8 Charming Ponytail Braids Hairstyles

| January 6, 2016

Ponytail braids hairstyle is one of the most popular and commonest styles used by black or African American ladies to style their braids. It’s easy to create and style which makes it much more convenient for all ladies most especially those who are on a rush to work or any occasion.

Ponytail Braids HairstylesPonytail braids hairstyles have a variety of many different ways which you can style them on your head.


The most commonly used styles being a High Ponytail, low ponytail, side ponytail, double low ponytail, double high ponytail, among others.

The style for the ponytail will depend on your own test and preference, the occasion you are dressing for, or the kind of braids which you have plaited on your head. Whatever the case might be, ponytail braids hairstyles look incredibly awesome on all ladies more especially African American ladies and African ladies.

I guess I shouldn’t add anything of these pretty and easy to style ponytail braids hairstyle for black women. Come with me as we explore some of the best eye-catching and most stunning ponytail braids hairstyle which will surely make heads turn and necks bend.

African American Braids Ponytail Hairstyles


2 Strand Ponytail Braided Hairstyles

2 Strand Ponytail Braided Hairstyles

Black women look extremely super awesome with their hair braided more especially when the braids match and compliment their facial features. The black lady featured in the above picture features a braided two strand braid which was then styled into a low ponytail to create a braided ponytail.

To achieve this look, you might need to wash your hair thoroughly with clean water and shampoo. Rinse your hair with clean water to remove the product residues in your hair. Now place a clean dry towel around your head so that it absorbs the excess water from your hair.

You can now leave your hair to naturally air dry by sitting under a shade for some time or use a blow-dryer to quickly and thoroughly dry your hair. Apply a few styling products to make your hair ready for styling and braiding.

Section your hair into various sections then secure each section in place using hairclips. Beginning with a section of your own preference, gram small sections of hair strands divide it into two and start braiding a two strand braid.

Continue braiding till when all the hair strands in that section are braided. Repeat the above procedure till when all the sections and hair on your head is braided.

Gather all the braids at the back to create a ponytail which you will secure in place using a ponytail holder or hair elastic. You might accessorize the ponytail with different hair accessories such as hairband, hairpin, mention it and you will be good to go.


Black Women Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Black Women Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Do you want to look younger than your actual age? Well if so then this braided hairstyle with a ponytail will give you all that you want. It’s pretty, simple to create and maintain and you can wear it on any occasion as it’s multifunctional.

Personally, I used to like braided hairstyles with beads when I was still young because these hairstyles with confidence made me look spectacular and would charm my look whenever I style them on my head. This beautiful African American lady in the image above featured a hairstyle which is similar to braided hairstyles for girls with beads which I surely believe it will as well look great on you or on your little girl.

After braiding her hair into beautiful braids, she styled it into a high side ponytail which gave her a unique and an outstanding look. The ponytail braids were accessorized with beautiful beads which draws more attention to her pretty face.

Wow, I like this braided hairstyle coz it’s a unique and trendy hairstyle on its own which you are sure when tried on your head it will make you unique and you will be able to stand out in a crown of many ladies with different updos and braided hairstyles.


Solange Knowles Braids with Ponytail

Solange Knowles Braids with Ponytail

There are some braided hairstyles when styled into ponytail will surely look amazingly awesome on you. Solange Knowles Braids is one of the braided hairstyles which you are sure will make you standout in a crown of many ladies with different ponytails. This kind of braided hairstyle will attract or draw attention to your pretty face which will leave every person staring at you wherever you go.

Wow, I just like her looks!! Isn’t she amazing, you too can look amazing just like her, I would suggest you get a few styling tips from that beautiful African American lady to recreate your own Solange Knowles Braids hairstyle with a ponytail which will make heads turn and necks bend.


High Ponytail Braids Hairstyle

High Ponytail Braids Hairstyle

Looking for a neck breaker braided hairstyle, look no more as this High ponytail braided hairstyle will serve the purpose (will do so). It’s an amazing braided hairstyle which will ultimately make you look younger that your actual age.

It’s an official or formal hairstyle which you might wear when going to a variety of many formal or official function or occasions. For instance, this kind of braided hairstyle can be worn when going to office, when going for a business meeting, or when going to any official event or function.

However, personally I think you can as well wear this kind of braided hairstyle when going casual occasions or events. Its can as well serve on such functions and surely will make you look great and super cute.

Am just in love with this kind of braided hairstyle with a ponytail. I can’t wait to try it out on my head the day I will be going for my business meeting. Hope I won’t attract too much attention on myself with this cute, amazing, gorgeous braided hairstyle!!


Cornrow Braids Hairstyles with Ponytail

Cornrow Braids Hairstyles with Ponytail

Cornrow braided hairstyles look awesome to ladies who have long face shapes. This is so because ladies with round faces shapes, all the hair is pulled away from the face which exposes the round corners of their face making it look wider.

Cornrow Braids Hairstyles with Ponytail featured above has two brown and black. The brown color perfectly contrasts with the tone of her skin. To achieve this look, you need to braid your hair into cornrows which you will secure into a high ponytail towards the back or middle section of your head.

Pair the hairstyle with matching outfits and you will be good to go rock that stunning and tremendous braided hairstyle to any occasion which will leave everyone gazing @ you wherever you go.


Black Braid Hairstyles With Ponytail

Black Braid Hairstyles With Ponytail

What makes a difference in the way we look with the same type of hairstyles is how creative you are in making your hairstyle unique to make it different from others. I love the creativeness and innovativeness of this pretty African American lady in the way she was able to come up with a unique and rear braided hairstyle with ponytail.

There are two tones colors in her hair (brown and black). The chocolate brown color perfectly matches with the tone of her skin while the black color matches perfectly and compliments her outfit.

As you might notice, her ponytail isn’t like the commonly known or seen ponytails, instead of securing the braids with a ponytail holder or hair elastic, she used a combination of hairpins and bobby pins to create and secure the ponytail in place.

You too can look unique, stylish and outstanding with a ponytail braids hairstyle, get a few styling and fashion tips from this lady to come up with your own creative, unique and exquisite braids hairstyle with ponytail.

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