How To Self-Examine Your Breast

| September 5, 2014

We need to combat breast cancer by detecting it in its early stages. When you are able to notice breast cancer as early as possible, it will be easy to treat and cure. To do this you need to familiarize with the appearance and feel of your breast so that you can easily notice any changes. I would recommend breast self-examination at least twice a month.

Breast Self-examinationWe will share with you the basic methodologies that you can follow to do breast self-examination.


You can self-examine your breast when you are in the shower, standing in front of the mirror, or when lying down.


Tip 1: When standing in front of mirror

This is the commonest method of breast self-examination. You can self-examine your breast while standing in front of the mirror in your room.

  • Strip off your blouse (top) and the bra. Go stand straight in front of the mirror so that you can easily and perfectly see the whole chest region.
  • Physically examine your breast using your arms. Observe any changes to your breast such as any swellings of the nipple, change in shape (enlargement) of the breast, lumps, and many more as you will notice.
  • Put your arms above your head. Raising your arms will help you clearly see both breasts and notice any changes to the breast as you will compare one over the other. Critically observe any changes in the outline of your breast, lumps, swellings, changes in the shape of the nipple, among others.
  • You can now put your arms down to the side. Contract the chest muscles by pushing your palm tightly on your hips. This will help you notice any unusual changes to your breast as the chest muscles will be contracted.
  • Seek medical attention in case you noticed any changes. After thoroughly examining your breast, you can report any unusual changes noticed while examining to the medical personals so that they can redo a thorough examination to clearly identify the problem and give you advice accordingly.


Breast Self-examination tips

Tip 2: when in the shower room

Alternatively you can do self-examination of your breast while in the shower room. Strip off all your clothes and stand in the shower cubicle or lie-down in the bathtub.

  • Lift your left arm over your head and use the right arm to examine your left breast. Since the breast is like any other delicate organ on your body, gently feel around the entire breast area (sides of your breast and armpits) to detect any lumps or swelling in your breast.
  • You can now switch to your right arm by lifting it over your head and use the left arm to examine your breast for any swellings or lumps. Examine thoroughly by moving your fingers around the breast to detect any change.
  • Seek medical attention if you notice any changes. You can now report any changes felt in your breast to a medical personnel so that he or she can thoroughly examine your breast and advice you accordingly.

Tip 3: When you are lying down

You can do breast self-examination when lying down on your bed or on the floor in your room.

  • Lie on your back with a pillow supporting your left shoulder. Put your left arm behind your head to clearly show the entire left breast area.
  • Feel the whole breast area (sides of your breast and armpits) using your right arm in a circular motion. You can vary the pressure applied to your breast while feeling from light -hard to easily detect the tinniest lump that might be in you breasts.
  • Nipple are sensitive to touch so when examining for any lumps in them, gently squeeze them and also notice any discharge that might come out.
  • You are done with the examination on your left breast, now do the same on your right breast.
  • Lie on your back with a pillow supporting your right shoulder. Put your right arms over your head and feel the whole breast area (sides of your breast and armpits) using your left arm.
  • Feel for any lumps or unusual changes in your breast and nipples. Squeeze your nipple to detect any discharge from it.
  • Seek medical attention in case you feel any unusual or unfamiliar changes to your breasts and nipple. Report any discharge from your nipples to medical personnel.


Breast cancer risk in high in women over 40 years, therefore you need to do breast self-examination to detect any unusual changes to your breast. Breast self-examination is not enough to detect breast cancer, go for breast cancer screening that will help you detect cancer even before any lumps develop in your breast. Men also do develop breast cancer thus they should do breast self-exam. However, women are at a 99% risk of developing breast cancer compared to men.

Woman self-examining her breast



It’s funny that sometimes it becomes hard to get the weight of some parts attached to our bodies. In this case the breast. How can you know the weight of your breast? By cutting them off then put them back! LOL that’s impossible. We will share with you a few tips that will help you know the weight of your breast. Just read and implement these tips you will know the weight of your boobs by the end of this chapter.

This methodology isn’t perfect; it will give the rough estimate of the weight of your breast.

