How To Tone, Tighten & Get Greater Thighs Naturally

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Every woman will like to show off their thighs especially when they are sure their thighs look perfect. Thighs are one of the most important and admired part on a ladies body which need attention and care in case you’re not comfortable with your thighs. I have notice that there are ladies with thinner, skinny thighs and would like to get great thighs.

HOW TO GET GREAT THIGHSAnd there is other with fat, thick thighs who would have loved to lose the upper thigh weight. Well, I should say Hold


on Help is on the way. In this article, we have complied all the tips and techniques that will help you to get great thighs quickly and how to get thinner thighs easily. Therefore if you follow in any of those categories, better read this article about how to lose thigh weight & how to get greater thick thighs till the end.



Pedometer: Use a pedometer will enable you to easily determine how far you have walked at the end of the day. To loose thigh weight quickly, take between 7,000 and 20,000 steps a day. This will help you burn the excess calories in your thigh muscle making your thighs lose weight.

Run:  If you are near a stadium, you can burn thigh fats quickly by running up and down the stairs of a stadium.  Alternatively, you can run around the stand for 2 to 3 rounds.

Squats:  Squats are good at making your thigh muscles tight and tone. You can do squats at least thrice a day. To maximize and get quick results, do squats with weights.

Take Advantage Of Your Jumping Rope: A jumping rope will help you exercise the muscles of your thighs making the tight and in the long run to lose weight. Start with 100 jumps and do it at least twice a day till when you notice or attain your intended goal.

Bike Ride: Well if you have a bike at home, start right away by ridding it up an inclined place or in hilly areas. Do it for two weeks at least twice day and you will notice quick positive results!

Dance: Dancing is an exercise that is good for the thighs and the whole body as well. When dancing, you will strengthen your body muscles making them tight and look slimmer. if you can, join a dance class or you can dance to your own favorite dance in your room at home.

Walk Around: You can walk around your house, neighbor’s house or walk when going for shopping to burn off some calories and to warm your muscles. You can walk for about 20-30 minutes in the evening every day.

Jog Every Time You Get A Chance To: When your working schedule is too tight that you work even on weekends, utilize any free time you get after or before work to work on your thigh muscles. Jog for about 20 -50 minutes a day.

Eat A Heath Balanced Diet:  when you want to lose thigh muscle weight, get food more in proteins than carbohydrates. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet to easy digestion. Salads will be the best meal to eat more especially in the morning and afternoon. Improve your eating habits by eating small portions of food at a time and eat more during day time and lessor little at night. Take few calories than you can burn off in a day.

Take Plenty Of Water: Include water in your diet. Take at-least 3 to 4 liters of water daily and avoid sugary drinks that will dehydrate your body.



The best way to tone, tighten and get greater thick thighs naturally will be exercising your thighs intensively. If you want to get tone, tighten and get greater thick thighs quickly, go to the gym and do leg squats, and leg press. If you are good at jogging, prepare your body for about 10 to 15 minutes before going to the gym to work on your thighs. alternatively you can get tone, tighten and get greater thick thighs by complementing your diet with food rich in calories to balance the calories lost while working-out and also eat food containing a lot of proteins. Lest see basic tips on how to tone, tighten and get greater thick thighs.


If you want to get leaner thighs, better read this article till the end. We will share with you the basic tips and techniques required to get leaner and tight muscular on your thighs.

