What To Wear When Jogging: How To Start & Enjoy Jogging

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Jogging is a form of body exercise which involves running at a slow and controlled pace. People mainly do jogging to increase their body physical fitness. When you are jogging at a slow steady pace, you put less stress on the body as compared to fast running. Ladies mainly jog when they want to reduce on their body weight.

Jogging - What to wear when JoggingQuite frankly running and jogging are the greatest and simplest sports to get into shape and stay fit which can be


done at any time of the day, anywhere in the world and during any season of the year. I remember since the time I got up on my two legs from my childhood, I have been running but now I know that jogging is quite different from running and it isn’t that easy.

In this article, we made it easy for you to know how you can start jogging, how you can make your jogging easier and enjoyable, and what to wear when jogging. Be rest-assured to find all the info about jogging that will get you ready to start your daily jogging without hurting yourself and keep yourself motivated when jogging.



Before you start and even think of jogging, you need to update yourself about what you will require when jogging, the mainly goal as to why you are jogging for jogging, the time and interval of jogging plus the route you will be using. Let’s in brief look at the tips on how to jog for men, women and children.


Before you kick off with your jogging exercise, you need to choose the right getup that will make you feel comfortable and enjoy your jogging


You will be running on different platforms which are rough, flat or sloppy. Therefore, you need to choose the right shoe according to the surface of the ground you are going to jog on. For flat and smooth grounds such as roads wear road shoes while rough surfaces opt for trial shoes such as sneakers.

Choose a shoe that you will be comfortable in irrespective of the height of the arch of your foot. You can go to the factory and they make for you comfortable shoes that will fit your arch securely after taking the right measurements of your foot.

You should also consider getting the right size. Not too tight and again not to lose. The shoe should fit you with ease without squeezing your toes and heel.

Tie the right shoe correctly. You can tie your shoe correctly to prevent the heel from slipping and have more space in the toes. Lace up your shoes correctly to attain the desired fitting for a comfortable and enjoyable jogging.

Select The Right Comfortable Clothes:

When jogging, you need to wear clothes that will allow your body parts (legs and arms) to move freely. I would recommend opting for loose or flexible getups that are breathable and will also keep you in shape.

When you jog, it’s mainly done in the morning or late in the evening. You need to lock your house and gate to prevent intruders from entering your premises. Therefore, you will need to wear clothes with pockets to keep your keys, phone and your I.D to identify yourself in case of any instance.

The season of the year will also determine the type and fabric of the clothes you wear when jogging. For seasons like summer when the temperature are warm, a vest or tee will work as your top wear. However, when temperatures are extremely chilly in winter, you will need to wear clothes that will add warmth and provide more coverage.  For instance, you can wear your jogging or running clothes and pair them with a long sleeved jacket. Add a beanie to your head and transparent sunnies to your eyes. To keep your fingers warm, add gloves and you will be good to go.

Make Your Jogging Enjoyable

Some people enjoy jogging when they are in a group and engage in a conversation. While others prefer jogging when they are quite with no disturbances in the background which is ok coz that is how they choose it to be enjoyable.

However, you can add some music to your jogging to make it more enjoyable and jog for a long period. Get yourself an Mp3 player with ear buds. Upload your favorite music or audio book to listen too when jogging. Keep the volume low and put only one ear bud in your left or right ear so that you are able to hear any vehicle approaching or any sign of trouble.

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging


Life Is Precious So Stay Safe

When jogging, you need to choose a place where there are many people who will give you help in case of any threat or trouble. Consider jogging in places with few vehicles to reduce on the risk of being knocked by careless and drunk drivers.

Avoid jogging in thick jungle areas where your life will be at a risk to wild animal and strangers or robbers’ coz thick forests are hiding places for them.

Jog in the morning when it’s clear and in the evening when it’s still clear. Don’t jog in the dark as you will be putting your life at a risk to being hurt, ganged, raped, killed or robbed.

When you opt jogging along the road side, wear reflective clothes to stay visible to drivers especially in the evening and early morning when it’s a little dark.

Know The Distance You Will Jog For That Day:

Don’t jog carelessly, make a plan of your jogging on the distance that you will cover to make your jogging professional.

For the start, begin with a short distance and observe your body reactions towards the exercise. Expect your muscles to pain a little if you have taken long without any physical exercise. Don’t take painkillers to reduce on the muscle pain; the pain will slowly go away as you do it for the next consecutive 2 to 3 weeks.

