How To Wear Converse

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Converse shoes are the most comfortable footwear worn by both men and women for casual and sports activities. Converse come in all kinds of colors but the most beloved are white black and red. Converse can either be dressed up or dressed down. When they are dressed down, they are a complement match to every bottom wear including jeans, shorts, three quarter pants, khaki pants, dresses or skirts. Converse shoes are worn mainly for casual occasions and happenings.

How to Wear ConverseThey can be worn during day time when talking an evening walk or at night when going to a night club.


Converse shoes as well can be worn with beach pants and shorts when at the beach. You can wear Converse shoes with or without socks and still look trendy. Well there are a variety of trendy clothing’s that can be worn and paired with Converse for a glamorous outfit.

Ladies, you can’t avoid Converse shoes coz they are ubiquitous, and adorable for every sophisticated woman. Stylish and sophisticated ladies can wear Converse with; skinny jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, three quarter pants, leggings and Jeggings. Shirts, tees, tunic, Cami, animal prints and tanks are the ubiquitous tops to team with Converse outfits.


How to Wear Converse

How to wear Converse and what to wear with converse? 

Converse With Skinny Jeans:

  • Converse with skinny jeans + shirt

Ladies can wear Converse with skinny jeans and a shirt. A white plain shirt paired with a navy blue skinny jean and Converse is a remarkable outfit for sophisticated women. You can wear white or black Converse with this apparel. You can tuck-in the shirt and complement the trend with a Vest.

How to Wear Converse

Alternatively, you can wear Converse with a plaid shirt. Flannels and chiffon shirts will be the perfect match with either navy blue or white skinny jeans. Team the attire with black Converse with a white sole to complement the skinny jean. Complement the whole trend with a shoulder bag and shades then you will be good to go for your evening happenings.

How to Wear Converse


Converse with skinny jeans + t-shirt

I wear my white Converse with a navy blue skinny jean and a grey t-shirt. Wow, this is my favorite outfit with Converse shoes. You too can look glamorous with Converse in your tee. T-shirts with neutral colors like white grey or cream are a great match with navy blue skinny jeans. You may tuck-in the tee and belt the skinny jean with a white belt to complement the white Converse. Finish the attire with shades, a simple necklace and a few armlets. You can dress like this when going out for a drink on weekends with friends or when going for a night out with your pals.

How to Wear Converse

Converse with skinny jeans + t-shirts men

Just like ladies, men can also wear Converse with skinny jeans and team the outfit with a tee. For instance you can wear a navy blue skinny jean with a white t-shirt. Team the attire with white convers that will complement the tee. Grey and light-blue tees can as well be teamed with this outfit. Finish the trend with a white cap or hat that will complement the white Converse. This is a basic casual outfit for men which can be worn on their evening walks or when going out for a drink with pals.

How to Wear Converse

Converse with skinny jeans +shirts men

Shirts are a must have for every man. Men can wear skinny jeans with Converse and pair the outfit with a shirt. I love plaid shirts and I think many men also love these shirts. Therefore if I was man I would consider teaming these casual plaid shirts with skinny jeans and Converse. This outfit can be worn on Friday to work or on Saturday for those who work on that day.

Converse With Shorts:

When it comes to shorts, denim shorts are the best shorts to pair with Converse. However, shorts like Khaki shorts can as well be worn with Converse. My big sister wears her denim shorts with a white round neck t-shirt. You too can wear Converse with denim short, pair it with a white or grey tee. This is a casual outfit which can be worn on weekends and in the evening hours. For instance the lady in the picture below, she looks fabulous in Converse with denim shorts + a white tee. If I was the one in her outfits, I would team the attire with a white cap or hat so that it flatters and complement the white tee. Finish the trend with a handbag or shoulder bag that will match with the outfit and you will be good to go.

How to Wear Converse

You can as well wear convers with denim shorts plus a shirt. I would opt for a plaid buffalo shirt to team with this outfit. Plaid shirts are casual shirts that will make the outfit to look more casual. Black Converse will be the best to team with this attire so that they complement the patterns in the plaid shirt. You may tuck-in the shirt and belt the denim short with a thin black belt to complement the black Converse. Sunglasses and armlets will add elegance to the attire.

How to Wear Converse

Converse with shorts men

Shorts and three quarter pants are a MUST wear for every man. However, shorts are recommended for men with nice, good looking legs. If you have thin tinny legs like “tooth picks” I would advise you to opt for the skinny jean outfit. Those blessed men with nice legs can wear three quarter pants or shorts with t-shirts or shirts. Try to match the different attires and avoid color clash coz clashed attires will make you look antiquated. You may dress like this when going for shopping on weekends and in the evening.

Converse With Three Quarter Pants

Only confident ladies will opt for this outfit. Confident ladies can wear three quarter pants with Converse and team the outfit with animal print tops. Leopard prints will look great with denim three quarter pants teamed with either white or black Converse. Even if you are a plus size woman who is confident opt for this outfit. It won’t expose your problem areas coz the top will cover up to the buttocks covering the curvy areas around your tummy.

How to Wear Converse

Converse with three quarter pants men

See Converse with shorts men above.

Converse With Dresses

Stylish ladies can wear Converse with dresses. The color of dress that you wear will determine the color of Converse to team with the attire. For a dress with dull colors like black opt for black Converse. White dress and those with shouting colors you can opt for white Converse that will match with it. Complement the trend with a belt of the same color like the Converse to show off your waistline. The thin belt will complement the Converse. For instance you can wear a polka dot or stripped dress with either white or black Converse. Complement the attire with a black thin belt to show off your waistline. Finish the trend with a shopping paper bag and you will be good to go for shopping on weekends.

How to Wear Converse

Converse Leggings and Jeggings

If you are a stylish lady who likes leggings and Jeggings, you can wear them with Converse. Animal print leggings will be the perfect match with Converse. My cousin wears her zebra printed leggings with black Converse. In this, she teams the leggings with a white tee that perfectly fits her and matches with the trend. I own leopard printed leggings which sometimes I wear with my white Converse. You too can wear animal print leggings with either animal printed tops or neutral color tops.

Other color leggings like black can as well be worn with Converse. In this case team the outfit with a white t-shirt and a black shoulder bag which will complement the black leggings. Finish the attire with dark shades and you will ready to go for your weekend happening.

How to Wear Converse

Converse With Skirts

I would consider this as the last outfit to pair with Converse. Ladies can wear skirts with Converse. You may opt for skirts of length above the knee that will make you look chic, sexy and trendy. For instance you can wear a black pencil skirt, pair it with a grey or white t-shirt or any white/grey top. Team the attire with black Converse that will complement the black pencil skirt. You are now good to go with a golden necklace.

Alternative you might opt for a white skirt that you can wear with white Converse. The skirt will complement the white Converse. Pair the attire with a grey t-shirt that will definitely match with the whole trend. A few armlets and a golden necklace will make the trend look chic and glamorous.

How to Wear Converse

Am not familiar with maxi-skirts and dresses and quite frankly I won’t lie to you about the outfits that can be worn with maxi- skirts and dresses. But in my own opinion I think the same outfits for short skirts and dresses can as well apply to maxi skirts and dresses. What do you think and what is your opinion about maxi skirts and dresses with Converse?


  • Would you wear Converse for a casual outfit?

We would like to know your opinions on this trend! Do you think Converse are stylish footwear for women and men? Would you wear them with feminine accessories or rock them for a stylish look?

Do you think Converse will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on what to wear with and how to wear Converse, share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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