Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

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Interview Attire: What To Wear to an Interview; the way you dress to an interview gives a first impression about yourself. You don’t want to give a bad impression to the interviewer even before they interview you. Therefore you need to dress decently to give a good first impression to your “boss to be” (employer).

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An InterviewIn this article we will share with you the best and most recommended interview attire for women to impress the


interviewer. When I say impress, I don’t mean sexy impression where you can dress in miniskirts, leggings, suspender tights, shorts, you mention it.



Some job interviews may be difficult to pass without any assistance. The askmamaz’s  teamed decided to share with you the basic tips that you can use to pass a job interview.

Dress Code:

Your dress code is the first key factor to consider when going for a job interview. It might be somehow challenging to decide what to wear for your job interview. Well I should congratulations, just relax and go for formal attires that are respectable and suitable the job you are after. For instance, if you are after a banking job or a lawyer job, you need to dress like a banker or lawyer. The best outfit for such jobs will be a navy blue suit or black suit. Team the suit with either a white shirt or light-blue shirt. For fashion jobs go for chic outfits like floral or polka dot outfits that will impress the interviewer.

You’re Dress Color and Their Impressions at a Job Interview

Color Interviewers’ Impression
Pink Sweet Personality
White Innocence And Purity
Yellow Happy And Bubbly
Light-Blue Peace


Show good manners and respect for the feelings of your fellow interviewee and to the interviewer when at the interview table. For instance, if you missed or didn’t get something the interviewer asked, kindly ask them politely to pardon you. Avoid phrases like “What” coz they sound rude and no one will like to work with a rude person. If you sure of something, never swear use simple language like am sure that’s the answer and never use jargons.

Be open:

Interviewers like employees with an open and sound mind. Just like your boss, he or she will like someone who is open to him or her. If you’re not sure of something feel free to openly tell the interview that you have no idea of what he or she is talking about. Remember, they already know the answer before asking you so if you lie that’s mean you can mess-up things and easily lie to your boss.


When preparing for a job interview, you need to be clean before the interviewer. Interviewer will look at your clothes, shoes, nails, hair, teeth and the odor you emit. Therefore you need to shower and brush before going for any job interview. Dress in clean, formal and ironed clothes and add less scented perfumes to smell pleasing or nice. Ladies, don’t apply too much makeup on yourself, trim your nails and don’t color them.

Self-confident (be certain):

When standing before the interviewer, show some confidence in yourself that you are the right person for that job. Always keep your head straight looking straight to the interviewer and never look down. Looking down will give an impression of incompetent hence not the best person for the job.

Make eye contact when you can especially to the person asking you the question from the interviewer panel and answer every question confidently with a calm and friendly voice.

Body Language:

Your body language will show the confidence in you and will show the panel that you are the best person for that job. Sit confidently in the seat they gave you, don’t sit as if there is something piercing you sat on. Don’t cross your leg as it’s a sign of disrespect and crossing your arms is a sign of incompetence. Use a calm and confident voice when answering questions and when given change to shake your employers hand do it with a firm yet polite grip and give them a genuine smile to complement the greeting.

Be prepared for the interview:

Before thinking of what you will wear or how you will dress for the interview, you need to prepare yourself a night before the interview. Ask your friends or Google the common questions asked that will help you prepare yourself. When answering these questions, answer them with confidence to show the interviewer that you are the right person for that job.

Remember, there are no second chances, no retakes in a real-life interview situation. You have to be on top of your game and be prepared to respond to questions you may find difficult and to talk about yourself in highly personal terms.

Assessing yourself (personal ratings and competencies), Drive for achievement, Strategic thinking, Relationship building, Commercial awareness, Leadership of change, Leadership skills, Continuous improvement, Customer awareness, Decision-making skills and judgments, Influencing skills, Development of self and others, and Team working skills will help to prepare for a job interview and be rest assured to pass.

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview


Tip 1: Start With A Basic Outfit

When going for formal interview, you can wear a nice blouse of neutral color with pantsuits or skirts (of length slightly below the knee). For informal interviews, you can dress in a nice simple blouse of neutral color and pair it with slacks. Don’t wear jeans, khaki pants, miniskirts, lace shorts and shorts when going for any type of interview.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Shoe

This is the most challenging task for ladies to decide. The most recommended shoes to pair with Interview attire for women will be flats and pumps. Closed toe flats and basic pumps with “1-2 inch” heel are the best to wear when going for an interview. Strappy sandals, platforms, open toe shoes, flip-flops are a complete NO to wear to an interview.

