How To Wear Nerd Glasses

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With the advancement of technology every now and then in this dot-com and dot-mobi generation, computers have become our text boots, library and classrooms, workstations where you can get and read almost everything you need online. Some schools and universities have their lectures conducted online and exams done online. At the end of the day, some of us will have ours vision affected in one-way or another. Some people end up not seeing, while others painful eyes and sometimes shade tears when they look at computers.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd GlassesThis will call for glasses which will help to protect your vision from such sufferings. Personally, I am not an


occasional glasses wearer but a dependent. I can hardly see without my specs. It’s true that there are those people who wear them coz they have issues with their vision and others wear them as accessories to add style to their outfits to look more attractive.

Irrespective of your objective in wearing nerd glasses, you will have to wear them with style to look attractive, cool and great. Don’t just wear them for the sake of protecting your vision; add some style to them to avoid looking geeky. Today on Askmamaz, we decide to share with you the best ways and steps you can follow to learn how you can wear nerd glasses to look attractive, cool and great.


Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses


Care For Your Face:

Before wearing nerd glasses, you need to care for your face so that it looks attractive, stunning and glamorous. If your face is dry or oily, apply the right facial moisturizer to make it look moisturized, soft and smooth.

Care for your eyelashes and eyebrows by trimming and curling them to make them look more attractive. Apply neutral color makeup to your eyelashes and eyebrows so that they are shinny and attractive. Nice shinny lips will add style to you and make your face more attractive.

The texture and styling of your hair will greatly contribute to how you will look in nerd glasses. Your hair has to be fine, clean and shiny with a texturized spray. Always keep it dry and if you have bangs try to comb them to the sides to make your face clear and fully exposed.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Have More Than One Pair Of Nerd Glasses:

Every lady knows that we have different face shapes thus you will have many nerd glasses and try them on to determine one which perfectly matches your face shape. You can try nerd glasses in different shapes, sizes and colors on different attire to know which one looks great and attractive on particular attires.

I can say that most nerd glasses look great on official attire in skirts, pantsuits and dresses. Try them on each to see one which suits you perfectly for a great and attractive look. You can as well try them on casual attires such as dungarees shorts with a white tee teamed with converse or sneakers. For men, you can try them on all form outfits and casual outfits as well.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses


Do you think nerd glasses are a major turn-off? You need to leave that negative think and learn some basic tips and ways of wearing nerd glasses to look attractive. Both ladies and gents can wear nerd glasses to look attractive and fashionable. I knew that nerd simply means not fashionable and anything associated with nerd seemed to me as a turn-off till when I discovered and got inspired by fashion designers and other celebs that I spotted wearing nerd glasses and they looked pretty and attractive.

Now if you have the mentality or thinking that I had before about nerd glasses, throw those thoughts away and learn a few tips that will help you look pretty, attractive in nerd glasses.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Choose Nerd Glasses That Perfectly Fit Your Face:

For you to look attractive in nerd glasses, you need to choose nerd glasses that perfectly fit your face. If you have a tinny small face, opt for small or medium size nerd glasses and for those with larger faces, medium size or large nerd glasses will be the best choice.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Wear Nerd Glasses That Complement The Shape Of Your Face:

God created us in our own uniqueness with distinctive features which make your different from other people. Now if you want to look attractive in nerd glasses, choose nerd glasses that complement and fit your face shape. All you need to do is to keep trying different nerd glasses on you and ask your friend or pals whom you trust will be open to tell you how you look. In case they complement positively on your appearance in nerd glasses, just know you picked the right ones and they are the perfect choice for your face shape.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Know That Nerd Glasses Are Accessories:

When wearing nerd glasses, you should be aware that they are to complement on your overall appearance just like any other accessories. You should opt for nerd glasses of similar color scheme like your other get-ups.

Change Your Makeup:

The main intension of wearing nerd glasses is to accessories on your outfit in order to add style and look attractive. Therefore, you should keep your makeup to the minimal and use neutral colors which won’t overwhelm the outfit. Apply neutral sparkly gold eye shadow and lengthen your eyelashes with coast of black mascara to make them look dark and thick.

Design Your Hairstyle:

The design and style of your hair should complement the nerd glasses. Moisturize your hair by spraying it with a texturized spray and blow it dry so that it looks shinny and attractive. For ladies with long bangs, sweep them to the sides and those with short or medium length bangs allow them to hang down to your face slightly above your eyelashes.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Always Keep Your Glasses Clean:

You should maintain good hygiene to yourself by wearing clean clothes and accessories. You should clean your nerd glasses daily before putting them on. Avoid using rough objects such as paper to clean them. Use a moist clean soft face towel or handkerchief (hankie) to clean your nerd glasses.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses


Sometime, your colleagues will make fun of you wearing nerd glasses. But trust me nerd glasses are tremendous fashion accessories in that when they are styled well, they will make you look cool, attractive and classy. Keep reading this post till the end to learn and discover the different ways you can wear nerd glasses to look cool. I decide to focus on mainly ladies than gents. I have complied for you all the tips you need to know on how ladies can look cool in nerd glasses.

