What to wear with military boots

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What to wear with military boots – best outfits with military boots

Military boots were footwear’s for only the military (soldiers and police) till of recent when fashion designers brought them on the streets. Many people like wearing military boots with different attires because of the awesome look they impact on them. Currently military boots have become one of the most desired footwear in the fashion industry worn by both men and women.

what to wear with military bootsReports show a great number of women who wore military boots compared to men hence the need for more supply


of ladies’ military boots. I was jumbled about what to wear with military boots and how to style them, till of recent that I learnt some of the different ways to wear military boots for women. Therefore in this article we will address the different outfits which go with military boots, and how to style them.

What can you wear with military boots? How can you wear military boots?

Outfit 1:

Military boots can be worn with nice short dresses. This is my best outfit with military boots especially when am going for an evening walk. I wear my military boots with either a Polka Dot Knit Dress or an Open Back Mini Dress and flatter the outfit with a brown leather shoulder bag. You too can dress military boots with a nice short dress and you will have a glamorous look. You shouldn’t forget to finish the ensemble with nice bracelets like rings, necklace, and watch.

what to wear with military boots

Outfit 2:

Leggings have become a great fashion wear these days.  People wear legging with different footwear’s among which are military boots. You can wear military boots with leggings and a nice tee.  This outfit is good for a fun day, walk around town, among others.  For a stylish look, the ensemble can be flattered with a handbag or shoulder bag and bracelets. I fancy wearing black leggings, a white tight tee, and a brown leather shoulder bag with black military boots.

what to wear with military boots

Outfit 3:

You can as well wear military boots with a tight skinny jean. In this outfit, a V-Neck top with a blazer or sweater will look great when worn with a skinny tight jean and military boots.  Just make sure that the top looks great on you especially when paired with your tight skinny jean.

what to wear with military boots


Military Boots

what to wear with military boots

what to wear with military boots

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