Tip 3: Makeup

When choosing how you will dress to an interview, you should put makeup into consideration. The makeup should be minimal in conservative tones. Apply light neutral makeup that will improve your features. When it comes to hair, formal long straight will be the best option to think about. However, if you trimmed your hair short, you can wear it down. Strong perfumes, too much hairspray and strong odors will distract the interviewers and they should be avoided.

Tip 4: Keep A Clean Outfit

Make sure your clothes are stain free, have no holes and in case you have tattoos, wear clothes that will cover them. After dressing, stand straight to the mirror and remove any hair which might have fallen on your top, make sure your nails are trimmed and not painted

Tip 5: Accessorize

Go for simple accessories. Sunglasses, unprofessional bags, unprofessional bracelets, backpack, nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc. are a complete NO to pair with interview attire for women. Carry a light briefcase or portfolio case, a nice short simple necklace, short and professional earrings, and a watch to accessories the trend. Let me congratulate you in advance, you are now good to go. ALL THE BEST

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview


It’s by God’s grace that you were called for your dream job interview. So you don’t have to mess-up things coz there are no second changes in life. Therefore when dressing for an interview, you need to dress professionally to give a first impression to the employer that you are the best person for that job.

Now guys how do you dress to impress employers when being interviewed? The askmamaz’s team made it easy for you that the interviewers won’t mind your dressing (coz it will be formal with neutral colors) so they can focus on what you say and who you are.

Dress Formally:

Men can wear suits when going for an interview. Suits are the most recommended attire to wear when going for your dream job interview. The best color suit to wear will be blue coz it will give you versatility in terms of shirt and tie choice. Other color suits like black and grey will also look great on you when dressed for an interview. Go for a three button suit if you want to look sophisticated and a two button suit in case you are shorter coz it will give you a slimmer and slightly taller appearance.

Choose The Right Matching Shirt:

The best shirts to wear with any formal suit will be those in blue or white color. The shirts have to be plain with no additional patterns. Avoid shouting color or bright color shirts like yellow, pink, red, etc. as they will make you look flashy.

Avoid flannels or plaid shirts as they are more of casual shirts. Shirts with rolled up sleeves are a COMPLETE NO to be worn for a job interview.

Choose A Matching Tie:

Wear a tie that match with the shirt and the jacket. Stick to ties in dark and conventional or traditional color like blue or red. Polka dot tie can as well work and will match with black or navy blue suits. Fasten the tie to your neck; don’t wear the tie loose as it will make the outfit look casual making you look irresponsible and lousy.

Add A Belt To The Slacks:

Since you are going to dress in formal black shoes, wear a black belt that will complement the shoes. Go for a medium size belt not a thin or oversize belt as they will clash the trend.

Wear Formal Shoes:

You should wear formal shoes with a thin-flat sole that matches with the attire. Lace-up oxfords and loafers are the best and most recommended shoes to wear to an interview. Casual shoes like sneakers, sandals, driving shoes and boots are a complete NO.

Makeup And Accessories:

It’s quite funny but men can also apply makeup to look great.  Get a nice short haircut that will fare best, clean and trim your fingernails, apply minimal cologne and if you wear earrings PLEASE this time DON’T (take them off).

Adding a watch will make you look more responsible and carrying a light briefcase or portfolio case will make you look professional and confident.

Wear Socks:

Please and please if you don’t have a pair of sock, better buy one before dressing up your shoes. Never wear your shoes without socks when going for a job interview. Wear black or grey socks that are long enough to cover your legs when you sit down in your professional suit.

You are done and ready to go. BEST OF LUCK

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview



Have Good Hygiene Be as clean as possible, Smell nice and subtle
Be Well-Groomed Pay attention to your hair, Have clean nails
Dress Appropriately For The Work Culture Dress for a professional environment, Dress for a business casual environment, Dress for a casual environment
Guys Dress the right top, Dress the right pair of slacks, Dress the perfect pair of shoesDress the right accessories
Ladies Have a fresh face, Dress the perfect top, Dress the perfect skirt or pantsHave killer shoesDress the right accessories


Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview

Interview Attire: What To Wear To An Interview


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