Choose The Best Nerd Glasses:

Pals will make fun of you when you wear nerd glasses which don’t fit and complement your face shape. You need to choose nerd glasses that will flatter your facial appearance, making you look elegant and classy. You can ask your parents how you look with those nerd glasses on. They will be able to advice you on the type and shape that will look great and attractive on you.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Go For Nerd Glasses That Flatter Your Personality:

Each lady has unique qualities of her characters that make her interesting and attractive. You can use these characters to pick your nerd glasses that will reflect your personality.

Be Yourself:

When you wear nerd glasses, you don’t have to act different; you are still the same person. The nerd glasses have just changed on your physical appearance by adding style and class to your apparel but you still remained yourself.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Have The Love For Your Nerd Glasses:

Glasses won’t leave a mark or label on your face, they will just add style to your apparel making you look cool and attractive.

Keep Nerd Glasses Safe And Secure:

Don’t leave your nerd glasses with children as they can easily scratch them or break them. Get a nice casing where you will keep your nerd glasses in case you aren’t wearing them. When washing them to keep them clean, wash them with clean water using a clean soft face towel or cloth to avoid scratching the lens.

You’re done; you can now wear your nerd glasses and rock them for a stylish cool, attractive and classy appearance.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses


Now that you know how to wear nerd glasses to look cool and attractive, I would also like to share with your some basic tips to follow when wearing nerd glasses to look great from anywhere, at any time and at any occasion. Let’s in brief look at the tips on how ladies (women) can look great with nerd glasses.

Go For The Best Nerd Glasses:

When you wear the right nerd glasses with confidence, be assured to look great in them. You need to try on many different nerd glasses till when you get one that matches with your face shape which in turn will make you look attractive, cool and great.

Their size should also be put into consideration in that you need to choose or buy the right size which fits you comfortably. Nerd glasses which hold tight on your skin (face) or drop are not your choice coz perfect fitting is always the best choice to look great.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Keep Your Hair And Skin Clean:

The best way you will look great in nerd glasses would be having your skin and hair clean. Nerd glasses will look great on a clean, spotless moisturized face. If you have a dry face, apply a facial moisturizer that will help to keep your face moisturized, smooth, and soft making it look great and attractive. For ladies with oily or sweaty faces, apply makeup to keep your face nourished by apply the right moisturizer for oily faces or skins.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Keep Your Nerd Glasses Clean:

Don’t only think about keeping your skin and hair clean, you also need to keep your nerd glasses clean as well. When they are clean and you wear them with confidence be assured to look great. You can clean your nerd glasses to remove any spots using a clean soft cloth to avoid scratching the lenses.

Care For Your Eyelashes And Eyebrows:

You can trim your eyebrows and eyelashes to make them appear nice with glasses on. Use light color or neutral eyebrow pencils to emphasize and improve the shape of your eyebrows. Gold or silver eye-shadows when applied to your eyelids will make them look more attractive. Summarize the makeup of your eyes with eyeliner which will make the edge of your eyes more noticeable and attractive.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Make Your Lips Noticeable:

To add style to your attire and look more attractive and great in nerd glasses, you need to apply a neutral smooth lip-gloss that will draw attention to your lips. Just in case you don’t have neutral color lip gloss or lipstick, you can use ordinary Vaseline to make your lips shinny and attractive.

Be Confident:

I should say this is the most vital aspect that will make you look great in nerd glasses. You need to be confident when wearing your glasses and don’t try to behave differently coz you are putting on glasses but be who you are. Add a nice little and gentle smile which will make you more attractive and confident in your apparel.

Wow, I should now say congratulations your done and good to go rock a great look in nerd glasses at your place of work, on the streets or at any place or occasion.

Nerd Glasses - How To Wear Nerd Glasses


Things you will need to look great, attractive and cool in nerd glasses!

  • Nerd glasses
  • Makeup (Eye-pencil, Eye-shadow, Eyeliner, Face moisturizer, Texturized spray for your hair)
  • Clothes ( Blouse, shirt or t-shirt, Skirt, Suit pants or Skinny Jeans, Shorts, Dresses, Jacket or Blazer, cardigan, scarf, and Thin Leather belt)
  • Bracelets (Earrings, necklace, armlets and handbag)
  • Shoes (High Heels, Boots, Flats or Flip-flops)

Create your own look by choose from the above garments to create your personalized unique outfit.


Now that you know how to wear nerd glasses, I would like to know what you think of nerd glasses. Are you a fun of nerd glasses or dark sunnies?

Would you wear nerd glasses to accessorize your feminine apparel and rock them for a stylish fall or summer look? Do you think nerd glasses will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on how to wear nerd glasses to look great, attractive and cool for classy stylish chic outfit. Share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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