Plus Size Leggings

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Leggings and Jeggings are a must Have in every girl’s wardrobe. Plus Size Leggings are a fabulous and versatile addition to any plus size trendy wardrobe. No matter the occasion you are wearing them for, they can either be dressed up or down for an outstanding and great look. Leggings will actually add some warmth to your outfit because they are made from thick fabrics like cotton. Most of the trendy Plus Size Leggings are cropped, Zippered or ring-snapped featuring elastic waistbands, and low waist cuts.

Plus Size LeggingsMany ladies wear leggings and Jeggings with famine accessories to complement the outfit. Irrespective of your size,


leggings and Jeggings can be stretched (are stretchable) to fit your size. In addition, they are designed in different sizes for small, medium size and plus size women. Therefore your size shouldn’t hinder you from styling in these sexiest and stylish wear.

Some leggings are thick enough to be worn alone (independently without complementing them any other cloth) while others are thin and will expose your privates thus require to be complemented with shorts, dresses or skirts.

I should say that leggings and Jeggings are among my favorite bottom wears which I mainly wear with short dresses, and short skirts. I wear my animal print leggings with a black dress mainly on weekends and in the evening. I team them with Flats and sometimes with Beach Sandals.

Do have a tunic and you have been wondering what to pair with it. Plus size animal print leggings will be the best choice for you. You can team your tunic with plus size animal print leggings and complement the trend with either High Heels or Boots. You can wear like this when going out to have dinner or lunch with friends.

Plus Size Leggings

How To Wear Plus Size Leggings For Plus Size Women

Well if you have every worn legging you know that leggings cling tight to the body, exposing every curve of your body especially when you are a plus size woman. This can be tricky sometimes on how to wear Plus Size Leggings especially for plus size women with a lot of curves in their body. This attracted our attention and we decided to share with you a few tips on how to wear Plus Size Leggings for curvy plus size women.

First plus size women should wear leggings that are dark and of thick fabric. Dark color leggings will give you a slim look and thick fabrics will help to hide or reduce on the curves in your legs. Light and thin leggings will expose every curve in your legs and will make your legs look heavier making the outfit look tacky.

Secondary plus size women can wear leggings with dresses or tunic that covers their hips to avoid exposing the problem areas (the curvy tummy and hips area).

When choosing the footwear to team with Plus Size Leggings, plus size women should opt for either Flats for a casual outfit or Boots to keep the feet warmer.

Though animal prints look great, if you are too curvy they are not your best option. They will expose your curves and make you look grossly. Curvy plus size women should opt for solid color and thick leggings that can hide their curves.

Leggings do not require too much bracelets, just a simple necklace and a few armlets are enough to complement the outfit.

Plus Size Leggings

What To Wear With Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings can be teamed with a combination of a few tops. The best and most recommended tops to team with Plus Size Leggings are Tunics, and dresses. Tunics and dresses will cover up-to the mid-thighs covering the curvy problem areas (tummy and hips).

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings With Tunic

Plus size women can wear Plus Size Leggings with Tunics. In this outfit, plus size women should opt for leggings with thick fabrics because Leggings with thick fabrics can be worn alone. For instance, you can wear pink Plus Size Leggings with a black tunic like the lady in the picture below. She chose thick leggings that covered her curves in the legs and a tunic of length up to the mid-thigh so that the problem areas are also covered. She then teamed the outfit with Brownish High Heels which complemented the pink Plus Size Leggings. You too can get some tips from her outfit in Plus Size Leggings to create your desired look. Try to avoid shouting colors like yellow and when you are color mixing try to avoid color clash.

Plus Size Leggings

Alternative Option:

In the same boat, you can wear animal print tunic with black or navy blue Plus Size Leggings. I should acknowledge that this is the best outfit for plus size women of size 20 and above. The tunic is somehow baggy to hide the curves around the trunk region and the Plus Size Leggings are thick enough to mask the curves in her legs. Wow this is the best summer eveningwear or daywear for plus size women.

Plus Size Leggings

 Plus Size Leggings With CAMI

Well CAMIS are not for every plus size woman. Women who can wear CAMIS with leggings are the ones of size 18 and below. Generally women with size 18 and below have few or reduced curves on their body. Just like leggings, CAMIS also cling tight to the body showing every curvy area of your body hence not recommended for curvy plus size women.

In this outfit, opt for animal print leggings; pair them with a trimmed CAMI. I will advise you to opt for leopard or zebra print leggings and team them with either a white or black CAMI. Just look at how smart, chic and stylish the lady in the picture below is! You can decide to team the outfit with either Flats or Nude Pumps. Finish the trend with a nice necklace and a few armlets. You are now good to go for your casual “happenings”. You can try to style in leggings like her, all you need is a perfect color combination for the leggings, shoes and the top (CAMI) for a unique and outstanding look in plus size animal print leggings.

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings With T-shirts Plus Blazer or Jacket

Every woman loves t-shirts (tees) and I should say they are among the favorite tops for many ladies in summer. Just like any other women, plus size women also love and wear t-shirts with leggings. However, for plus size women its quite tricky coz tight tees will show the curves in their trunk region and baggy tees will make the trend look grossly outmoded. Now the big question is how can a plus size woman wear leggings with t-shirts (tees) to avoid looking creepy?

The best way to wear plus size jean with t-shirts is by complementing the trend with either a blazer or a jacket. All you need to do is to choose a nice tee say a white round neck t-shirt, pair it with dark, thick leggings (for instance navy blue leggings) and team the outfit with either a navy blue blazer or a brown leather jacket. The blazer or jacket will cover the curvy area making you look slimmer. Opt for Flats or High Heels, any can work. This will be a perfect summer wear to school or when going out with friends to have a drink.

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings With Dresses

This is the dream of every plus size woman. Plus size women look great in leggings teamed with short dresses ( dresses of quarter-thigh or mid-thigh length) coz their problem area are covered making them more confident and comfortable. This is the outfit that every plus size woman should try coz it can be styled with either thin or thick leggings.

Choose a nice pair of leggings; pair them with a short dress. I would opt for either black or brown leggings and pair them with white, cream or a black dress. Break the code and go for high heels for a chic outfit. Complement the trend with a blazer that flatters the whole attire. A heart necklace and round earrings will make the outfit look chic and they should be added to the trends. You too can dresses like this in plus size legging for your weekend outfits. Remember to mix and match with other outfit to enhance you appearance!

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings With Skirts

The length of your skirts is the key factor to consider when choosing this outfit. Short skirts will expose your thigh which isn’t the best feature to plus size women. The best skirt for plus size women to wear with leggings will be a skirt of / with lengths up to the knees. You should avoid short skirts coz short skirts will give you a stubby (short and thick) figure. You can team the outfit with High Heels and a nice comfortable top. Finish the outfit with a hand bag and you will be good to go for shopping.

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings


Would you wear Plus Size Leggings if you were a plus size woman?

We would like to know your opinions on this trend! Do you think Plus Size Leggings are stylish pants for plus size women? Would you wear them with feminine accessories or rock them for a stylish look?

Do you think Plus Size Leggings will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on what to wear with and how to wear Plus Size Leggings for plus size women, share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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