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The advancement in technology has led to emerging of many different gadgets laptops inclusive. Many laptop companies have merged producing different models of laptops having different specifications and capabilities according to the task for which the laptop was designed to execute. Most of these companies are producing good laptops but there are others which are producing the best laptops with good specifications, increased functionalities and have been ranked among the ten best laptop brands as we will see in details in article.

Best Laptop Brands - HPSuch companies producing the best laptops have dominated for over years and have gained brand dominance


all-round the world as a result of good quality products.  If you are really looking for the best laptop brand, yup you are in the right place because this article is a special report for the best laptop brands in the world. Straight to the point let’s take a look at the;  10 best laptop brands.


Best Laptop Brands - Apple

Currently, best laptop brand in the world is Apple. Yup there is no need doubt that apple isn’t the best laptop brand because in the review of the best laptops for over years, the first two laptops have always been Apple products. Apple, the leading company in producing best laptops was founded in April 1976 by Steven Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wonzniak. This best laptop brand at the end of last year 2011, made a total profit of about $26 Billion (twenty six Billion dollars) with total assets worth about $116 Billion (one hundred sixteen Billion dollars).


Best Laptop Brands - lenovo

Lenovo is a US$21 billion personal Technology Company second among the best laptop brands.  Hey are you looking for the best brand which produces laptops with ThinkPad, IdeaPad for business or home and office use, lenovo is the best company producing such quality products. The brand came into existence in 2004 but today is the second best and largest Pc vendor across the globe.


Best Laptop Brands - HP

HP is the third best laptop brand in the world.  HP is also a Technology Company and the world’s third largest and best Pc vendor, being noted to be the leading company in producing the best Printers. This brand was founded in 1939 and in 2011 it made a net Income of about $7 Billion (seven Billion dollars) with total assets worth about $130 Billion (one hundred thirty Billion dollars).


Best Laptop Brands - Sony

Sony has been and is still among the best companies producing laptops, desktops, television and digital video cameras.  The company has been in existence since 1946 update and is widely recognized worldwide. Unfortunately in 2011, this company made a net income of about $-2.96 Billions according to Wikipedia, but still is among the best brands in selling laptops, cameras, TVs.


Best Laptop Brands - Toshiba

Toshiba is a $60 billion global company which has been in existence since 1939.Toshiba brand deals with a variety of products but when it came to laptops, it’s the fifths best laptop brand. Reports show that this fifths best laptop brand in 2010 made a Net Income of about $ 1,660 Million.


Best Laptop Brands - Asus

Asus is a $1.324 Billion company which has been in existence since 1990.  It’s remarkably known for producing the best notebooks in the world which never overheat, and can work well in the harshest conditions. Their laptops have good specifications like long battery life, superb sound, excellent graphics making it the best laptop brand for a low income earner because their laptops are relatively affordable.


Best Laptop Brands - Dell

Dell is the third largest PC maker in the world after HP and Lenovo.  However among the best laptop brands, it’s the seventh and has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams and has gained trust in most customers because of their quality products. Dell has been in existence since, 1984 with its headquarters in Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas, United States.


Best Laptop Brands - Samsung

Now if you are looking for quality and excellent laptop and notebooks, Samsung is your answer. The innovativeness and reliable products produced by Samsung has kept it among the best brands in the world. It has its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea and has been in existence since 1938 with a dedication to make a better world through diverse business.


Best Laptop Brands - Acer

Since its establishment by Stan shin et al in 1976, Acer has achieved its goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. The brand has dominated in the recent advancement in technology and its net revenue in 2010 reached about $ 19.9 Billion and ranked in the second position for the total PCs and notebooks.


Best Laptop Brands - Gateway

Acer and gateway tired up in the same position. Gateway manufactures perfect balanced, passionate designed laptops with all the necessary essential specification a standard laptop must have; though not the best brand but it’s a better brand.


Best Laptop Brands - Msi

Lastly MSI takes up the tenth position in the best laptop brands. Quite frankly in my life I have held not more than 10 computers from MSI Company. May be it’s popular in other countries but in my home country, they are very few MSI laptops. I just wish you all the best in choosing the best laptop brand form these 10 best laptop brands in the world.

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