Backless Dresses – How To Wear A Backless Dress

| September 5, 2014

Backless dresses are mainly worn by ladies on formal occasion with the intention to expose their backs. Exposing of the wearer’s back was the main reason for the design of a Backless dress. If your aren’t comfortable of showing off your back, then backless dresses aren’t your choice thus I would recommend you to opt for other dresses.

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dressI have seen many celebrities walking on red carpets in Backless dresses and they really look great in them. You too


can look great in your Backless dress after reading this article coz we will share with you the basic tips on how to wear a Backless dress and what kind of bra to wear with or underneath a Backless dress.

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress



Stick-On Silicone Gel Petals

Stick-on silicone gel pest will help you hide or mask your nipple and look as if you are wearing a bra underneath. Backless dresses can easily showoff or expose the structure of your nipples if worn without a bra underneath. Wash your breast and make sure that the nipples are clean and dry. Apply the sticking gel petals on your nipples and you will be good to go confidently in your Backless dress. In case the sticking gel petals are stack on your nipples and you are having difficulty in getting them off, take a warm shower or use baby oil to gently rub around your nipples to get rid of it.

Try Low-Back Bra

For ladies with bigger breast, this will be the best opt to go for. Low-back bras have a bend which wraps around the tummy giving support to your chest. The bra will hold your breast tight and hid your nipples. Don’t mind about the straps coz the dress will hide them at the lower back.

Try A Halter Bra

There are Backless dresses that go around your neck showing a small area of your back. A halter bra will be the best bra to wear underneath. The dress will be able to hide your bra making you feel comfortable and confident than dressing braless. If you are a high class and sophisticated lady, go for such dresses and wear halter bra underneath.

Adhesive Bra

You can dress an adhesive bra underneath a Backless dress. Adhesive bra will be good for ladies with small or medium size boobs. Those with large breast it will be hard to make the adhesive bra stick due to the heaviness of your breasts.

If you want the adhesive bra to stick on your skin, don’t use a moisturizer or lotion around the breast. A moisturizer or oily lotion will make the breast area smooth and soft making it hard for the adhesive bra to stick on your skin. You should also remember to wash, clean and dry your skin before sticking the adhesive bra on your breast. If you sweat a lot, adhesive bra isn’t your choice coz it will get off easily embarrassing you in public.

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Tape Your Breast

If you are sweaty, don’t opt for this option. Coz sweat will make the area where you tape moisturized, soft and smooth thus the tape will easily go off your breast making you unsettled and lose your confidence.

Ladies mainly tape their boobs when they want to lift and reduce the move of their breasts. Others do it to flatten their chest or to create cleavage for those with no or tinny boobs.

You can tape your breast using either surgical tape or breathable cloth tape. Un-taping might be a little painful; you can use warm water to soften the tape so that it can easily be un-taped with less pain. If you careless un-take, you might rip your breast therefore un-tape with care.

Personally I use gauze to avoid taping sensitive areas of my breast like the nipple. It will be a good idea to call a friend to help you tape your breast than doing it yourself.

Use Nipple Covers

There are different Backless styles which will require different bras to wear underneath them. But for most Backless styles, nipple covers will always look great underneath. There are basically two different types of nipple cover that is; disposable and reusable nipple covers. The disposable nipple covers are used only once and thrown away while reusable nipple covers can be washed, dried and kept for future use.

Nipple covers just like the name are used to cover your nipples. They have adhesive in them that will help to stick on your breast. In case you can’t or unable to wear bra underneath a Backless dress, opt for nipple covers to shield your nipples. In case you feel insecure with nipple covers only, you can add plaster on each side of your breast to hold the nipple covers firmly in one position.

Use Breast Lift Tape

In case your breasts collapsed and you want to wear a Backless dress, opt for breast lift tape that will help you to lift your breast when you decide to dress without a bra.

I have ever used these breast lift tape, they are really good comfortable and you will not need to wear nipple covers coz they come with shields to hide the shape of your nipples.