  • Exercise: Exercising your thighs is the best way to get learner and tight muscles on your thighs. Exercise such as leg squat and jogging will be the most effective way to tighten your thighs.
  • Squats: This is the best way and easiest way to tighten your thigh muscles naturally. Start by bending your knees to about 90 degrees and make your arm straight. For the beginning, you can do it for about 5 reps for 25 seconds each to avoid over straining your legs. The knee will pain you for the start but later get used and will feel no more pain and you can increase your reps to 10 or 15 for 30-45 seconds each.
  • Leg Lift: Leg lift can help you tone and straighten the muscles of your thighs. Start by lying on the ground facing up. Focus on the roof and slowly lift your legs so that they are perpendicular to your body. Keep there for 5-10 second and you free lower your legs. Start with 10 reps a day and increase as you get used.
  • Jogging: Jogging will help you burn off excess fats in your body and will make your body physically fit. Jog for about 10 to 50 minutes in the morning or in the evening after work to get stronger and muscular thighs. Make jogging a daily routine even after getting strong and muscular thighs to keep your body feet and maintain the tone of your thighs.
  • Go for a kick boxing class: Kick boxing is an exercise that will make your heart work harder and will keep your body fit. When at the kickboxing training, this will help you burn off the excess fats in your thighs and tone the muscles of your thighs.
  • Go for a healthy diet: What you eat will greatly contribute to the leanness of your thighs and your body at large. If you want leaner thighs, op for food low in fats and high in proteins.
  • Eat low fat foods: Leaner and tone thighs can be achieved by eating foods that are low in fats. Eat a lot of vegetables and less food. You can eat fresh uncooked vegetables such as a mixture of (cabbage, carrots, green paper, cucumber, garlic and tomatoes). They are low in fats and will quickly help you get learner and tone thighs.
  • Drink plenty of water: 90 percent of our body fluid is made up of water. Water has many functions in our bodies which includes; keeping the body temperatures constant, ease digestion, cleanse our systems, absorption of toxic materials, among others. When you take plenty of water, it will help you lose weight and keep your body hydrated. You will loss the fats in your thighs making them leaner and tone.
  • Go for protein foods: Proteins are vital nutrients required to the building of our body muscles. In case you want to tone your thigh muscle, I would encourage you to eat a lot of foods rich in proteins. You can eat foods like grilled chicken, cheese, among others.



Well you might be having thighs that are thick, heavy and you are wondering how to make them tight! Better read this till the end to find out how to tighten your thighs naturally. Generally, the best way to tighten your thighs is by exercising them. There are many exercises that you can do to make your thighs tight. However, we will give the easiest and basic physics that will quickly help you to tighten your thigh muscles.

  • When at work or home, stand instead of sitting: When you get a chance to stand instead of sitting, utilize it. Standing will help you tone the muscles of your thighs. You can stand in one position or stand while moving here and there.
  • Jogging will be the best exercise for your body at large. Running or jogging will help to tighten your thigh muscles especially when running or jogging up a higher incline. If you want your muscles to tighten quickly, do your jogging up a higher inclined place than a lower inclined place twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening).
  • Opt for squats: you can do squats even at your workplace during your free time. Start with 10 squats after every 3 to 4 hours. Remember over doing the squats will strain your legs and knee so if you feel tire, relax and take a glass of water.
  • Well if you can’t or you want to complement the squats with another exercise to tighten your thighs, do a lunge. Start by putting the left leg forward and the right leg back, you can now slowly bend down and take one step forward. Take like 10-15 steps when starting and increase the second day.



Every young lady would love to have great thighs with are strong, toned and fat-less. But to achieve this, it will take you a lot of determination in your workout programs. I had thick heavy thighs and it took me about three months to make my thighs look great. Now with my great thighs, I can put on short clothes with confidence coz am sure my thighs look great. We decided to share with you the basic tips that you can follow to make your thighs look great naturally without any medication or surgery.

  • First you need to take up the challenges: If you are working or at school and it happen that you are near to your workplace or school, walk instead of being driven. You can as well take or climb stairs instead of elevator when at your workplace or school. For those who sleep in towers or skyscrapers, take a climb a few stairs before taking a lift.
  • Diet greatly contributes to the buildup of our muscles: Avoid taking fatty or deep fried food instead opt for vegetables and food rich in proteins like cheese or grilled chicken, vitamins and fiber. Salads (mixture of raw cabbage, onions, carrots, cucumber, garlic and tomatoes) will be the best to quickly achieve your goal.
  • Take plenty of water: It will be a good idea to take at least 4 liters of water per day. Water will help to absorb and dissolve the fats below the skin that make your skin rough. Cellulite is common to ladies with thick heavy thighs. Therefore if you have cellulite below your skin, better take plenty of water to make your thighs look smooth and great.
  • Do some exercise: You can jog around your neighbors’ compound for about 25 to 30 minutes every day if you can! If you can do it every day, jog at least three 3 times a week. If you can’t jog, you can do leg squat at your home. You can start with 20 crunches a day and increase the following days. You can alternative walk around your home for about 30 minutes just in case you aren’t able to run or do leg squat.
  • If you have time, go to the gym: Go to the gym to do more exercise that will quickly and effectively make your thighs great. Exercises like air bike, straight leg crunch, crossover crunch, and V-UP will effectively make your thighs look great after a few days or weeks depending on your determination.


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