When estimating the distance you will jog or run, put getting back to your starting position (home) into consideration. When you jog for a very long distance which you aren’t used too, you might fail to get the energy to jog or walk back to your home.

Increase the jogging distance each day to make your body muscle more flexible and physically fit

Get the accurate distance for your route by using free tools such as Google maps to give you an estimate of the distance to avoid hurting yourself by over straining your muscles for a longer distance which you were not prepared for.

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging


When jogging, there are factors to put into considerations. They are the key factors that will help you enjoy and benefit from your jogging routine.

Keep It Simple: When jogging, you should start slowly and then increase the exercise as you get used. Don’t jog for so long coz when you do, you will be hurting yourself. Don’t overdo it in a day. Jog for one or twice in a day (in the morning and in the evening) for 30 minutes to a maximum for an hour.

Get The Right Diet: When going for jogging, a banana will be the best option to eat coz it will energize you and fill up the nutrients which will be lost while jogging. An empty stomach will make you feel hungry and tired so fast while a full stomach will make you lazy, uncomfortable and sometimes feel sick. So have a little or small meal before starting off with your jogging exercise.

Prepare Your Body Muscles: You will need blood to flow through your body by increasing the heartbeat. Start by walking slowly and then increase the speed after 2-3 minutes. This will allow you warm-up your body making the blood to flow in your blood vessels getting you ready to start you’re jogging. Jog for one minute, slowdown and continue walking. After that you can now start your normal jogging at a steady pace for the distance you planned for.

Remember To Always Take A Breath: Taking a breath is healthy as it helps your body to supply oxygen to the essential or vital organs of the body like the heart and the brain. At one time during your jogging, you need to slow down for a few seconds and take a deep breath.

Give Yourself A Few Second To Relax And Take In More Fresh Air: In case you are having difficulty in breathing, you might need to seek medical attention from professional medical personnel.

Take Plenty Of Water: When you jog, your body becomes dehydrated through the water lost as a result of sweating. You need to take a bottle of water with you which you will take when you feel thirsty or take plenty of water before and after jogging. The water will help your body stay hydrated and cool very fast.

Jog Correctly: When jogging, avoid crossing your legs as it might cause accident and fall to the ground injuring yourself. Jog with your head straight and your arms bent to about 90 degrees.

Allow Your Body To Cool: You should always allow your body to cool down for some minutes. In the process of jogging don’t momentarily stop, first you need to slowdown and walk for some distance at a low or slower pace to able to stop allowing your body cool down. Do some stretching as you are in the process and resume jogging after 2-5 minutes.

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging


Well, it’s medically suggested to jog once a day. However, if you have enough time you can jog twice a day during your free hours. You can do your jogging for a maximum of one hour. Avoid over straining your muscle by prolonging your hours of jogging.

Jog In The Morning For About 30 To 60 Minutes: In case your work starts a little late in the day, don’t just sleep in your bed waiting for the time to reach and dress up to go and work. Wake-up early in the morning when it’s clear and go for jogging around your neighbors or by the roadside. The morning jogging is the most effective jogging to fully and quickly achieve your goal. You can start by walking to warm-up your body and later run for one minute and walk again. After that continue with the normal jogging pace and rest when necessary. You can jog for 20 to 60 minute.

Jog In The Evening When You Are Going Home Or After Dinner: In case your morning schedule is too tight or fixed that you don’t have or find any free time to go for jogging, spare some time in the evening after work and jog for about an hour keeping the above tips and procedure into consideration. If you going to do it indoor do it after dinner and in case you are going to do it outdoors, avoid routes with no people, use routes with many people and less cars. Wear reflective clothes so that you are easily visible by the drivers to reduce on the risk of being knocked.

Jog On Your Lunch Break: When you have a longer break during lunch hours and have access to a shower, quickly take a short jog for about 10 to 20 minute. This will help you stay alert and avoid dozing after lunch when you are fully satisfied.

Jog To Work Or School: When your workplace or office is near your home and you have access to a shower at office, jog from home to work. When you reach work, take a cold shower and dress up to get yourself ready and set for office. For those with their offices at home (those who work from home), you can jog around your office or neighbors for 10 to 20 minutes in the morning so as to stay fit and alert throughout the day.

