Hair Products And Hair Care Products

| June 7, 2014

Hair is the beauty of a woman thus it needs good care, maintaining and styling. Foe you to be able to achieve this, you need the right hair products which you will use to style your hair to the look you want it to have. In this article, we will share with you the different hair products which are a must have for any lady to care, maintain and style her hair. Be assure also to find the tips on how to care for damaged hair in care the products and tools you used damaged your hair, and the tips on how to start a hair care routine to have good healthy hair.

Hair Products & Hair Care ProductsEach product has the detail info of how it works as we will see in details down this article. Hair care products alone


can’t make woman style her hair perfectly to the desired style. In this I mean you also need styling tools to aid in the styling process. We have categorized and fully the essential hair products and tools which you will need to attain that gorgeous look on your hair. We feature some of the websites and store where you can find and purchase some of these hair products and tools to style your hair. The have essential styling hair products and tools thus no need to worry of where you will find them. Let’s get to the point, below are the essential hair products to have healthy hair and a perfect hairstyle.


Hair Products & Hair Care Products

Hair Products & Hair Care Products


Shampoo is a liquid soap and hair care product mainly used to wash your hair to remove oils, dirt, skin particles, and other related pollutants particles which progressively build up in your hair. Well, the main reason I like about shampoo is that it easily remove all unwanted accumulated particles from the scalp of your head and hair leaving healthy as well as nourished.

There are quite a large variety of shampoo which works best on different hair types and texture. All you need is to choose the shampoo which works best depending on your hair type and texture coz each person’s hair responds different to different products.

Note: Using the wrong shampoo might cause you to suffer from dandruff or have an itchy scalp therefore you should choose one which works best for you to avoid such scenarios to happen to you.


Conditioning your hair is one of the most important hair care practice to keep your hair in its healthy natural conditions. Choosing the right hair conditioner which will work for your hair will entirely depend on the type of your hair. As long as you know your hair type, online stores and store will guide you on choosing the right hair conditioner suit to be used on your hair.

The main purpose for hair conditioner is to change the texture and appearance of your hair so that it looks soft and shiny after washing.


Hair wax is a milky-like gum styling product containing wax which smoothes into paste. It works best on messy hair to !@#$%^&* with holding the hair in case you want to achieve flick and defined layers.


Hair Volumizer mainly ads volume and thickness to your hair which can be either in liquid form or powder depending on the style you want to achieve. Apply it to your hair then use a comb or brush to evenly distribute it to your head or you can just spray it to your brush the brush it through your hair to evenly distribute it to your hair. In case you don’t have a volumizer, you can just tease the back middle section of your hair to add volume and thickness to it.


Hair trimmers and clippers are mainly used for trimming and cutting of your hair. You can get for yourself these hair tools and start cutting and trimming your hair at home. They are easy to use when you follow the manufactures instructions which come with them. Check the links we have provided at the end or bottom of this post to get yourself one at a fairly lower cost.


Hair texturizer is another important hair product which is used by women with different hair types and hairstyles. Texturizer come when they have been formulated for specific hair types such as texturizers for natural hair, texturizers for long hair, texturizer on relaxed hair, and many more.

Hair texturizers are mainly used on curly or kinky hair to straighten it. Hair texturizer will stay on your hair for less time as compared to a hair relaxer.


Hair texture powder is a hair texturizer powder form which add texture to your hair making it soft and shiny.


In seasons such as summer, you might need to protect your hair from sun to avoid it being deprived of its moisture. In this case you need sun care products to help you achieve this. Checkout the links we embedded at the bottom of this post to get the best Sun Care Protective Hair Veil for your hair.


There are some hairstyles which require you to protect your hair from being damaged by heat or UV light. In this case you need heat protection products, thermal protection products or UV hair protectors to protect your hair when using heat tools such as curling iron, straightening iron or flatiron to style your hair to a hairstyle of your own preference.


Hair straightener is a hair styling tool which will help you to straighten your hair to free it from tangles or knots. There are a variety of hair straightening tools from which you can choose your favorite one according to the type of your hair.

Checkout this link for more details:


Something sticky might have dropped on your hair and the only way to remove it gently without damaging your hair is by use of a stain remover. Stain removers come in a spray bottle which you can directly spray to your hair at that point of the stain. Wash your hair with shampoo and hair conditioner after the application of stain remover to leave your hair in its natural conditions.


Details of these remaining hair products and hair care products to be added on soon

  • Shine Enhancer
  • Salt Spray
  • Root Spray
  • Rollers
  • Mousse
  • Moulder
  • Masks
  • Hot Hair Stylers
  • Hairspray
  • Hairdryers
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Brushes
  • Hair Accessories
  • Gel
  • Detangle
  • Finishing
  • Curling Wands/Tongs
  • Curl Definers
  • Crimpers
  • Combs
  • Brush Cleaners Body Spray

Hair Products & Hair Care Products

Hair Products & Hair Care Products



There are scenarios were you will be working on your hair and after styling that’s when you realize that you have actually damaged your hair. Such damaged hair sometimes is unmanageable even if you try to apply the best hair products to make it look trendy. In this write-up, we will share with you of the most important ways to consider when caring for your damaged hair. Remember that the process hair growth takes time thus you should be too careful when styling and trimming your hair to avoid damage due to carelessness.