Strapless Bras

Consider this the last option when thinking of what bra to wear underneath your Backless dress. Dress in your Backless dress with a strapless bra underneath (it may easily get off if your boobs are big and sweaty) and you will be good to go.


Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress



Make You Skin Look Attractive

The main reason you’re wearing a Backless dress is to show off or expose your back. Therefore make sure you have a clean back free from pimples and spots to make the outfit look glamorous on you. For ladies with dark spots at their back, Backless dresses are not the choice for them unless they work on their backs to have a clear soft and smooth back.

Exfoliate the Skin on Your Back

You need to plane early before wearing your Backless dress. Gently scrub your back using a long rough bath sponge to remove dead body cells from your skin. Do this a few weeks earlier but not regularly as you might rip and damage the sensitive parts of your skin. You can use two long mirror fixed on both sides of the wall to help you see how you’re doing on back skin. This exfoliation process will remove all dead cells from the surface of your back making it smoother.

Remove Acne from Your Back

If you have pimples or spots on your back, you can use an acne scrubber to remove them from your back. In case you don’t have pimples or dark spots on your back, you wash your back with an acne scrubber to prevent pimples or spots and keep your back soft and smooth.

Use Skin Moisturizers

Your skin is vital in determining your beauty. Therefore you need to apply a skin moisturizer after scrubbing your back to make it look soft, smooth, hydrated and moisturized. In case your skin is dry, it will be better to look for skin moisturizers that are formulated with ingredients to preserve moisture of your skin to obtain your intended goal.

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Expose Your Back

This is the main reason as to why Backless dresses where designed. When you choose to wear Backless dresses, you have to allow it to show. Don’t be afraid that’s you and it was your choice to opt for a Backless dress.

Get Used To A Straight Back Posture

Confident ladies stand still with their chest out and walk straight when their heads are high and shoulders at the back. Sophisticated ladies with a straight posture are definitely the winner in styling Backless dresses. However, ladies who walk or stand with their backs bent, they make their backs to look less eye-catching. It is therefore important to practice the straight back posture when wearing Backless dresses before going out to the public.

Use Minimal Accessories

When you are planning to wear Backless dress to an occasion, keep accessories to the minimal. Why you opted for a Backless dress is to get attention to your back, when you over accessories you will draw attention away from your back. Dress with simple short earrings and 2 or 3 armlets.

Accessories that cover your neck or back MUST be opted out. Accessories like long necklaces, scarves are a complete NO with Backless dresses coz they will draw attention away from your back. In case when you want or have to wear your Backless dress with a necklace, opt for a thin short and simple necklace.

Style Your Hair

If you have long hairstyle, you can pin it up to avoid distraction from showing off your back. There will be no aim for wearing Backless dress when your hair is long enough to cover your back. Try any of these hairstyles (Chignon, Bun, French Pleat, Bob, Shoulder length haircut, and Ponytail) they will look great on you with Backless dresses

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress



The most recommended shoes to wear with Backless dresses will be Nude Pumps coz they match with the tone of our skin. However, any other High Heels such as Studded Platform Pumps, Metal Heel Pumps, Pointed Platform Pumps, Peep Toe Faux Suede Pumps, Rhinestoned Satin Heels, Rhinestoned Platform Heels, Peep-Toe Rhinestone Heels, Platform Pumps, and Pointed Patent Pumps can be worn with backless dresses. Irrespective of the length of your Backless dress, these shoes will definitely match with the trend. If you are to go for a short Backless dress, go for one with a hem slightly below the knees. Boots, Flip-flops, converse, sneakers, flats and sandals are a complete NO to wear with a Backless dress.

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress



Now that Backless dresses are back in in style this summer, I like to know what you think of them. Are you a fun of Backless dresses?

Would you wear them with feminine accessories and rock them for a stylish look? Do you think Backless dresses will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on how to wear Backless dresses and what to wear with Backless dresses for a sexier chic outfit. Share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress

Backless dresses - how to wear a Backless dress


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