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging


For you to be able to enjoy your jogging, you need to Choose Comfortable Getups such as shoes and clothes. The shoes should be comfortable in your feet so that they leaves space to the toes and supports the heel to prevent it from sliding. Go to a sports store or you can buy your jogging pants and tops from online sports stores.

What Is Your Aim? You need to have something that you hope to achieve from jogging. Those who jog without any goal end up wasting their calories and energy on parts which don’t require jogging to make them small and physically fit. You have to plan how you will utilize your free time and allocate particular time to jogging. Commitment is the main factor to achieve your intended goal.

Decide on the Platform of the Ground from Which You Will Be Jogging from: This will help you prepare and get the right shoes before you start with the jogging exercise. You have to decide whether to jog from outdoors or indoors on a treadmill.

Get a Partner or Pal to jog With: If you are married and your partner also likes to get in shape, jog together with him or her. If you have a family, you can make the jogging enjoyable and exciting by engaging in the whole family into the jogging exercise.

Make Jogging A Daily Routine: When you start jogging, it should become part of your daily activities that you must do before you go to bed. This will help you stay fit and resist many body sicknesses which come as a result of being unfit. Such diseases include blood pressure, obesity and its related complications, fever, flue, and many more as you can list them.

You Should Enjoy What You Started: let jogging not is a burden to you. Take it as any normal and simple exercise for your daily routine to stay physically fit.  After one to two weeks of doing it, you will notice changes in your physical and emotional health. Continue reading this article to learn how you can enjoy your jogging.

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging



Well jogging shouldn’t sound like a penalty to you. Though it’s not an easy exercise, you can make it exciting, easier and enjoyable. Follow the following tips to learn how you can make your jogging enjoyable and exciting.

  • First and foremost, you need to go for a body checkup from your physician. The physician will examine your body for any form of illness and diseases such as asthma that might be of a risk to your health just in case you jogged without his/her advice. Your physician will be in position to give you a go ahead with jogging or to opt it out. If you have been given a go ahead, ask him how far you should go for the start and for how long should your jogging take.
  • Don’t focus on your jogging: When you are jogging, try to think of something else which won’t again over take your concentration and end up being knocked. Think of your future plans, wife, husband, siblings, family, among others so that you don’t think about the distance left to the finishing of your exercise as this will tend to make you tired before you finish the exercise.
  • Divide your attention and add some entertainment to your jogging: You can grab an Mp3 player loaded with your favorite music that will help you keep moving. You need to stay safe by using only one ear bud and leave the other ear free so that you are able to hear approaching vehicles and trouble in your surroundings.
  • Jog at a constant steady pace: When we starting jogging, we tend to start at a fast pace and end up getting tired midway. You need to maintain or keep your pace to ensure that you safely complement your intended distance or route. A long the way, when you feel the need to rest please do so to avoid hurting yourself.
  • Jog for the right and recommended time: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore irrespective of your jogging goals, start slowly and do it consistently for months or weeks to achieve your goal. Even if you jog for 10 hours a day with the intention of losing weight or getting physical fitness, you won’t achieve your goal that very day instead you will be hurting yourself.
  • Have a little or small meal before starting your exercise: A banana can get you ready for your jogging exercise in the morning or evening. If you over eat and go with a full stomach, you will get tire so easily and feel sickly and sleepy along the way.
  • Wear the right clothes: You should wear comfortable clothes that are flexible to allow easy movement of your legs and arms. Wear the right jogging shoe which you are comfortable in. When you plan to jog on a flat gentle ground, wear road shoes. For rough grounds, wear trial shoes to protect your feet from injuries.

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging

Jogging - What to wear when Jogging


What you will need to wear when jogging women


  • Shorts (tight shorts, yoga shorts)
  • Tight (flexible tights, yoga pants or flexible three quarter tights)


  • Sleeveless tanks
  • Lace cami
  • Sports bras
  • T-shirts


  • Comfortable sports shoes such as sneakers, road shoes

What you will need to wear when jogging men


  • Shorts (tight shorts, yoga shorts)
  • Tight (flexible tights, yoga pants or flexible three quarter tights)


  • Breathable t-shirt
  • Sleeveless vest


  • Comfortable sports shoes such as sneakers, road shoes


Now that you know what to wear when jogging, how to start jogging, and How to enjoy Jogging, I would like to know what you think about the above tips we shared with you. Which kind of jogging do you prefer? Outdoor or indoor on a treadmill!

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on how to start jogging, how to enjoy jogging and what to wear when jogging. Share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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