  • Gather all the necessary requirements (bowel, tray, water, and postage scale or a luggage weighing scale).
  • Take and note the weight of the empty tray.
  • Pour water into the bowel to the brim or top (maximum level).
  • Place the bowel filled with water on to the trey.
  • Immerse one breast into a bowel of water. Lower the breast slowly till when it’s fully immersed to displace water from the bowel to the tray.
  • Remove the immersed breast and the bowel from the tray.
  • Take and note the reading of the full tray.
  • Calculate the displacement by removing the weight of empty tray from that of full tray (weight of displaced water = weight of full tray – weight of empty tray). For instance let’s assume that weight of empty tray = 500g and weight of full tray = 1200g. Therefore Weight of displaced water = 1200-500 = 700g
  • To get the actual weight of the breast, multiply the weight of the displace water by 0.9 coz breast tissue is less dense than water. Weight of breast = 700*0.9= 630g (0.63kg)

Note: the right breast is sometimes (if not always) bigger or heavier than the left. Therefore the weight of the right breast should be slightly higher than that of the left.

How to get larger breasts without surgery



Sometimes we tend to admire other ladies who have larger breast than ours especially when you have a flat chest and need your breast look bigger. Well I should say Hold on Help is on the way. You can get bigger breast without surgery by doing some breast excise or work out your breast to appear bigger.

Our team decided to share with you the tips that you can follow to develop or acquire bigger or larger breast without surgery. Just follow these tips on how to get bigger breast without surgery to achieve your goal.



Exercising your body is an important physic that helps to build body muscles. If you want to get bigger breast, focus on exercise that will increase the volume of your chest.


Pus-ups are the easiest body exercise that will help you enlarge the size of your breast. They strengthen the pectoral muscles located below the breast.

Start simple coz when you doing many push-ups for the start will strain your arms making them pain and you may not be able to do more push-ups the following days.

Learn how to do push-ups by checking on how do push-ups for beginners:

Lift Dumb-Bells

Dumb-bells are mainly used to make the arm and shoulder muscles stronger. Just like the push-ups, lifting dumb-bells helps to strengthen pectoral muscles located below the breast.

You need to go to the gym when you are new to this exercise and seek advice from a trained gymnastic who will guide you on the weight to start with to avoid straining your arms due to heavy weight. After the first week of training and acquiring the necessary techniques, you can start doing it at your home.

Wall Press

Sometimes push-ups might be a little difficult at the beginning, you can start with the wall press which is simple and easy to do.

You can do it at your home by standing 1 or 2 feet from the wall depending on your height. Place your arms straight to the wall with your palms pressed against the wall. You bend inwards till your elbows form an angle of about 45 degrees. Straighten out using your arms and biceps while keeping your legs in the same position. Depending on your physical fitness do as many wall press as possible. If you are new, better start with 12 sets to avoid straining of your arms.

How to self-examine your breasts



Having a balanced diet will help you gain nutrients that you might be lacking to make your breasts grow bigger. Eat a lot of foods containing estrogen and phytoestrogen that will help you increase the breast size.

Add Some Weight

If you are small, tinny or skinny and have small breast, you need to gain some weight. As your body gains weight, your breast will gain some weight making the bigger or larger without surgery. This method isn’t all that perfect coz there are fat (plus size) women with flat chest having tinny, small breast. However, this method has worked for some ladies who had little breast but after gaining some weight, their breast increased in size and became bigger.

All you need is to have a diet rich in calories, eat fatty foods or eat more of your favorite foods that you have been eating daily.

Have A Diet Containing Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone produced in women’s ovaries that causes them to develop the physical and sexual features that are characterized of female and that causes ladies to prepare their bodies to have babies.

This hormone is responsible for increasing the size of your breast especially when preparing for a baby. But this time you won’t wait to get pregnant so that the body produces the estrogen hormone to make your breast bigger. You are going to induce its production by eating foods that contain estrogen to help you grow your breast bigger. These foods are rich in estrogen and if you want to get bigger breast, better eat them in bulk (large quantities). The foods include; Grains (rice & wheat), Fruits (apple & cherries), Dairy products (cheese & Yogurt), Vegetable (carrots & cucumber), among others.

Avoid Taking Estrogen Pills or Estrogen Supplements to Increase Breast Size

The best way to increase your breast is by boosting the estrogen level in your body through eating foods rich in estrogen. Don’t take estrogen pills to increase the size of your breast. Research shows that the pills formulated to increase the size of the breast have been linked to breast cancer and blood clots. If need be to take these pills, seek medical care from a professional medical personal to advice you accordingly.

Note: Some studies show that there isn’t any scientific proof to shows that estrogen increases the size of your breast.

How to self-examine your breasts


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