Top 10 Latin Songs

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The top 10 Latin Songs are Latin songs which hit on the Billboard hot 100 during their time of release and publication. These great Latin songs won different awards as the best songs of the year, tropical Airplay Song of the Year, Best Salsa Album, among others. Many of these Latin songs where written and sung by the most popular Latin song writers and singers; and briefly let’s take a look at the top 10 Latin songs of all times.

Latin Songs - Lambada - ACome with me as I walk you through the best Latin sons which will make you love to speak Latin even if you aren’t


a Latin national. They are so romantic that you can play them to your beloved one irrespective of whether they understand any word from the song or the meaning behind the song.


Oye Como Va

Latin Songs - Oye Como Va

Oye Como Va is the leading (number one) among the top 10 Latin songs. This was a hit in the 1960’s and 1970. This song was originally written and Sung in Spanish but has been covered by many Latin musician in the last forty years, with Santana’s version reaching number thirteen #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it popular. It was written in 1963 by Tito Puente and Latin Jazz and has be re-sung by many Latin musicians

Mala Vida – Mano Negra

latin song - Mala Vida - Mano Negra

Mano Negra was a French-Spanish band, which was founded from the fusion of two smaller bands, Casse-pieds and hot Pants in 1987 by Manu Chao, Santiago Casiriego, and Antoine. This band had many hits across the global which hit for consecutive years and featured on the Billboard Hot 100 many times. In particular, this French- Spanish band produced a hit called MALA VIDA in the early 1990’s which rocked and it still rocks. This is my favorite among the top 10 Latin songs; I enjoy the rhythms and it reminds me of those days when still a youth.

Maria Maria – Santana

Latin Songs - Maria Maria - Santana

This was and still is a remarkable Latin song of all ages. This Latin song was once number two #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Latin songs and it hit number one#1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2000. This great Latin hit by Santana was written by the most popular Latin song writers Carlos Santana, Karl Perazzo among others and released in November 1999 by Wyclef Jean, and Jerry.  It took this great Latin hit (Maria Maria) only four months to be #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it stayed in the position for about a month.

Lambada – A

Latin Songs - Lambada - A

Lambada is a popular and internationally recognized dance from Pará, Brazil. This Lambada dance is forbidden dance because the dance itself is essentially innuendo in body language form. Irrespective of it being forbidden, the Lambada dance was popular in Latin America and Caribbean countries in the 1980s.

Alaska Y Dinarama

Latin Songs - Alaska Y Dinarama

Alasaka y Dinarama was Spanish band which was formed by Olvido, Ignacio Canut Guillen and Carlos Garcia in 1982 and run up to 1990. This band was so popular during their time and they sold many copies of their songs in both Spain and Latin America where Alasaka became most famous in the band. This was attributed to him being a Dj and a famous TV presenter in the 1980s and a singer as well. My ex-boyfriend used to love Alasaka coz of his music mix and interesting TV shows.

Heroes Del Silencio – Antología Audiovisual

Latin Songs - Heroes Del Silencio - Antología Audiovisual

Heroes Del Silencio is perhaps the greatest Spaniard Rock Band ever. Audiovisual Anthology is a CD and DVD of Heroes Del Silencio launched in 2004 by EMI. Heroes Del Silencio band has unique qualities and merits which includes; Innovation, Strength and Audibility.

The CD version has sixteen 16 greatest hits and DVD version has about thirty one 31 songs with a total duration of about two and half hours. If you are a lover of great Latin music, get yourself a copy of either a CD or DVD of Heroes Del Silencio or both.

Luis Enrique – Grammy Latin Nominees 2001

Latin Songs - Luis Enrique - Grammy Latin Nominees 2001

Luis Enrique is a very popular Latin musician who is recognized internationally. In addition, Luis Enrique won five awards and has been nominated in thirteen awards. Luis Enrique won Tropical Salsa of the Year in 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards,  Tropical Salsa Artist of the Year in 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards,  Tropical Airplay Song of the Year in 2010 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Best Tropical Latin Album in 2010 Grammy Awards and Best Salsa Album in 2009 Latin Grammy Awards. Luis Enrique is for real a talented Latin singer and I can’t stop listening to his Latin hits especially Grammy Latin Nominees which is currently my favorite of all his hits.

LA Union Love Sessions

Latin Songs - La Union Love Sessions

This great love session album (Latin songs) by La Union was officially released in 2006 which contained over thirteen great Latin track among which includes; Lobo Hombre en Paris, Mas Y Mas,  Sildavia, Vivir Al Este Del Eden, Fueron Los Celos, among others. This album was a great hit in 2006 and 2007.

 Mocedades – Super Hits Of The ’70s: Have A Nice Day, Vol. 12

Latin Songs - Mocedades - Super Hits Of The '70s Have A Nice Day, Vol. 12

Have a nice day, volume 12 also known as Super Hits of the ’70s was an album complained by various artists in October 1990. It was among the greatest Latin hits in the 1990s till to date. I like this Latin hit especially when am in the chest of my partner. How I wish I could freely down these top 10 Latin songs of all times.


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