What To Wear With Yellow Pants

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What Would Be The Best Color Top To Wear With Yellow Pants?

We all know that yellow is a shouting color, making it easy to be singled out or see a person putting on such a color even in a crowded place. Yellow Pants are a classy outfit worn by many fashion designers across the global. You can wear Yellow Pants with dark color tops, stripped tops, pleated shirts, plaid shirts and white tops. If you have never fallen in love with yellow pants, these outfits will make you love Yellow Pants and by the time you finish reading this article till the end, you will have to separate some bucks for at least one of these different outfits with yellow pants.

What To Wear With Yellow PantsWhat To Wear With Yellow Pants – The best way to wear Yellow Pants women



What to wear with Yellow Pants will entirely depend on the look you want to create. You may decide to wear Yellow Pants for a casual outfit, official or as a party wear. In this case you can decide to go color blocking, go neutral, be romantic, try the chic style, or be free and go casual. In the same boat the type of footwear to team with Yellow Pants will determine the look you want to create. You can pair Yellow Pants with flats, sandals, or High Heels.

I own 2 pairs of Yellow Pants which I mainly team with High Heels on weekdays and with flats during weekends. I pair this outfit with a stripped t-shirt and a grey sweater during week days and with blouse and trimmed CAMIS on weekends. You can wear Yellow Pants with tight tops as long as they don’t clash the trend. Try to avoid baggy tops they will make the attire look ugly and unprofessional. Let’s look at the different ways to style Yellow Pants for women (different outfits for yellow pants).

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

How To Wear Yellow Pants Women

In this article we will entirely depend on color mixing for a tremendous unique outfit. Some people have the money and they are able to afford expensive clothes but they never look smart and their trends are always clashing why? This is basically because they have no or less knowledge (skills) about color matching. For that reason therefore, all you need is a simple color mix to create a marvelous unique style; you don’t need to buy expensive attires or shoes to look fashionable.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants With Stripped Tops

Black is a neutral color and it matches with many garments, in this outfit you can wear Yellow Pants with a black and white stripped top. The black stripes in the top tend to complement the shoes, armlets and the clutch bag making the trend fashionable.  Team the outfit with either a silver necklace or white necklace so that it complements the white stripes in the top. This outfit will look chic if you team it with flats.

The hair color may not matter a lot but personally as a woman, I will opt for black medium size hair style so that the color mix matching is complete. Finish the outfit with a black clutch bag and some black armlets and you will be good to go.

 Basic Tips For This Trend

  • Avoid baggy tops
  • The color of your bracelets and armlets should match ( if possible they should be the same or similar)
  • Dark or black hair will be the best match for this outfit
  • The color of your clutch bag should match with your shoes, bracelets/ armlets or with the top you’re planning to wear.
  • Avoid boots they will clash the trend

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants With Blouse

Blouses are favorite tops for every fashionable woman. You can wear Yellow Pants with tight blouses (avoid baggy blouse they will make your style look outdated). White or cream blouses will be the best match with Yellow Pants in summer coz white repels or reflects the light rays from the sun hence keeping your temperature cool along the day. However, if you can match with any other color of the blouse which doesn’t clash the trends, it’s OK. Team the outfit with High Heels, clutch bag and a few armlets.  To reduce on the sweating due to the high temperature, carry yourself a face powder to keep your face fresh and sweat free.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

Sometimes you may want to look younger than your age, so it will be a good idea to adopt some fashions trends meant for teenagers. In this case you will have to wear your Yellow Pants with High Heels (for instance High Heel Caged Sandals).

The black print in the High Heel Caged Sandal will complement the yellow pants; just try to match your yellow pant with a cream vessel top. This outfit can be worn in summer when going to office, party or any other formal event. You can complement the whole outfit with a yellow leather shoulder bag.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants With Zebra Printed Tops

Zebra prints are fashionable tops for stylish women. I have seen many celebs and fashion designers teaming zebra prints with different bottom wear (jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) for superior unique styles.

You can wear Yellow Pants with zebra printed tops.  In this case, choose a nice pair of yellow jean; a zebra stripped top and a grey button-down sweater. This will be a casual outfit for a weekend or an evening walk, therefore team the outfit with flats or flat sandals. You don’t have to necessarily dress like the lady in the picture below, just try to get some fashion tips from her and create your own style. Don’t forget to add a few bracelets (necklace and earrings), watch and armlets to complement the whole trend. This is a basic evening summer outfit which you can wear when going for shopping, or visiting a friend.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

 Yellow Pants With Red or Pink Tops

Well, it’s known that pink is a girl color which is admired, desired by many ladies these days. Ladies have turned back to teenagers the way they dress these days especially when putting on pink attires. I have my aunt who is in her early 40s but trust me when you see her putting on her Pink dress, you will think she has just made 20 years. I think designing and fashion is in her blood, she can pair some outfits which I have never seen and which have never crossed my mind.

What’s so special about this set of pink and yellow pants? The fact is pink and yellow are all shouting colors, making them easily spotted even in a crowd of thousands. So, if you want to be recognized even in thousands of people, you can opt to wear Yellow Pants with a pink or red top. If you are short, I will recommend going for High Heels as your footwear otherwise Flats can work with this trend. Team the outfit with a simple silver necklace, earrings, and armlets. Complement the outfit with a yellow leather clutch bag which will match with the whole attire.

This outfit can either be casual or formal. This is determined by the footwear to team with the attire i.e. Flats can make it casual or formal depending on the look you want to create and High Heels will make it a formal wear. Therefore depending on the look created, you can wear like this to office, or any formal event, and as a casual wear for an evening walk or as a weekend wear.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants With Trimmed Lace CAMIS

Let’s try to go neutral, wear your Yellow Pants with a trimmed CAMI and complement the trend with a blazer. This can be an office wear towards the end of the week like on Thursday. White trimmed CAMI will match the attire but you can try any color of the CAMI as long as it matches and doesn’t clash the trend.

Complementing this attire with a blazer will style up the outfit and make it look casual yet it isn’t. Finish the outfit with loafers as your footwear because they are comfortable and will make the trend looks casual.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants With Plaid Shirts

I think plaid shirts are my favorite tops to pair with jeans and pants. They make the outfit casual. If you love to tuck-in shirts, then go for a plaid shirt and a pair of Yellow Pants or jeans. You can team Yellow Pants with a buffalo plaid shirt. Belt the yellow pant and tuck-in the shirt for an elegant look. Sneakers or High Heels will work to be teamed with this attire. Since this is a casual outfit, a few or no bracelets can or may not be added to complement the attire.

What To Wear With Yellow Pants


Would you wear yellow pants?

We would want to know your opinions on this trend! Do you think Yellow Pants are stylish wear? Would you wear them with feminine accessories or rock them for a chic or glamorous look?

Do you think Yellow Pants will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on what to wear with and how to wear yellow pants, share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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