Head Turning Little Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

| August 30, 2015

Little girls can really look beautiful and cute with braided hairstyles but you as a parent or guardian should try looking for braided hairstyles that makes your little girl feel happy and look gorgeous. On the other hand, braided hairstyles also have feature of different types in order to cater for your styling needs and hair texture.

Little Black Girls Braided HairstylesWell I believe that braided hairstyles are versatile and may require less maintenance and hair


products compared to other hairstyles. However, some braided hairstyles are a bit hard to style and will take a lot of time during the styling process which in the end might be stressing for most kinds as they become impatient sitting in one place for quite a long period of time.

Today as the askmamaz team, we have featured some of the best and most stunning braided hairstyles for little girls and if you give use two minutes off your time to go through our collection, you won’t fail to get one which will make your little girl look like a princess.

Cute Little Black Girls Braided Hairstyles


Little black girls braided hairstyles

Little black girls braided hairstyles

This cute, little-girl features a sleek braided hairstyle which sits very close to the head from the front to the back. This braided hairstyle contains a simple braided-fringe which falls gently over one side of the forehead with some beads at the tips which help to add dimension to entire hairstyle.

The black color-tone of this black girls braided hairstyle coupled with simple beads towards the ends helps to lighten-up the dark hair-color. Additionally, her light skin-tone creates perfect contrast with her black hair-color and this actually makes this little girl to look really gorgeous and lovely for an activity.

Wouldn’t you wish your little princess look fabulous and gorgeous more than that little princesses featured in the above hairstyle? If yes then better try this braided hairstyle for little girls on your daughters’ head for a perfect and spectacular look.


Simple Little black girls braided hairstyles

Simple Little black girls braided hairstyles

Wow, just in case you have been looking for a braided hairstyle for your little girls which is easy and simple to recreate, this would be your ultimate choice coz it’s easy and will take quite a short period of time to recreate and style.

This black girl features a simple braided hairstyle which has been secured at the back in order to prevent hair from falling over her face. Her hair was twisted into small long-braids with wispy, unbraided hair-tips which help to add extra movement to this braided hairstyle.

All the hair was secured at the back creating a braided ponytail which falls gently over the back and which helps to prevent hair from over the face leaving all face-features within sight hence enhancing on the overall beauty of your little girl.

Trust me this braided hairstyle for little girls look simple yet stunning and lovely hence this makes it a perfect hairstyle for your little princesses going to school or playground to have some fun. Why don’t you give it a try and wait for the compliments on your little girl wherever she goes.


Little Black Girls French Braided Hairstyles

Little black girls french-braided hairstyles

The little princess featured in the picture above had her hair styled into an amazing and stunning French braid hairstyle which make her look charming and lovely.

Her hair was brushed to achieve that sleek texture on the side and top section while the rest of the hair was twisted into a simple French-braid crosses from the front, sides and then to the back sections with dropping below the head leaving the face un-touched so as to enhance on her overall looks.

This French braided hairstyle for little black girls is easy to recreate, style and maintain compared to other braided hairstyles which makes it a perfect option for kids who love simple and charming braided hairstyles.

In fact, simplicity was taken seriously while creating this braided hairstyle but you should actually try to consult a hair professional (hairstylist) to achieve a perfect French braid. I guess this French braid hairstyle will work perfectly for your school going girl(s) because it makes her feel free, simple and beautiful.


Little Black Girls Long Braided Hairstyles

Little black girls long braided hairstyles

The pretty little girl in the photo above features a long braided hairstyle which flows gently over her back in form of gorgeous cornrows running from the front to back. This braided hairstyle is deeply parted to one-side whereby the one side features braids running from the crown while the other side features braids starting just above the ears while moving towards that back-section.

The braided hairstyle was made to look unique and more attractive by creating a star-like formation in the section where the braided hairstyle is parted which adds extra drama and dimension to the entire hairstyle.

There are wide empty spaces left in-between the braids and that actually help to expose the light skin tone under which contrasts greatly with the black toned braids hence creating a flashy and dramatic princess look that any little girl would love.

In conclusion, crafting this particular braided hairstyle can actually be a bit difficult to do in case you are not a hair professional (hairstylist) which means you might be required to take you little-girl to the nearest salon or hairstylist in order to achieve this kind of little black girls braided hairstyles.


Little Black Girls Braided Hairstyles With Beads

Little black girls braided hairstyles with beadsAdding beads to braided hairstyle will actually make your little-girl feel excited and happy compared to just plain braided hairstyles. The excited little black girl in the image above actually had her fine hair styled into a gorgeous braided hairstyle with a side and back ponytail which helped to add movement to the braided.

The hair was parted deeply before being braided and which make the little girl to features well patterned braids running gently around her head while some of the braids on one side where secured to form a side ponytail.

On top of that, all the ends of this braided hairstyle were clipped with colorful beads which actually helped to add light and attraction to the black hair-color. Little girls who love hairstyles with accessories will like this little black girl’s braided hairstyle with colorful beads.


Little Black Girls Braided Hairstyles With Fringe

Little black girls braided hairstyles with fringe

The little African American girl featured in the photo shows off a unique and stunning braided hairstyle for little girls which will look great even on ladies/women. This braided hairstyle is uniquely styled whereby the hair on one side was twisted into smooth braids which were directed to the back while the other side is deeply parted and also twisted into gorgeous braids which are parted to create a braided side-fringe and then the rest of the braids left to flow backwards.

All the braids are then secured at the back-top section in order to create an amazing braided ponytail which is also directed to fall over the deeply-parted side in order to generate that unique appearance. Additionally all the hair-tips are not braided but styled sleek and smooth then left to hang freely over her head while the dark hair-color generates perfect contrast with her light skin-tone hence drawing extra attention towards her round face shape.

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