What To Wear To Church

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I attended church last Christmas with my descent (fashion-wise) mother on my holiday in Los Angeles California. But before entering the church, we were talking about who had the most stunning attire for church. My mom spotted a young girl of around 18 years old who was wearing a Lace Short that barely left her goods uncovered. On top she was dressed in a lace trimmed Cami which exposes half of her tummy covering only her boobs. She was well dressed bottom-ward with nice brown cowboy boots. I remember seeing her sitting on the front row of the congregation.

What To Wear To ChurchShe confused and disrupted the whole congregation the pastor inclusive. He was preaching to us about


“surrendering our lives to the lord” but he had to turn the preaching to something which will make him bend to the ground and look into the future. As we were in the church before the sermon my mom whispered to me in her joking mode, “Rachael when did they change the dress code? I missed the memo” we both laughed.


What To Wear To Church

Does God Really Care About What To Wear When Going To Church?

Well the bible clearly tells us in the book of 1 Samuel chapter 16 verse 7 that “from the Good News Bible – God does not view things the way men do. People look on the outer ward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. KJV (“For the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance but the LORD looketh on the heart”). Yes I strongly agree that’s true and correct but sincerely we deceive ourselves when we cheerfully say that God doesn’t care about what we wear to church. God cares about our hearts, and what we wear is often an expression of our hearts.

What To Wear To Church

You should ask this question before choosing clothes to wear to church. Question: How will what I wear to church reflect more than what I wear? What you wear to church really matters alto and it’s through the way you dress that one can perceive who you are.

You can differentiate what type of bird eating your plants in the garden by looking at its feather. We have a saying in our mother tongue which says “show me the person you move with and I will tell you who you are”. Therefore if you have a friend, brother or sister who dresses indecently please advise him or her on the appropriate dress code for church.

Let’s look at the different clothes and foot wears that are socially accepted and recommended to be worn to church and those that cannot be worn when going to church.

What To Wear To Church

What To Wear To Church

Do you know and have you ever wondered why what we put on to church is more important than we think?

Suits – Wear Suits To Church

Both men and women can wear suits to church. The color of the suit doesn’t matter for as long as it’s a nice gentle suit. Personally I would go for navy or black suits coz they look good on me and are much either to match and complement with feminine accessories for a glamorous outfit. Look at how smart and descent the United States president Obama is with his eldest daughter. You need to show some respect to others in the way you dress that’s when they will respect you too.

What To Wear To Church

Skirts – Wear Maxi Skirts

When going to church, I would advise ladies to wear fitted skirts of length up to the knee (mid-length skirts). You should wear skirts that cover your knees and those that fit you with ease. Tight skirts that clings your buttocks and miniskirts that expose three quarter of your thighs will show your “goods” and should not be worn to church. Reserve then for your night club or for a date.

What To Wear To Church

Pants and Jeans – Avoid Tight and Skinny Pants

Well, both men and women can wear pants and jeans to church. However this will depend on what church you are going to. Some church will not mind you dressing in pants and jean. Choose a nice pair of fitted pants or jeans, pair then with a tunic or tank. Team the outfit with a cardigan, blazer or a jacket. Go for High Heels or Flats and a clutch bag. Don’t forget to carry a bible with you coz you’re going to Church and the bible is the tool you will used during the service. Men can opt for either shirts or t-shirts to team with jeans and pants.

What To Wear To Church

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses will be the most appropriate dress to wear to church. However mid-length dresses can also be worn to church.  Please for heavenly sake don’t put on mini dresses coz they will disrupt the congregation. I will strongly disagree with backless dresses being worn to church coz this is in the same boat with mini dresses disrupting the person seated behind your seat.

What To Wear To Church

What Not To Wear to church

What are some of the inappropriate outfits to wear to church and why?


We all know that shorts are meant for casual occasions. If you have a very good short that you have wanted to wear sometime on Sabbath, please help the congregation and don’t wear it to church instead wear it in the evening hours during your casual time. Even if you are wearing three quarter pants, it’s not a good church wear.

Mini skirts

I testified about this in the beginning, some ladies are not ashamed to wear miniskirts that almost expose their “goods” to the audience in church. If possible someone wearing very short miniskirts should be sent back home to change their garments and come back later.


I wear leggings to many occasions but I have never worn any to church. Thin and transparent leggings will hold tight your buttocks and expose your “goods” thus they shouldn’t be worn to church. You really love to wear something similar or close to leggings, opt for thick Jeggings that will cover and won’t expose your goods. The Jeggings shouldn’t be tight and should be made from materials of thick fabrics.

Thin Jeggings

Jeggings made from thin fabrics are not meant for church. Preserve them for your evening wear when hanging out with friends and when having a drink with your boyfriend on weekends.

Light and Transparent Clothes

Clothes that expose your inside out, leaving your “good and boobs” outside are not meant for church. You should wear clothes of thick fabrics that are opaque to our eyes. Transparent clothes are meant for club and when in bed seducing your spouse.

Sleeveless Vests

Sleeveless are 101% casual wear. You can’t wear them for a formal outfit. Therefore if you are planning to go to church with a sleeveless, better complement it with a blouse or shirt to avoid being bounced or thrown out of church. Wait for the time you will go to the beach with your girlfriend that’s when you will wear a sleeveless vest alone with shorts.

Bikinis, Corsets, Bustier and Swimwear

We all know well where these garments are meant to be worn. Why should you wear them to church? Even if you are a comedian and by chance we meet in church wearing such garments, trust me I will embarrass you before the congregation.

Footwear Recommended For Church

Oxford Shoes

Both men and women can wear oxford shoes with pants to church. This will be the best footwear to wear with suits especially for gents. You can try black oxford shoes with black or navy blue suits; it will definitely match with the trend.

What To Wear To Church

Sneakers and Converse

For church where jeans are accepted, you can wear then with either sneakers or convers. I would recommend this for only men coz the trendy won’t look nice for ladies.

What To Wear To Church

Flats and Flip-Flops

Well if you are looking for comfort throughout the day, opt for Flats. They are comfortable and are less likely to squeeze and make your toes pain as you are walking here and there.

What To Wear To Church

High Heels and Nude Pumps

These are worn by almost every stylish lady who dresses decently for church. They match with most of the outfits suitable for church making them the most popular and recommended footwear for ladies to wear when going to church.

What To Wear To Church

Shoes Not Recommended For Church

Generally, boots are not meant for church. Irrespective of how cute your outfit looks with boots please preserving them for other occasion will be the best option. I wouldn’t recommend men and women to wear boots like; Cowboy Boots, Ankle Boots, Over the Knee Boots, among others to church.


There are garments that you will never wear to a place of worship among them are;

  • Miniskirts – remember it’s a place of worship not a club or dance hall and no one is interested to see your underwear during the sermon, wait for the time when you will be going to a club or dance hall.
  • Plunging cleavage – You are not going out for a date with God.  Why don’t you wear them on your date so that your boyfriend appreciates what God gave you?
  • Strong perfumes or fragrance – you inconvenience the congregation with strong perfumes giving them difficult to breathe properly hence lack of concentration to hear and understand the word of God. Spear God and preserve then when going to witchcraft evil shrines.
  • Anything tight that clings on your body is a disgrace or shame before God and other people attending the sermon. Yoga pants, yoga shorts, corsets, bustier, anything you wear to the beach or to bed should not be worn to church.
  • Leggings, Jeggings, Backless Dresses and Backless Shirts, Cowboy Boots Knee High Boots and Noisy Shoes are inappropriate to be worn to church coz they will cause distraction to the congregation making you feel out of place. Preserve them for your happenings in the evening and on weekends with your friends.
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