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Dogs are the best mans’ friend and they are kept at home as domestic pets. Some people prefer cats as their pets to dogs but majority of the family have dogs at their homes. Dogs are friendly, active, gentile, trustworthy, and have good temperament compared to cats and other domestic pets. Some dogs look beautiful and others look ugly and funny, this is why we decided to share with you the Ugliest Dogs in the world. This article will mainly focus on only the top 10 Ugliest Dogs in history.

Ugliest Dog - MuglyUgliest Dogs are kind of dogs which are quite disgusting to own as a domestic pet. Some families own a variety of


ugly dogs in their homes either because they love them or just for fun and recognition. We had one Chinese Crested called Baddy but he dies of an accident when he was 3 years. Before we take a look at the top 10 Ugliest Dogs in the world, it’s important to note that these dogs though they are ugly it doesn’t disqualify them from being good pets because most of them are intelligent, friendly, truthful, obedient and have good temperament.

So don’t let the appearance of the dog fool you because you may prefer a pretty dog when not knowing that it’s among the dangerous bread in the world. For this reason, precautions should be made before choosing a dog as your domestic pet. Remember being ugly isn’t a disease it’s nature and very normal.  Let’s take a brief review of the 10 Ugliest Dogs in the world.

Ugliest Dog – Meet Elwood

Ugliest Dog - Meet Elwood

Meet Elwood is and has been rated as the Ugliest Dog in the world for many years.  During one of the TV shows when the owner of this dog was asked how they feel about it said that “He is cute in an ugly kind of way” and others said it’s too disgusting to have at home because of its wired behaviors (it has little or no fur, its tongue hangs out all the time, among others).  Meet Elwood enter in the world Guinness book of records as the Ugliest Dog for many consecutive years. In case you want to know more details about this ugly Meet Elwood, visit YouTube and watch the video.

Ugliest Dog – Pug

Ugliest Dog - Pug

Pug was ranked to be the second Ugliest Dog in the world. Pug has wrinkles in its face which smell and stinks when not cleaned well. It will become disgusting (the odor it emits) if you don’t wash/bath this dog on daily basics especially when you exercise it daily.  Secondly, the wrinkles make pug look too ugly and disgusting to many people. This bread also is well known for suffering from pug dog encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain). I have never owned any and I don’t hope to own one.

Ugliest Dog – Chinese Crested

Ugliest Dog - Chinese Crested

If I was the one raking the Ugliest Dogs in the world, Chinese Crested would be ranked number one #1. Chinese Crested is a hairless and powder-puff dog (too gross) which requires constant grooming. Grooming should be continuous to avoid matting. If Chinese Crested is not constantly groomed it’s most likely to matte. Most people find this bread disgusting because of its powder-puff and hairless nature categorizing it among the Ugliest Dogs. If given chance to choose between Meet Elwood and Chinese Crested, which one will you go for?

 Ugliest Dog – Whippet

Ugliest Dog - Whippet

I would call this ugly dog a gymnastic and wrestling dog. Woo, it has all the packs and it’s physically fit. Though Whippet is an intelligent, and affectionate dog, its appearance alone makes it look ugly. It has a funny body shape (structure) and it’s very prone to stomach upsets and skin problem. I think this would be a good racing dog because of its strong muscles and body posture.

Ugliest Dog – Chinese Shar Pei

Ugliest Dog - Chinese Shar Pei

China brings us another ugly dog; the Chinese Shar Pei. This ugly dog has a hippopotamus body shape (makes it look ugly) and just like the Pug, Chinese Pei has wrinkles in the face (making it disgusting and gross).  This bread even if you give it to me for free, I will not take it. Though some people own this dog, the fact remains its ugly. Its physical appearance well describes how ugly this dog is.

Ugliest Dog – Mugly

Ugliest Dog - Mugly

I would rant Mugly the 4th Ugliest Dog after Whippet. However, Mugly was ranked the 6th Ugliest Dog in the world. This ugly dog is a cross bread between a Shih Tzu and a hairless Chinese Crested. It has whiskers all over its head and it covers almost the whole head. Some owners of this dog said it portrays the same traits like the Chines Crested dog. Its physical appearance isn’t all that attractive and makes it really look ugly.

Ugliest Dog – Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Ugliest Dog - Dandie Dinmont Terrier

This is the shortest bread (height) with extremely long body among the 10 Ugliest Dogs in the world. This short legged dog is friendly obedient and it can act as a pet or used for security purposes at home. It being short and long contribute alto to its beauty.

Ugliest Dog – French Bull Dog

Ugliest Dog - French Bull Dog

This cutie is an extremely active and intelligent French Bull Dog.  French Bull Dog the #8 Ugliest Dog too muscular, short and obedient.  Due to its heavy weight, it is not well preferred by many families as a pet. It requires 3 little boys of 14 years to lift it up because it’s quite heavy.

Ugliest Dog – Standard Schnauzer

Ugliest Dog - Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer is the 9th among the Ugliest Dogs in the world.  It has an average body weight of about 20kg (male) and about 16kg (female). It has got ugly eyes and hair covering the entire face.

Ugliest Dog – Shih Tzu

Ugliest Dog - Shih Tzu

Finally Shih Tzu considered being number 10 among the Ugliest Dogs in the world with long and dark ugly eyes. Some say that it looks like bearded old man in his late 80s. Hope you enjoyed the list of the Ugliest Dogs in the world.

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