10 Fabulous Herringbone Braids For Black Women

| September 30, 2015

Herringbone braided hairstyle have become common and fashionable hairstyles amongst black women (African American ladies) especially when dressing for events like; weddings, parties, dates, among others. This is mainly because Herringbone braids have an amazing pattern which gives someone’s head an elegant and sexy look that is perfect for almost any occasion.

Herringbone Braids Black WomenWhen it comes to styling herringbone braids you can add color to these braids in order to create a more attractive


look that will leave everyone wondering and pondering who your hairstylist is. I believe that braiding hair will help to improve on the overall health and growth of your hair by simply encouraging the hair follicles to grow at a more functional rate without use of several hair products which can actually cause side effects to your hair such has hair loss due to breakage, among others.

As the askmamz team, we have decided to bring you some of the best Herringbone braids for black women that will greatly enhance on your looks and we would recommend you to read through this article in order to find a style that will match your hair type and facial needs.


Herringbone braids black women

Herringbone braids black women

The above beautiful and pretty black (African American) lady displays an amazing Herringbone braided hairstyle with unique braided patterns which run from the top to the sides but without covering any facial features.

This Herringbone braided hairstyle features a lot of hair at the crown which gradually reduces in size as it flows to the sides hence creating a Mohawk like braided hairstyle which will make any lady look young, sexy, trendy and elegant enough for any function.

If you take a closer look at this braided hairstyle, you will notice that braids at the crown are large while the braids that flow onto the sides are small in size and gradually decrease in size as they approach the ends or tips.

This particular herringbone braids hairstyle only covers the sides and upper sections of the head leaving all facial features visible which makes this African American princess extremely elegant and beautiful for any party. The tone of her skin greatly contrasts with the dark color of her hair hence creating a lot of drama and attraction towards her head.


Trendy Herringbone braids for black women

Trendy Herringbone braids for black women

If you really wish to get a new, sexy and trendy look just like the black (African American) lady featured in the image above then tryout this unique, trendy herringbone braided hairstyles with French braids.

This pretty and charming herringbone hairstyle features 2 French braids which run across the outer edges of the crown and then continue flowing past the back thus creating 2 amazing French braids that drop gently past her shoulders generating a lovely and sweet look that any woman would yarn to have.

This Trendy Herringbone braids hairstyle is center parted whereby each side has a large French braid which gives off several smaller braids that run towards the sides and others to the sides creating a Herringbone pattern which look unique and trendy.

The black hair color throughout this braided hairstyle actually looks amazing because it contrasts perfectly with the lighter skin tone of this pretty black lady. Have you been looking for a long and trendy braided that will not fall over your face then this Herringbone braids hairstyle for black women will do the magic for you.


Herringbone braids black women with thin hair

Herringbone braids black women with thin hair

Some black ladies really look great with short hairstyles as you can see with the lady featured in the image above. This cute black woman had her hair clipped short on the sides while the hair at the crown was twisted into simple Herringbone braids with an amazing pattern hence making her look simple, elegant, beautiful and fit for almost any occasion.

If you look closely, all the hair at the top is twisted into large braids which run gently from the front to the back of her head hence greatly contrasting with the very sleek sides while the dark hair color within this braided haircut contrasts well with the light tone of her skin which drawing extra attention towards her beautiful oval shaped face.

All in all, this hairstyle will work for ladies who prefer short hairstyles with some braids and the truth is that this Herringbone braided hairstyle will also work for ladies with thin/fine hair textures because it doesn’t require someone to have thick hair in order to achieve this hairstyle.

Is your hair short, thin or fine and have been looking for a braids hairstyle which will look great on you? Well allow me congratulate you coz this Herringbone braids hairstyle for black women with thin hair will perfectly work for you.


Messy Herringbone braids for black women

Messy Herringbone braids for black women

Alicia keys really loves having her hair styled into unique braided hairstyles just like the one you’re seeing in the picture above. This is actually a Herringbone braided with a messy pattern which truly creates a unique and stunning appearance over her head.

With this herringbone braids hairstyle, the braids on the sides were surely styled sleek and then left to drop gently below her head along with the braids coming from the crown section of her head.

All the braids look thin and unstructured especially those at the top which means that you may truly need some professional help in order to achieve this braided hairstyle. Likewise, this Herringbone braided hairstyle contains a natural black color throughout that perfectly contrasts with the lighter skin tone making Alicia keys look extremely lovely and elegant but looking a bit younger and trendy.

Lastly, the black outfit she wore also complimented this braided hairstyle well making her just perfect for that special night.


Herringbone braids up-do hairstyle for black women

Herringbone braids updo hairstyle for black women

Braided hairstyles actually create amazing up-do hairstyles that will make any woman look elegant, pretty and perfect for any occasion. As you can see, the lady featured above had all her hair twisted into braids whereby the hair at the crown is a form of Herringbone braids which are small at the tips yet they gradually increase in size as they approach the crown and they move at the back of her head.

All the hair at the back was secured into a simple hair bun which lies perfectly over the top back section of the head and no braids were left to fall over face thus making her look sexy, playful and younger. This Herringbone braided hairstyle also features a dark color throughout which generates great contrast with the lady’s light skin color thus drawing a lot of attention towards her head.

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