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Exotic pets are beautiful to look at but the big question is” are they the right pets for you in your family?” Exotic pets are unusual animal pets kept within human households which are not commonly thought of as pets. These exotic pets are so beautiful but they threaten the public health and safety because they can spread disease and sometimes attack humans or other animals.

Top 10 Exotic Pets - White LionThough in some states exotic pets are legal as pets, still it’s not advisable to own one without the complete knowledge


of its traits and ways to handle him/her coz you never know they might at any time portray their wild instincts.

We are not trying to threaten you but it’s the truth, exotic pets are dangerous wild animals with inborn traits of their species which it can depict at any one time while at home. Just imagine you own any of these exotic pets (Tiger, Lion, anacondas, bears or chimpanzees) they are prone to depict their wild instincts and the result is only God who knows. Below is a concise description of the top 10 exotic pets in the world.



Chimpanzees also referred to as chimps, are our closest living relatives, sharing about 95% of our genetic blueprint. Chimps are the two extant species of ape in the genus Pan. According to the evolution theory, Humans and chimpanzees are thought to share a common ancestor who lived about 7 million years ago. They have some similar traits to humans and can be the best exotic pets conditionally they are not insulted coz their reaction might be beyond Human control. Research has shown that adult male chips are very aggressive and tend to show aggressive traits to the extent of killing other chimpanzees.

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Chimpanzee


Kinkajou (Potos flavus – scientific name) also known as Honeybear or nightwalkers is a rainforest mammal of the family Procyonidae. Kinkajous are nocturnal and are most active in the late evening; they make the best exotic pet because of their playful and docile traits. However, discoveries shows that Kinkajous can be carriers of the roundworm Baylisascaris procyonis and they tend to portray aggressive traits (remember they are wild animals).

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Kinkajou

Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel monkeys are the most commonly seen monkeys in the tropical forests of Central and South America. They are good man’s friend serving well as exotic pets though many are shy.

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Squirrel Monkey

Bengal Cat

If you are a lover for cats or leopard as your exotic pet, then look no more because the Bengal cat has all the traits similar to both a domestic cat and a leopard i.e. it was formed by the crossing of a domestic feline and an Asian leopard cat. The Bengal cat unlike the leopard, it acquires a gentle domestic cat temperament making it friendly as well as the best exotic pet in the Cat family.

Top 10 Exotic Pets  -  Bengal Cat

Ball Python

The Ball Python also called the Royal Python is one of the nonvenomous python species found in Africa. It got its name “Ball Python” from its shyness behavior of curling up into a ball usually when harassed or scared. Unlike other pythons, the Ball/ Royal Pythons make good pets due to their typically docile temperament and royalty. But like other wild animals, they can be challenging at times. Therefore it’s better to have enough knowledge about Keeping a Snake as a pet before taking the Ball Python as your exotic pet.

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Ball Python

Top 10 Exotic Pets -  Ball Python

Mona Monkey

Mona Monkey is the world old monkey of the genus Cercopithecus which lives in the western parts of Africa. The Mona monkey mainly feeds on fruit, but it does also eat insects, leaves, and shoots. Its temperament depends on how well you handle him or her otherwise it’s a good exotic pet and few or no aggressive behaviors have been reported about it. Note that this species is rare and it’s only found in the western parts of Africa and the island of Grenada.

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Mona Monkey

Hyacinth Macaw

Many people in the Central and Eastern South America have adapted Hyacinth Macaw as an exotic pet. Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world loved by many homes. If well trained, you will never be bored alone in the house because this parrot can speak {LOL 🙂 }.

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Hyacinth Macaw

Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python is a species of python found in Southeast Asia which is very dangerous to humans. It’s among the pythons which have been reported to eat people. This species of python has led to death of many people in the wild and during its captivity. For more info about its danger to humans checkout here

Top 10 Exotic Pets -  Reticulated Python

White Lion

The White Lion is one of the rare species of lions found in wildlife reserves in South Africa. The White Lion is among the most endangered species and have been removed from the wild to game reserves because its cub would certainly attract predators like the hyena. More info

Top 10 Exotic Pets  - White Lion

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