What To Wear With Combat Boots

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What to wear with combat boots; Combat boots where originally designed to be worn by soldiers during actual combat or combat training. These military boots brought out to the public by fashion designers and are no longer only worn by soldiers. These combat boots can be worn by both men and women and they make you look smart because they are cute provided you know how to wear them and what to wear them with.

combat boots womenOutfits That Go With Combat Boots?



Any boot can look cute on you when you match it with the appropriate attire. Men and women can wear combat boots with skinny jeans.  What you have to do is to choose the matching attires to the color of your combat boots. Combat boots can also be worn by women with their boyfriend’s jeans. All you have to do is just to fold it at the bottom. Let’s use the lady in the middle of the picture below. She is putting on her boyfriend jean folded at the bottom and she is really smart with combat boots.

Combat boots with short skirts are surely a good match making you look smart, sexy and attractive. Look at how smart the lady in the picture below is. She looks really amazing.

For women, combat boots look good and match with leggings. Usually black, grew or brown leggings match with most colors of combat boots. Let’s take a look at the lady in the picture below, she put on legging with combat boots and she was really very smart in her combat boots with legging.

combat boots women


combat boots women


Tip 1: Go Chic

You can dress combat boots for a chic outfit. Combat boots were initially worn by women who loved grunge music in the early 1990s. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fashionable. They are the most comfortable boots to wear in summer and winter to keep your feet warm.

  • To make the outfit look chic, wear a light blouse:

Women can wear blouse with combat boots. Choose a lighter blouse to make the outfit look more feminine. Avoid blouse of thick patterns and prints as they make the outfit look more of guy’s trend.

  • Pair the trend with a cardigan:

After choosing your nice blouse, team the trend with a matching cardigan which will complement the attire at the same time keep you warm along the day in case the temperatures become chilly.

  • Dress combat boots with skirt:

If you want to look chic, wear combat boots with skirts. Go for a pencil skirt with length up to the knee or slightly above the knee. Maxi skirts will make you look outdates hence not recommended with this outfit. A skirt in black, grey, navy blue or brown will definitely match with this outfit.

For seasons like winter when the temperature are chilly, pair the attire with thick leggings that will keep your legs warm. Wear them underneath the skirt to complement the skirt. The best color for leggings to pair with this trend will be either black or brown to complement the color of the boots.

  • Wear your combat boots:

You can now get your favorite combat boots to wear with the outfit. Go for either black or brown combat boots to match with the whole attire.

  • Accessorize to finish the outfit:

You are now good to go with your accessories and makeup. You can accessories the outfit with a short cute necklace, earrings and armlets. Use neutral makeup to make your face look smooth, soft and moisturized and you will be good to go.

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combat boots women


 Tip 2: Dress Easy and Simple:

Go for a casual outfit by pairing combat boots with skinny jeans and nice tunic or tanks.

  • Dress combat boots with skinny jeans:

Tight skinny jeans tend to elongate your legs making you look taller. Therefore if you want to add some height to your outfit with combat boots, opt for tight skinny jeans. Dark color skinny jeans or navy blue skinny jeans will work best with this outfit. You can dress different from others by tucking in the skinny jean into your boots for a casual day outfit.

  • Pair with tees:

Tees are the most appropriate tops for any lady to wear with skinny jeans. They tend to keep the outfit simple and casual yet making you look fashionable. However other tops like blouses, and flannel shirts can work as well. Tees of neutral color like white, grey or cream will definitely be the winner for this outfit.

  • Throw on a poncho:

This isn’t mandatory but if you want, you can throw on a poncho as you can’t tell how the temperature will be along the day. Don’t go for jackets or cardigan as they look more formal to the trend.

  • Wear your combat boots:

Choose the best combat boots to wear with this outfit. Brown combat boots will definitely match with this attire.

  • Accessorize the outfit:

Accessories the outfit with simple accessories and makeup to keep the trend look casual and you will be good to go.

combat boots women

Tip 3: Dress to respect early 90’s

  • Dress a black t-shirt:

Combat boots first shined in the early 1990’s on the grunge style. You can dress a black t-shirt as a sign of respect to the grunge style of the early 1990’s. Grey t-shirts and white t-shirts can as well work.

