What To Wear With Teal

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Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed yourself and had fun on your holiday. I must admit that I’m the only person who had fun and enjoyed myself up to maximum. But as we were having fun, I spotted a young lady in her late 20s’ wearing a Teal skirt with a red top and cowboy boots. I felt like throwing her out coz her outfit was disgust to me. I promised to write an article on what someone can wear with Teal and how to wear Teal.

What To Wear With TealWell Teal clothes and accessories are easier to match than you think. Since Teal isn’t a neutral color like white,


grey, cream or black; finding what to wear with Teal clothing might be troublesome. That’s why we decide to make it easy for you by bringing you the different outfits to wear with Teal clothes. What Colors To Wear With Teal? Teal can be created by mixing green with blue into a white base. The colors that will match with Teal are neutral colors like white, cream, grey, black and other color like brown, pink, and floral prints.


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What To Wear With Teal


Teal Skinny Jeans With Black Tops or Yellow Tops

We all know that Teal is a bright and shouting color. Therefore neutral colors like white, black and cream are definitely a perfect match. In this case women can wear a Teal Skinny jean with black tops. Depending on the look you want to create, you can decide the kind of top to wear with Teal skinny jeans. You can wear Teal skinny jean with black tees, blouses or shirts.

Complement the outfit with trendy peacock necklace that will match with the black top. Finish the trend with High Hells for a sexy and chic outfit. You can dress like this when going out for dinner or a drink with your boyfriend on weekends.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Skinny Jeans With White-Black Stripped Tops

Teal skinny jeans look great with white-black stripped tops. My sister wears her Teal skinny jean with a zebra print top and Peep toe Wedges on weekends and she really look cute. Elegant ladies can as well wear Teal skinny jeans with a white-black stripped top. Complement the attire with a black cardigan which will keep you warm throughout the day. Opt for Black High Heels that will complement the Black Belt on your Teal skinny jean. A black clutch bag will flatter the trend and should be added to the outfit. Gold accessories like sunglasses, watch and earrings will add elegance to the attire. You can dress like this when going out with friends in the evening.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Skinny Jeans With White Tops/ Blouse

Just like black or grey, white color will definitely match with shouting and bright colors like Teal. Therefore if you have your Teal skinny jean, you can wear it with a white top or blouse. In this outfit choose a nice Teal tight skinny jean, pair it with a white blouse. Tuck-in the blouse and belt the Teal skinny jean with a black belt. Gold accessories like necklace, earrings, watch and sunglasses will definitely be the winner for this outfit.

Well the lady in the picture below decided to team the attire with Red Hells and a reddish hand bag; personally I would advise you to go for black High Heels and handbag that will match and complement the belt and sunglasses. Anyway she still looks elegant and smart in Teal skinny jeans. Just try to get a few fashion tips from her to create your unique outfit. You may finish the attire with a cream blazer or jacket to keep you warm just in case the temperatures become chilly along the day.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Cardigan With Jean And White Tops

Teal cardigans look great when teamed with neutral color outfits. For instance you can wear a black skinny jean or pants with a white or cream top. This is a neutral outfit that will definitely match with Teal. Now you can bring your Teal cardigan to complement the whole attire. Since this is more of a casual outfit, opting for Flats will be the best choice to High Heels. You should wear a belt to show off the waistline and finish the trend with Teal earrings and gold necklace plus a watch that will flatter the Teal cardigan. You are now good to for your casual happenings.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Blazer With Skinny Jeans

Are you looking for an official outfit with skinny jeans and a Teal blazer? Relax; I’m going to share with you the perfect combination of garments to wear with a Teal blazer for official attire.

First, choose the look you want to create. In this case we will go for a chic look for ladies below 30 years of age. Choose a navy blue tight skinny jean pair it with a white top. You can tuck-in the top for an elegant and chic look. If you are short go for High Heels they will make you look taller and if you are of medium height opt for black flats. Add a black handbag that will match and complement the Flats or High Heels. Finish the attire with a nice Teal blazer and you will be good to go for any official occasion. Ladies with black or dark hair will definitely be the winner for this outfit.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Blazer With Shorts

Now it’s time to go color blocking in shorts with a Teal blazer. In this outfit we will get the shorts from H&M, Sunglasses from Gucci, Shoes from Tony Bianco, Swatch Watch and Accessories from Mouche and Asos Gold Collar. I know that many of us are already in love with this Teal color, now if you are wondering how to style Teal blazer with shorts, here are some tips for you to consider;

  • If you prefer a dynamic, simple and elegant look, pair the Teal with neutral and bright colors like grey, pink, violent to flatter the attire.
  • Gold accessories like necklace, watch, sunglasses will definitely win the attire
  • Choose outfits that suits you perfectly, avoid baggy or too tight outfits

In summary, choose a navy blue short, pair it with a floral top or blouse. Complement the trend with gold accessories like a gold watch, necklace and sunglasses. Go for black High Heels which will match with the navy pairs of shorts. Finish the outfit with your favorite Teal blazer and you will be good to go have a drink with your pals.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Dress With Wedges + Belt

Women who prefer casual attires with Teal dresses will opt for this outfit. You can wear a Teal dress with Wedges. In this case you will go for a fitted dress about an inch or two above the knee. Team the outfit with brown peep toe wedges. Add a brown belt to the Teal dress to show off the waistline. The brown belt will match and complement the brown wedges. Finish the attire with a cream shoulder bag. You can dress like this when having an evening walk with your boyfriend. Ladies with brown or cream hair will definitely be the winner for this outfit.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Dress With Black Heels

You might be wondering, is there any outfit of Teal dresses to wear to office? Yes, you can wear Teal dresses to office or any official occasion. Pair the dress with Black Heels or Flats depending on the look you want to create. Heels will make you look chic and Flats will make your outfit look neutral. Well with accessories, the dress is pretty dramatic by itself, so it doesn’t stress you too much about the makeup. Complement the trend with gold necklace and earrings. This will be like a show off outfit. If I had a Teal dress, I would wear it on my birthday party or any other party.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Skirts With Denim Shirts

I was wondering and asking myself what color shirt other than neutral color can someone wear with a Teal skirt? I got the answer after seeing this lady in a Teal skirt with a denim shirt all looking smart and elegant. You too can look elegant in Teal skirt with a denim shirt. If you want casual attires don’t tuck in the denim shirt just fold it at the bottom.

Team the attire with open toe wedges and a brownish handbag. Well personally I would go for cream Nude Pumps that will match and complement the handbag. Finish the outfit with brown necklace, brown earrings and dark glasses. This outfit looks perfect for women with either long brown hair or long dark hair.

What To Wear With Teal

Teal Skirts With Black Tops

Here comes the easiest attire to team with Teal skirts. Black is a color that matches with bright and shouting color skirts and pants. In this case you can wear a Teal skirt with a black top. Team the attire with Teal earrings and Teal armlets to match and complement the Teal skirt. Black flats will complement the whole trend thus should be add to the attire. You can finish the attire with sunglasses to scar off cowardice men out of your way. This can be an official outfit or a casual outfit.

What To Wear With Teal


Would you wear Teal clothes as a formal or casual outfit?

We would like to know your opinions on this trend! Do you think Teal outfits are stylish attires for women? Would you wear them with feminine accessories or rock them for a stylish look?

Do you think Teal outfits will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on what to wear with and how to wear Teals, share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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