred fashion wear for ladies who like putting on and have short clothes. I wear my leggings with a short tight zebra print dress. My dad threatened to kill me on spotting me wearing this dress without leggings. In the same boat, many zebra tight especially dresses are very short to be worn independently. This will call to team them with skinny pants, or leggings. For instance, you can wear a short zebra tight dress with a pair of leggings, or you can alternatively team the short zebra tight with a pair of skinny three quarter pants or skinny jeans.

How to style the trend:

Choose a pair of leggings (preferably animal print leggings); pair them with above the knee zebra tight dress. This outfit will look glamorous on you when you have short black hair as compared to brown or any other color. Go for High Heels for a chic style or flats for a neutral or casual style. High heels like flat ankle boots, pumps or wedges can work for this trend. Personally I would recommend and go for flat ankle boots because they are comfortable and will make you look trendy.

For a cold day complement the outfit with a sweater or a jacket; black or white jackets will be the perfect combination with this trend. Don’t forget to add bracelets for a romantic and chic trend. I guess you are now good to go with your hand or clutch bag by your side.  You can wear like this when going out with your friends, or just to show off around town in the evening. Just like the lady in the picture below, try to style like her but create your own look and you will have an awesome look with zebra tights.

what to wear with zebra tights

Outfit 2:

Zebra Tights With Trimmed CAMIS and Tanks

Camis and Tanks are basic and essential tops for a casual outfit; they are mainly paired with shorts, skirts and pants. Ladies look glamorous in Trimmed CAMIS and Tanks with shorts or pants. I have many of these Trimmed CAMIS and Tanks but my favorite ones are Polka Dot Cami, Criss Cross Cami, Floral Print Cami, Stripped Tank, Plaid Racerback Tank, and Essential Shirred Tank.

If I had a pair of zebra print shorts or pants, I would team them with any of the above mentioned trimmed camis and tanks. Wow better check them out they are really awesome. You too can wear zebra tights with Trimmed Camis and Tanks. Team the outfit with Pointed Patent Pumps, a jacket (jean jacket or leather jacket whichever works for you) and finish the outfit with a clutch bag and bracelets like necklace, ear rings, and armlets. You can wear like this to work, visit a friend, you can mention it.  However, the top (Trimmed Cami or Tank) should be black, white or an animal print to match with the zebra tight.

what to wear with zebra tights

Outfit 3:

Zebra Tights Teamed With A Black Top And A Denim Jacket

Black and white tops are a great complement to zebra tights. Black tops will make the trend look sexy and romantic while white tops will make the trend look chic and glamorous. So depending on the look you want to create, you can choose the kind of top (black or white) to team with zebra tights.

Let’s go sexy and romantic; choose a zebra tight skirt, pair it with a black top (essential longline top or a longline Dolman Top). Longline tops look sexy and complement zebra tights. I would go for Long Layered Dark Hairstyles coz it will match with the trend.

Complement the outfit with a jean vest for a sexy and romantic look. You can either opt for Boots or High Heels as your footwear. Boots like Buckled Booties, Stacked Hell Boots or Lace-Up Booties will work and match when teamed with this outfit.

For High Heels, you can opt for Metal Heel Pumps, Metallic Platform Pumps, Pointed Patent Pumps or Zebra Print Pumps to style and complement your outfit. Armlets will make the outfit look fabulous and they should be added on the trend. Finish the trend with a simple but nice necklace and a clutch bag. You can wear like this in the when going to work or when going for any official occasion. Wow look at the lady in the picture below, tell me isn’t she good to go for official duty?

This outfit won’t look cool to very short ladies. I have a friend of mine and she is about four feet (4ft) tall, OMG she teamed this outfit with flat shoes and came out looking like a chimp. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone in this category.

what to wear with zebra tights

what to wear with zebra tights

Outfit 4:

Zebra Tights With Printed Animal Tops

Animal prints are a perfect combination with zebra tights. I like animal printed tops especially leopard printed tops; the favorite of all being the Leopard Print Tie-Neck Top and Leopard High-Low Shirt. I team my zebra print skirt with my Leopard High-Low Shirt.

You can wear zebra tights with printed animal tops such as leopard printed tops, zebra printed tops or Mirrored Cheetah Tees.

How To Style Zebra Tights With Printed Animal Tops

Choose a nice chic zebra tight skirt, and pair it with a Leopard High-Low Shirt. Make sure you tuck-in the shirt for an outstanding look.  Complement the outfit with a few bracelets and armlets to portray a chic outfit.

Go for High Heels as your footwear to team with this trend. You can carry a jacket or sweater with you just in case the weather gets cold along the way.  A shoulder bag or a clutch bag can be added to finish off the trend. You can wear like this when going to office, visit a friend or just for a walk around town in the evening hours.

what to wear with zebra tights


Would you wear zebra tights?

We would want to know your opinions on this trend! Do you think zebra tights are stylish wear? Would you wear them with feminine accessories or rock them for a chic or glamorous look?

Do you think zebra tights will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on what to wear with and how to wear zebra tights, share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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