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The best, greatest, and paramount laptops

The top 10 best laptops are the greatest, paramount and grade A laptops which every individual desires to own. These best laptops have extra ordinary and better specifications such as better overall performance and battery life, vivid display, excellent sound, among others.

Best Laptops - Asus U56E-BBL6Best laptops are from different laptop brands with apple being the best brand producing most of the best laptops as


we are yet to take a review of the best laptops in the world. Briefly lets take a look at the 10 best laptops in the world.

Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011

Best Laptops - Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011

Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011      (2.2GHz Core i7, 15-inch, Price: $1,698.00 – $1,799.99).

According to Cnet review, Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011 is a remarkable laptop among all laptops with excellent specifications which includes; a 384mb graphic card, sharp and bright screen resolution, excellent speakers. However, irrespective of it being the best laptop, it has its own disadvantages because it’s expensive, its application programs are also expensive, extremely fragile and the Hard disk, RAM and the Battery are really hard to change.

MacBook Air

Best Laptops - MacBook_Air

 MacBook Air      (2.2GHz Core i7, 15-inch, Price: $1,698.00 – $1,799.00).

This is an incredible product from apple. This is the best laptop currently that I have ever used with the latest Core i7 processor, long battery life, trackpad and gesture control making the best of any of the current laptops on the market.

HP Folio 13       Price $1,048.99

Best Laptops - HP Folio 13

HP Folio 13       Price $1,048.99

Putting Mac OS apart and back to Windows, HP Folio 13 is the leading among the best laptops using Windows OS. This best windows’ laptop is the best in terms of performance, price, and ergonomics, with a less-than-razor-thin design. HP Folio 13 is a reliable and affordable business laptop with a battery life of more than 8 hour. If you looking for an affordable and reliable ultranbook which is not a MacBook Air, HP Folio 13 is your answer.

Samsung Series 7

Best Laptops - Samsung Series 7

Samsung Series 7 (15-inch)          $1,249 – $1,264

There is a slight difference between a Samsung Series 7 and a MacBook Pro (price and operating systems used); Otherwise these two best laptops are similar in terms of specifications, battery life and the design. Therefore if you are looking for the best windows’ laptop in equivalent to a MacBook pro, Samsung Series 7 will be the best laptop to buy.

HP Pavilion dm1z

Best Laptops - HP Pavilion dm1z

HP Pavilion dm1z                            price not specified but Similar Model Starting at: $429.99

Many HP laptops of recent have been on top in the market but HP Pavilion dm1z was the first and its updates version keeps it on top of all other. It has great specifications, long battery life, and superb sound and excellent graphics.

Asus U56E-BBL6

Best Laptops - Asus U56E-BBL6

I would say that Asus Zenbook U56E-BBL6 is the best because it has a better overall performance and its battery life is really amazing. Its price is relative depending on the specifications you order it with( mainly RAM and HDD Capacity). The brilliant display and excellent sound give it an added advantage to be the best laptop.

HP Pavilion dv7-6163cl

Best Laptops - HP Pavilion dv7-6163cl

HP Pavilion dv7-6163cl                   Price: $949.99

HP Pavilion dv7-6163cl would have been the best laptop HP has ever released because of the Strong Quad-core performance, and switchable graphics which provides strong 3D performance but it has no Blu-ray drive, no backlit keyboard, and no Bluetooth.

However, it has a strong aluminum chassis and better battery life,  and its overall performance is great making it to be Categorized among the 10 best laptops.

Acer Travelmate 8481T-6440

Best Laptops - Acer Travelmate


Acer TravelMate TimelineX 8481T-6440                  Price: $929.99 – $1,026.29

Acer TravelMate TimelineX 8481T-6440 is currently the second best laptop among the Acer brands with slim brushed-metal chassis and a solid Core. As they always say that the best laptop should have good specifications in terms of performance and battery life which Acer TravelMate Timeline X8481T-6440 has i.e battery life over 8 hours and core i 3 and i 7 processor.

Lenovo IdeaPad V570-1066AJU

Best Laptops - Lenovo IdeaPad V570-1066AJU

Lenovo IdeaPad V570-1066AJU       Price: $600

Lenovo IdeaPad V570-1066AJU has excellent performance, good battery and is designed with a strong sleek aluminum and is the most cost effective among the 10 best laptops.

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