How To Wear A Scarf

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Scarves are a stylish wear to flatter with any outfit. Fashion designers treasure scarves and they almost wear them on a daily basis particularly for decoration. However, scarves in most case are worn for warmth. Women wear scarves over their shoulders especially when it very cold so as to get some warmth around their neck.

How to wear a scarfWhen scarves are paired well with different outfits, they look great with about everything and they are available in


many colors and patterns. Wearing scarves flatters a basic look to an amazing look. There are many different styles of wearing scarf which includes; being tied, wrapped, or thrown over shoulders. But when buying a scarf to attain a fashionable outfit consider the material from which the scarf was made.  You may be having different styles from the ones am going to share with you, feel free to share with me how you style and wear your scarf.

How to wear a scarf – what is the best way to style and wear a scarf

Outfit 1: You can wear a scarf with a nice top short/long sleeves (a tee or blouse any can work) and a jean.  With this outfit a scarf can either be tied or wrapped around your neck.  Try to bring out a vivid color and patterns of your design.

How to wear a scarf

Outfit 2: A sleeveless top paired with a nice scarf and a jean will bring out a vivid pattern of your outfit. This is a good wear for a weekend and it will look great on you when the outfit is complimented with a nice leather handbag.

How to wear a scarf

Outfit 3: You can as well wear a scarf with a short dress. I guess the picture below speaks by itself (top left corner lady).

How to wear a scarf

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