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Party Dresses For Women

Looking for pretty Party Dresses for Women? Find beautiful unique Party Dresses or club dress for Women just here with us. When shopping for Party dresses choosing the perfect Party dress is an important decision! Do you go neutral, romantic, chic, color blocking, short or long? It’s quite a difficult but simple decision to make because in this article, we will share with you the different styles and outfits for Party dresses.

Pink Prom DressHowever the type and color of the Party dress to wear will depend on the event to be attended as we will see later in


this article. What color should you choose? Black, red, pink, white, yellow, or blue… it will all depend on the style you want portray (chic, romantic and sexy, or just neutral).

Guide To What To and How To Wear Party Dresses For Women

Go Neutral:

With this outfit, black would be the best color for that party dress. A black strapless Party Dresses for Women would be the recommended dress to go neutral especially when the dress is teamed with high heels like Pointed Platform Pumps or V-Strap Platform Sandals.

A few bracelets like a simple necklace and ear rings to complement the outfit and finish the party wear with Cutout Handle Clutch bag.

Party Dresses for Women

Be Romantic:

Blue is a romantic color; for a romantic party outfit, I would recommend either a blue or red short dress. A strapless short blue or red dress teamed with nice bracelets will make you look romantic especially when paired with pointed high heels. For a pretty blue party dress you can wear red or blue pointed high heel and for a red party dress you can wear silver or red pointed high heels. Personally I would prefer a red pretty party dress teamed with silver pointed high heels, earrings and a nice Leaf Charm Necklace.

Short Party Dresses for Women

Chic Style:

Are you above 30 years and have admired to dress like an 18 – 25 year old to the party, you still have a chance to dress like one. For a chic style any color of the party dress can work, what matters how you style it. For instance the outfit for the lady below is perfectly chic romantic and sexy style. This outfit complemented with bracelets except a necklace will look glamorous on you when styled perfectly to avoid color-crush.

Go Color Blocking:

Confident women will always opt for this style. Match bright colors like Yellow or pink with pointed blue platform pumps.

Party Dresses for Women

What Shoes To Wear With Party Dresses For Women?

The best shoes to wear Party Dresses for Women are the High Heels. High Heels give an elegant look when wore with pretty Party Dresses for women. However, the type and color of High Heels depends on the color of the party dress to be worn. For instance you can wear a red party dress with silver pointed high heels and a blue party dress with blue or red pointed platform pumps.

Color of Party Dress                              Color of High Heels

Red Strapless Party Dresses                           Silver, black Pointed High Heels

Blue Strapless Party Dresses                           Red, pink, blue Pointed High Heels

Pink                                                                 Silver, black, blue Pointed High Heels

Yellow                                                            Silver, pink Pointed High Heels

Purple                                                              Silver, black Pointed High Heels

Black                                                               Silver, gold Pointed High Heels

Different Categories Of Party Dresses For Women

Different events require different wears; for instance a club party dress cannot be worn when going for a wedding or Christmas party.

 a)    Prom Dress

A prom (promenade) party is a formal dance, especially one held by a class in high school or college at the end of a year. Pink will be my best and favorite color when it comes to choosing the color of the dress to wear to a prom party. A pink prom dress worn with Platform T-Strap Sandals and a few bracelets will give an elegant and glamorous look to a medium-size beautiful lady.

Pink Prom Dress

b)    Christmas Party Dress/ Christmas Festive Dress

A Christmas party is simply an annual Christian festive celebrating Jesus’s birth, held on 25th December. During this festive people show love through giving and sharing. Red color is the commonest color during that festive. A red Christmas festive dress worn with Pointed High Heels will be a perfect match for such a festive. This outfit can be complimented with a few bracelets and a nice hat.

Party Dresses for Women

Red strapless Party Dresses for Women

c)     Club Party Dress

A Club party dress can be of any color. However for a sexy and romantic outfit the Club party dress has to be tight (fitting/body-tight) and very short so as to confuse and attract majority of the men. High Heels can also work as a suitable footwear conditionally they matches with the color of the dress.

d)   Plus Size Women Party Dress

Your size shouldn’t be the reason not to look sexy, romantic, glamorous and beautiful on any party; there are varieties of plus size party dresses on the market as we will see later on. You can wear a plus size above the knee party dress with pointed high heels for a sexy, glamorous outfit. What matters most is matching the color of the dress with that of the high heels. However, if appropriately matched, wow you will look extremely spectacular on the party.

Plus size women Party Dresses for Women

e)    Wedding Party Dress

What matters most on a wedding party is to be smart and presentable, because people will judge you and respect you basing on the way you portray yourself, so make sure that you give them a great first impression by dressing the best outfit for the party. Different colors of the wedding party dress can be chosen to be worn. But the common colors of the wedding party dresses are; blue, light-bluish, white, and pinkish/reddish because the look remarkably great on many ladies. Silver/gold high heels would be the best footwear with this outfit and the outfit can be complemented with earrings and a simple but nice necklace.

Party Dresses for Women

f)      After Party Dress

Party Dresses for Women



Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on what to wear with and how to wear Party Dresses for Women, share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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