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A tie clip sometime called a tie slide, tie bar, or tie clasp is an accessory used to clip a tie to the front of a man’s shirt to prevent it from swinging. A tie clip will keep the tie from flapping ensuring that the tie hangs straight for a neat, polished and uniform outfit. Well if you want to dress casual, I will recommend you to opt out ties. Ties make the outfit look more sophisticated and if paired with a casual outfit will make you look outdated.

Tie ClipI have seen many men wearing ties on shirts. This is ok and recommended for modern style. But those who wear ties


with collar, V-neck or round neck t-shirts break the rules of wearing a neck tie. Unless you are wearing a tie for fun or some kind of comedy, I wouldn’t recommend you to wear neck ties on tees even though it has a collar.


Tie Clip

NOTES: Tips Every Man Should Know On How To Wear A Tie Clip

Wear a tie clip on the fourth 4th button of your shirt

Old styles used to wear tie clip on their fifth 5th button of their shirts. The modern and recommended button to wear a tie clip on is the fourth 4th button of your shirt. The recent trends show that teenagers wear tie clip as high as their third 3rd button.

To show that you are a responsible gentle man, I would recommend wearing tie clip on the fourth 4th button

Tie Clip

Go for a tie clip of about 1/2 or 3/4 the width of the tie

Confident men who know what they are doing will go for short tie clips that will make them look gentle and fashionable.

It’s our grand papas who used to wear long tie clips coz they had little know about fashion.

As a fashion star, you can tell if your tie clip is short or long by pressing it against your tie so that it falls at the fourth 4th button. You can change either the tie clip if it’s long or change the tie incase its thin and narrow compared to the width of the tie clip.

Tie Clip

Opt for a tie clip that matches with the tie

Tie clips are made of metal which come in plain, gold or silver colors decorated with patterns. The color of the tie you are wearing will determine the type and color of the clip to wear with it.

Dull color ties and neutral color ties look great with silver or plain tie clip. Shouting or bright color ties can be matched with golden tie clip. For instance you can wear your black tie with a silver tie clip. This outfit will be a great combination when teamed with a white shirt and a navy blue or black suit.

Tie Clip

Hold the spring-loaded device of the tie clip to trigger it.

Hold the tie clip tightly between your thumb and your first finger to open it.  Gently slide the tie clip horizontally over the tie for a stunning, beautiful and gentle man’s look.

Firm the tie clip to the shirt to hold the tie in a fixed position and prevent it from swinging and flapping. Confident men and those who know what they are doing will place the tie clip at forty-five 45 degrees perpendicular to the tie, not at a weird angle.

You can now complement the trend with other garments like suits or blazer or just tuck in the shirt without a blazer and you will still look trendy and fashionable.

Tie Clip

NOTES: Rules And Guidelines For Wearing A Tie Clip

  • Wear a tie clip between the third 3rd and fifth 5th button of your shirt.
  • Wear tie clip of narrow width compared to your tie (the width of your tie clip should be at-least 1/2 and at-most 3/4 the width of your tie).
  • Tie clips look great on plain ties; however you can wear silver or gold tie clips on ties with patterns.
  • Tie clips or tie bars come in countless shapes, styles and metals but the one which matches with most ties is silver.
  • Wear a tie clip with a blazer or without a blazer. Cardigans, waist-coasts and sweater vest hold the tie in position which is the mainly purpose of a tie clip and has been taken care of hence no need to wear a tie clip with them.

Tie Clip


  • Which color of tie clips matches with most of your ties? At what angle do you normally wear your tie clip?
  • On which button of the shirt do you prefer placing the tie clip (3rd, 4th, 5th or none of the above)?
  • Which style of a tie clip do you prefer and why (pinch clasp or slide clasp)?
  • Do you think tie clips will be in style for long or “out” soon?

Tie Clip

More Inspirational Trends On How To Wear A Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

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