What To Wear To A Funeral

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What To Wear For A Funeral – What to wear to a funeral

They say that every normal being has three main parties in life i.e. {at birth (birthday party), marriage (wedding party) and funeral (death party)}, the first and second are full of joy but the last party is full of sorrows and sadness. Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

How to wear for a funeralDeath is a journey that your own (best friend, wife, husband or children) will never accept to go with you; you came


on earth alone and so shall you leave alone. It’s a time full of memories   and when I attend any funeral, I always remember what my Papa used to tell me when I was still at High school “my Beloved daughter time is a companion that goes with us on the journey, it reminds us to cherish each moment because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. Take care of your self-daughter“.

Death is really scary but no matter what, we have to accept that’s its part of the journey that we MUST pass through to another life. The four corner house with only one door is frightening and no matter how it’s designed, no one enters in happy; ties are the openers of its door. May the deceased R.I.P


what to wear for a funeral

What to wear to a funeral – How to wear to a funeral

What should I wear to a funeral?

Most of us will be faced with a decision about what to wear to a funeral at some point.  It’s important to remember that funerals are heart breaking and sad functions for the family of the deceased and close friends as well.  We need to show respect to the deceased and family members by dressing appropriately when attending such occasion. However, the dress code shouldn’t over traumatize you because your presence at the funeral is more essential than the outfit you wear.  Generally the attires to wear to a funeral should be dark and somber. Black for years has been the traditional choice of color to wear to funerals.

Currently, people opt for dark colors like navy blue, forest green, charcoal gray and sometimes dark brown as compared to the traditional black color.

If you don’t own any black attire or you just don’t like black, you can opt for navy blue, charcoal gray, forest green or dark brown. Just try to avoid bright colors when dressing for a funeral because bright colors are seen as a sign of being disrespectful.

Women should wear dresses or business suits with boots or flat sandals, while men it’s advisable to wear business black or navy blue suits with gentle shoes. For kinds, try black jeans or chinos with a shirt and smart shoes for boys and a pretty frock for the girls.

How to wear for a funeral

What To Wear To Funeral Women

Wear A Black Dress:

Women can wear a black dress to a funeral. It’s better to keep the trend basic and try to avoid too much bracelet. Instead of a necklace, opt for a black scarf. For seasons like winter or autumn, complement the dress with a black or navy blue jacket, and hand gloves. You can add a simple Black Hand bag or shoulder bag for your accessories and finish the trend with flat ankle boots.

What to wear to a funeral

Wear A Black or Navy Blue Business Suit:

Choose a white blouse or shirt to wear as your top with navy blue blazer. The skirt of your suit should be of reasonable length (preferably below the knee) or wear short skirt with black leggings. You can decide to add a simple necklace or just opt it out. I would recommend black shoes for women (patent-leather pumps, Closed toe Platform Pumps, or BB Suede Pointed-Toe Pump) to team with this outfit.

What to wear to a funeral

Wear Dark Colors Such As Forest Green, Charcoal Gray Or Dark Brown:

You may not be having a black suit or navy blue suit and you really want to dress in respect of the deceased and the family members, you can opt for dresses of dark colors like Dark Brown, Charcoal Gray Or Forest Green. Opt for a scarf of bright colors and shoulder bag which matches with the color of your scarf or shoes. Complement the dress with a sweater or jacket and black leather ballerina shoes.

what to wear for a funeral

What To Wear To Funeral Men

Wear a Black Suit:

A black suit will be the best and appropriate wear for men to a funeral. In the U.S men traditionally wear black suits as a sign of respect to the deceased and family members. Choose a nice fitted black suit and wear a white shirt inside. Work shoes (Adrian’ Oxford, Toe’ Bit Loafer, or Dockers Men’s Shelter Plain Toe Oxford) will be the best footwear with this outfit.

What to wear to a funeral

Wear a Navy Blue Suit:

Alternatively; you can choose a dark color suit like navy-blue or dark brown to wear to a funeral. Wear a white shirt inside for a navy blue suit or a navy-blue shirt for a dark brown suit.  Finish the outfit with Dockers Men’s Shelter Plain Toe Oxford shoes and you will be good to for a funeral.

what to wear for a funeral

Wear A Black Gentle Trouser, White Shirt And A Black Jacket:

Just in case you don’t have a navy blue or black suit and really want to dress respectful to a funeral, you choose a nice black or navy blue gentle trouser (not jeans or three quarter pants); team it with a white or navy blue shirt. Tucking-in the shirt will look more descent than leaving it hanging. Complement the attire with a black jacket and finish off the trend with either a ‘Carlsbad’ Penny Loafer or ‘Magnifico’ Loafer.

What to wear to a funeral

What To Wear To Funeral Children

Children should be dressed in outfits similar to their parents’ apparel, i.e. boys like father and girls like mother. However, most of the funerals often take us by surprise and we make wrong decisions on what our children should wear to funeral. Here are the basic guidelines on what to dress your kids to a funeral in attires different from yours.


  • Black jeans or chinos
  • White or navy-blue shirt
  • Converse shoes or any casual shoes for boys


  • Black dress with black sweater
  • White blouse/shirt with a black skirt
  • Simple necklace
  • Flat shoes

How to wear for a funeral

what to wear for a funeral

Expressing Condolences At A Funeral

What to say at funeral

  • Am sorry to hear this sad news
  • We will miss the deceased
  • S/he was like a sister / brother to me
  • S/he was of great importance to this family and our family
  • The deceased was such a wonderful person and am really sorry for your loss
  • May his soul rest in peace (R.I.P)
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