Hair extensions wigs and weaves are one of the best options to opt for in case you damaged your hair when styling or trimming. These will cover-up all the damages caused to your hair during the styling processes. Personally I would recommend opting for human hair extensions or wigs of the color similar to your natural hair so that they blend with your hair to ensure uniformity so that one can’t realize that you are putting on hair extensions or wigs. In case you don’t like human hair extensions or don’t have any, synthetic extensions or wigs can work as well.

After styling your hair or trimming it and when you look in the mirror you release that it’s damaged, of course at first you will be like OMG WTF……. But I will advise you to “take heart” and think positive and stay confident. The process of restoring back your hair to its proper size and shape will take you a while so you should have that in mind and always think positive.

It will be a good practice to always wash your hair daily with shampoo and hair conditioner. This will enhance and stimulate hair growth faster than washing once in a while. When washing your hair, apply the recommended amounts of shampoo (too little won’t work well for your hair and too much will cause more damage to your hair) then apply hair conditioner during the washing processes. For curly hair, apply and distribute hair conditioner from the roots to the ends of your hair while for wavy and straight hair I would recommended apply conditioner mainly at the ends and middle of your hair strands.

Personally, I would recommend leaving the conditioner in your hair for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. This changes the texture of your hair making it soft, and shiny. After about 10 minutes, brush your hair to evenly distribute the product to your hair then thoroughly rinse your hair with clean water to remove any hair products and residues.

Place a clean dry towel on your head then bend a little so that the towel absorbs all the excess water in your hair. For the mean time, don’t use a blow-dryer to quickly dry your hair as it will reduce on the growth rate of your hair duo to the heat it emits during the drying process. Applying anti-frizz product so that your hair doesn’t frizz when it’s dry

It’s now time to grab your hair brush or comb and gently brush or comb your hair to remove any tangles, knots and make it smooth this will allow you to have nice, smooth and straight hair when it dries up. As I said before, don’t blow-dry your hair, just allow it air dry. You can do this by sitting under a shade and give it sometime (3-4 hours) for it to naturally air dry. The above steps MUST be your daily routine after showering either in the evening, morning or during daytime. If you systematically follow the above directions for about 2-3 weeks on a daily basis, you will start achieving some positive changes about your damaged hair.


Apply protein treatments and deep treatments periodically to your hair as it will rebuild your natural keratin and retain the moisture in your hair.

Avoid the use of heat and chemicals to your hair. In case you want to use products, I would recommend using of alcohol free natural products as they won’t deprive your hair of its natural moisture.

Remember to protect your hair from direct sunlight as it will enable your hair to grow faster. You can achieve this by either wearing a hut or a bandanna.

When styling protective styles will be the best choice as they will protect your hair from breakage and damage, try using rollers in case you want curly hairstyles or braid your hair.

Hair Products and Tools You Will Need

  • Water
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Human or Synthetic Hair Extensions
  • Human or Synthetic Hair Wigs
  • Dry Clean Towel
  • Anti-Frizz Products



Before choosing the hair product you will be using, it’s better to know a few tips on how you should take care of your hair on a daily routine. We will share with you the tips on how to start a hair care routine so that you can maintain good hair.

The most important factor to consider when starting a hair care routine is to consider the texture, and thickness of your hair. This will help you in choosing the right hair products which you will be using when styling your hair. When you choosing just any hair products to apply on your hair, there are many chances of your hair getting damaged by those products. Try to opt for hair products which works best on your hair to maintain your hair in its natural condition. Stick on one product and avoid changing from product to product to reduce on the risk of hair damage.

The diet you have on a daily basis matter a lot in the growth of your hair. Try to maintain a balanced diet with good amounts of proteins and keratin for the increased growth of your hair. This will aid you to have perfect good, healthy hair.

When washing your hair, choose the shampoo and hair conditioner which works best according to the type, texture and thickness of your hair. In doing so, you will maintain your hair soft, smooth and conditioned. Apply the recommended amounts of shampoo and hair conditioner as too much of it will cause hair damage.

Wash your hair on a regular basis. Set your daily routine when washing your hair. It’s recommended to wash your hair after every 2-3 days in case you want it to grow faster. However, you may decide to wash you feel its dirty more especially oily hair which absorbs dirt so easily.

When drying your hair, the best way to dry it is by placing a clean towel around it to absorb excess hair which some people call it blot drying. After the clean cloth absorbing the excess water, allow your hair to naturally dry by air for about 3- 4 days.

To avoid breakage of your hair when applying heat to it, apply heat protection products before using any heat product to heat. I would recommend you to avoid heat tools and chemicals such as curling iron, flatiron, straightening iron, among others as they increase the risk to hair breakage and damage during the styling process.

When going to bed or sleeping, always protect your hair with satin scarf which has a smooth shinny surface which won’t absorb the products and moisture in your hair leaving it dry.

Choose a satin pillow case with a smooth shinny surface as those with surface made from cotton will absorb the moisture in your hair leaving it dry.

Trim your hair when necessary. Don’t just trim your hair coz you saw your friend trimmed his last night. You should have a regular routine for trimming your hair. Use nice, sharp trimming or cutting scissors for a perfect look when trimming.

Hair Products and Tools You Will Need

  • Water
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Satin pillow case
  • Satin scarf
  • Comb
  • Heat protection products
  • Hair brush

 Websites where you can find & buy some of these hair products and hair care products

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