10 Gorgeous Box Braids Hairstyles Ideas

| September 2, 2015

There are several shapes and typed of braids that women can actually wear but box braids are the most common especially amongst black ladies (African American women) because they really make them look unique, cute and beautiful.

Box Braids Hairstyles Wet And WavyBox braids can either be small or big in size and it’s upon the user to choose a braid-size that works perfectly for her.


Personally I am a stylish lady who likes and prefers small box braids coz they really look great on me and make me standout in a crowd of many ladies with different braided hairstyles. Secondary, I like small box braided hairstyles because they can be worn to many different occasions or functions.

One unique thing I like about box braids is that they can be styled alongside other hairstyles such as wavy, curly and sassy hairstyles. In this article however, we have specifically concentrated on box braids hairstyles alongside wet and wavy hair which we strongly believe it will work for all ladies (white, African or African American) with wavy, wet or both wet and wavy.

These box braids look just awesome with a mixture of wavy hairstyles and they will work perfectly for ladies who love wavy and braided hairstyles.


Box Braids Hairstyles ideas

Box braids hairstyles wet and wavy

The pretty black lady featured above has a simple braided hairstyle with a wavy hair texture towards the lower sections.

All the hair at the top crown was twisted into small box braids directed into different directions whereby a few braids were selected from the front and then pushed to the back section while the remaining braids on the sides were left to drop freely on both sides of her head thus creating an amazing, multi-directional braids effect over the head.

The braids transformed into a wavy hairstyle as they approached the lower sections of her head which actually added extra movement and volume to this hairstyle. The wavy hair features wispy tips which create a soft texture while the black hair color contrasted perfectly with this lady’s light skin tone thus making her look extremely attractive and beautiful.


Natural Box Braids Hairstyles ideas

Natural Box braids hairstyles wet and wavy

The gorgeous lady presented in the image above features a unique and stunning box braids hairstyle with wet and wavy on the sides and lower sections. This beautiful African American lady also features natural thick hair which was twisted into box braids at the crown and sides while the rest of the hair at the back was turned into a wavy hairstyle which flows softly below her head with increasing hair volume towards the hair ends creating a triangular shape around her head.

This braided hairstyle with a bump at the top back section and it’s the bump which distributes her hair freely to both sides creating a voluminous and bulky wavy hairstyle that will draw attention on any function.

In terms of color, this braided wavy hairstyle features black tone all over and this color actually offers great contrast with this lady’s light skin tone making her just elegant and perfect for any prom or red-carpet function. Additionally, the black outfit with stripes that this lady is putting-on also matches perfectly with this box braids hairstyle hence making everything about her just perfect.


Trendy Box braids hairstyles ideas

Trendy Box braids hairstyles wet and wavy

Box braids can actually help you achieve an awesome Mohawk hairstyle just like the lady featured above. This African American lady had her hair twisted into box braids on one side up to around the crown section while the hair on the other side was gently curled to generate soft and wet waves which were left to drop freely below her head hence creating an amazing Mohawk like hairstyle that looks trendy and unique.

Because one side contains sleek braids while the other contains voluminous waves, this helps to draw optimum attraction towards this lady’s head and the wavy fringe which slightly covers her forehead will also help to frame out her round face.

The light skin tone of this African American lady helps to create a great contrast with the dark hair color making her entirely look beautiful and attractive for any important occasion. In conclusion, if you really want to get a striking, unique and trendy hairstyle for that prom party, then just tryout this box braided wavy hairstyle and you will be amazed about what people will comment during the occasion.


Colorful Box Braids Hairstyles ideas

Colorful Box braids hairstyles wet and wavy

You can actually decide to get your hair styled into this easy box braids wavy hairstyle and then enhance its overall effect by applying an awesome color just like the lady featured above colored hair.

The above featured pretty African American lady twisted all the hair at the top into smaller box braids which were then center parted and left to drop freely below the head but as these braids were flowing down just around the sides, they transitioned into a wet and wavy hairstyle that continues flowing past the shoulders creating a sexy and attractive long wavy hairstyle in the lower sections of her hair.

The brown hair-color with some blonde traces helped to add movement and dimension to the entire box braids wavy hairstyle while the lighter skin tone sealed up her looks by simply contrasting perfectly with the slightly dark hair color.

If you have been looking for a simple but elegant braided hairstyle with waves, then you have finally landed on this one as we believe it will be the best and perfect choice for you to style and wear to different occasions both casual and formal.


Box Braids Hairstyles ideas With Ponytail

Box braids hairstyles wet and wavy with ponytail

Beyonce is wearing a very simple box braids hairstyle with wavy ponytail that softly drops at the back of her head. This cute braided hairstyle was achieved by simply twisting the hair around the head into box braids up to a medium length then the rest of the hair in the lower sections was left unbraided but styled into gorgeous waves which were secured into a ponytail that was left to freely drop below her back.

This braided wavy hairstyle was enhanced by the different color tones whereby the braided hair contained a brown tone while the wavy ponytail had a dark blonde tone hence creating an amazing color effect over her head. You have to trust us when we assure you that this box braids wavy hairstyle will make you look much younger, prettier and even beautiful than your actual age as compared to most of the other braided hairstyles for women.


Box braids hairstyles ideas for thick hair

Box braids hairstyles wet and wavy for thick hair

The above African American princess had her natural thick hair styled into a long box braids wavy hairstyle which flows past the shoulders to create or form sexy, voluminous waves. The hair was deeply parted at the crown then twisted into box braids which stopped around the ends of the crown section.

The unbraided hair was the turned into soft and gentle waves which were left to flow freely below the head generating a lot of hair volume while adding movement to this braided wavy hairstyle.

The light skin tone of this lady coupled with the white outfit she is wearing helped to add some light to the dark hair color while the waves within this long box braided hairstyle helped to soften her oval face shape. Wana give it a try on your head, feel free to try it out and see how great it will look on you.

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