  • Throw a flannel shirt over the tee:

This was the grunge style for stylish ladies who loved grunge music to show their favorite music bands on their t-shirts. Wear the flannel fully unbuttoned to show off the brand of your favorite music band.

  • Pair the flannel with denim shorts:

Denim shorts are casual outfits and nothing looks grunge like cut-off denim shorts. Enhance the look with cut-off denim shorts or acid-wash cut-off shorts.

  • Wear leggings or tights underneath the cut-off shorts:

Complementing the outfit with leggings or tights is optional. It will add style to the attire and will keep your leggings warm in case it gets chilly along the day. You can go for black or brown tights that will match with the outfit.

  • Wear your combat boots:

You can now go for your favorite combat boots to team with the trend. Tuck in the tight into your combat boots to give a polished outfit. Black combat boots will be the best to wear with this trend.

Accessories the trend and you will be good to go:

Makeup your face to look smooth and soft. Accessorizes with thick and heavy accessories to make you look chic and stylish; add a studded shoulder bag, short earrings and dark sunnies to finish the trend.

combat boots women


a) Remove dirt or mud:

After a long day, you have to clean your combat boots by removing the dirt and mud off your boots using the on and off brush. Don’t leave the mud or dirt to dry on your boots as it will be difficult to remove and might require applying water which will wet the polish.

b) Polish your combat boots:

You can now polish your boots around the sides, heels and toes till when the boot becomes dull.

c) Make your combat boots shine:

Brush your boots harder to make it shine using your off brush. You can brush hard around the sides, heel and toes till when you see them shine.

d) For combat use:

If you want your combat boots to be used in the field for combat, apply the polish again to make it dull as shiny boots will make it easy to be spotted by the enemy.

e) For formal occasions:

If you are going to wear combat boots for formal occasions, then get a clean polish kit cloth and gently polish to make the shoe more shinny. If you don’t have a polish kit cloth, you can use any other close to polish gently till when the shoe shines to your best.

f) Use kiwi parade gloss to polish your shoes and it will guard your shoes from water and make it last longer.

combat boots women


Well let me assume that everyone knows how to polish shoes but not all know how to polish combat boots. These combat boots were designed originally to be worn by soldiers but these days they are a fashionable trend and can be worn by stylish men & women.

The hardest task will be how to polish combat boots to make them shine and last longer? Follow these tips and your will be an expert on how to polish your boots to shine.

Select a nice place to polish from:

Before think about how you will make your combat boots shine. You need to choose a good place where you will polish your shoes from to avoid stains on chairs and floors. Personally I chose a table cloth that I put down to polish on. It absorbs all the polish stains leaving the floor clean. Newspapers can work as well though they will require replacement on a daily basis.

Clean the combat boots before polishing:

Always use a brush to remove muck from the boots before polishing. This will enable the polish to stay longer on the leather surface of the combat boots. If the muck is still on, you can use a soft cotton cloth to remove the remaining dirt or mud.

Polish your combat boots:

You can now use the off brush to polish the entire shoe except the sole. Use can use a toothbrush to apply polish to the area where the leather joins the sole.


  • Choose boots of your size: You need to choose boots that loosely fit your foot. Again don’t make them too loose as they will make walking quite difficult.
  • Secure the boots: Wrap the laces around the cuff three to four times. To secure the boots, you need to wrap the laces around the cuff more times. But to make the boots look fashionable, try minimizing the wrap of the laces around the cuff to maximum of 4 times.
  • Tie the lace by putting one lace over the other and pull tightly to secure the boots. To form a square knot, do the same the opposite way and tuck the remaining lace into the cuff of your combat boots.

Do the same to the other combat boot and you will be good to go.

For sure combat boots look cute. Great work done fashion designers for bringing these combat boots to the streets otherwise we would be missing to wear these cute combat boots

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