How To Wear Ihram

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What is ihram? Ihram simply means the garments worn by both men and women Muslims (hajjis) during hajj and Umra. When you are a Muslim and want to go to mecca for a pilgrimage, you have to be in a state of ihram. Ihram is a state of ceremonial consecration and sanctification where Muslims receive complete spiritual and physical purifications.

ihram - how to wear ihramThe ihram for ladies (female hijjis) is a one piece white long robe that covers their bodies from the head to the feet.


The ihram for men consists of two pieces of white seamless garments. One is thrown over the shoulders to cover your torso region and the other one is worn as a bottom wear to cover the bottom areas from the belly button to the feet. Generally all ihram garments for both men and women are always white. There are a few exceptions where you can find a cream or stripped ihram garment. Irrespective of their color, they all serve the same purpose.

Some ladies prefer covering their face so that only the eyes and the nose are the only visible feature on their face. Other ladies go ahead and wear dark shades to style the outfit in ihram. The most recommended and appropriate footwears to dress with ihram are sandals or flip-flops for ladies. Other shoes such as work shoes, high heels, flats or boots are a complete NO with ihram; preserve them for other occasions.

Many things are restricted after wearing ihram. Among them are; ihram must not be stitched and clipped or pinned (in simple terms you can’t stitched your ihram, neither can you use clips or pins to fasten or secure your ihram). Before wearing ihram, take a warm shower, dry yourself with clean towel and apply less scented perfumes (nonalcoholic).


ihram - how to wear ihram


After cleaning yourself and get ready to be dressed in ihram, remember that the only garment that will be left on your body will be your ihram. I see some men and women wearing ihram with underwear underneath and other with shorts (three quarter pants) underneath the ihram which isn’t good and religious.

Choose two nice piece of cotton cloth that will allow air to pass through (for easy breathing when you cover your nose) and absorbent to absorb your sweat.

The two cotton breathable and absorbent clothes should be of a uniform length at the hem.

All pilgrims should cut their hair and nails before going for pilgrimage to mecca. When you are wearing ihram, you aren’t allowed to cut your hair and nails.

Men are not allowed to cover their heads while for women it’s a must that their heads should be covered.

For women, their one piece ihram garment should have a bonnet cap of the same fabric like the ihram to help them hold their hair in place.

You need to practice wearing ihram before the actual occasion or period. This will help you perfect and be confident in the way you walk, kneel or squat.

ihram - how to wear ihram

ihram - how to wear ihram


Wearing ihram is that easy like wearing any other cloth or garment. There are several ways to wear ihram but I will share with you two basic, simple and easiest ways to wear ihram.

Stand with your legs apart (at a distance) to allow free and easy movement of your feet

Choose the cotton cloth that you will wear at the bottom. Wrap it around your body. The upper part should be around your chest preferably around your breast to avoid it reaching the ground and allow easy movement of your legs.

ihram - how to wear ihram

Method 1 Of How To Wear Ihram Men:

Hold the two ends of the ihram garment together so that they are at the same level. Push the inner part to your right.  Wrap the two ends around your body to the left.

You can now fold the upper end downwards up to the navel to secure and fasten your ihram garment.

Move your legs up and down wards, left to right, front to back to ensure that they move freely with easy.

Try squatting and kneeling to make sure that you can easily kneel and your privates are not seen both from the front and at the back to avoid inconveniencing the congregation and distracting their attention.

Get the top piece and throw it over your back to cover your torso. Make one side of the top piece longer that the other. When going for Tawaf, leave one shoulder out and throw the long end of the top piece across your chest to the other short end.

After Tawaf, cover both your shoulders for offering Namaz e Nafal. You can do this by repeating the above step with both shoulders inside the top piece. Put on your sandals and you will be good to go.

ihram - how to wear ihram

ihram - how to wear ihram

Method 2 Of How To Wear Ihram Men:

Alternatively, you can choose your cotton piece of garment preferably white and wrap it around your body. It should start from the breast (chest) to the feet. Make sure that it leaves a quarter the length of your legs to the feet for free and easy movement of your legs.

Push or put the shorter end inwards so that it touches or reaches the other end. Wrap the longer end halfway and bring the remaining piece to the front and start folding downwards.

Fold up to the navel to fasten and secure the ihram from easily falling off.

Move your leggings upwards and downwards, sidewise (left to right and back to front) to ensure free and easy movement of your feet.

Squat to ensure that you can do it easily and your privates (“goods”) aren’t exposing both from the back and at the front.

Depending on the look you want to create, throw on the top white cotton garment over your shoulders.

Make one part long than the other. Throw the longer side across your chest to the other side. You can do it with both shoulders covered or with only one shoulder open (covered). Throw on your sandals and you will be good to go.

ihram - how to wear ihram

ihram - how to wear ihram


ihram - how to wear ihram

ihram - how to wear ihram

ihram - how to wear ihram

ihram - how to wear ihram


Now that you know what to wear with ihram and how to wear ihram, I would like to know what you think of them. Would you wear ihram to a mosque? Do you think ihram will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on how to wear ihram and what to wear with ihram when going to mecca for pilgrimage. Share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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