10 Amazing Goddess Braids Hairstyles

| November 13, 2015

There are many different styles of braided hairstyles in the hairstyle industry today but goddess braided hairstyles are some of the most amazing and striking hairstyles that every woman would like tryout because they give someone a unique and an extremely elegant look.

Goddess Braid Styles With WeaveGoddess braided hairstyles feature different styles ranging from up-do’s to long braids and it’s upon you to select


a hairstyle that will meet your styling needs. Goddess braided hairstyles can be styled by both black and white ladies but in this article we have mostly featured goddess braids hairstyles for black ladies since they look very stunning and gorgeous compared to those of white ladies.

We have tried to select some of the best Goddess Braids Hairstyles that will make any lady look beautiful and eye-catching leaving the ball into your hands to choose a goddess braids style that will make you feel good and beautiful. Come and walk with me as we explore some of the most stunning, sexy, romantic and chic Goddess braids hairstyles which will make you standout in a crowd of many ladies with different updos.

Goddess Braids Hairstyles


Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Goddess braids hairstyles

The African American queen above looks simple and sexy with a bulky goddess braided hairstyle that are high over her head. She had all her hair twisted into box braids and after the braids were gathered and secured into a high bun that sits gently over the crown section while the sides and back sections were left with less braids creating a great contrast between hair volume.

No braids were left to drop below her head which actually helps to keep her braided hairstyle neat while leaving all the facial features visible and this greatly helped to enhance on her overall beauty.

This braided hairstyle for African American women has a dark color tone throughout which generates perfect contrast when put together with her lighter the tone of her skin coupled with pink lipstick she’s wearing.

This braided hairstyle looks more traditional but elegant and simple enough for any black lady to wear when going for an occasion. Wouldn’t you love to charm your look with this kind of super cute and spectacular Goddess braided hairstyle for black women? You can achieve this look or even better by getting a few styling tips from her to recreate your own unique and gorgeous Goddess braided hairstyle.


African American Goddess Braids Hairstyles

African american goddess braids hairstyles

Simplicity is one of the elements to consider if you really want to achieve an amazing goddess braided hairstyle. As you can see, the pretty black woman in the photo above decided to get her hair styled into a simple French braided hairstyle with a hair bun at the back of the head.

All the hair at the crown section was styled smoothly while flowing down to all sides of the head and the hair ends (hair tips) were twisted into an amazing French braid that surrounds the her head and then secured into a huge, braided hair bun that sits gently at the back section of the head.

This simple goddess braids hairstyle also contains a natural black color allover and the dark hair color perfectly contrasts with the white outfit, crystal necklace and earrings she is wearing. This is an all-purpose braided hairstyle that will make you look sexy, beautiful and simple when going for wedding, party, date or even work.


Trendy Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Trendy goddess braids hairstyles

This black lady featured in the photo above made some color variations within her braided hair which in turn made her look lovely, distinctive and stylish. The hair on the sides and back sections was left sleek but secured into a colorful braided bun that covered the entire crown section.

The black and gold earrings she is putting on matched perfectly with the braids making her look like a real African goddess. Allow me conclude by saying that this goddess braided hairstyle looks simple but elegant and beautiful hence you should try it out if you really want to achieve a unique and attractive look on any occasion most especially on weddings.


Colorful Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Colorful goddess braids hairstyles

The lady seen in the picture above has a French braided hairstyle that has been uniquely styled in order to achieve a goddess braids hairstyle. All her hair was gathered and then twisted into huge French braid that gradually reduced in size as it rotated her head and you can notice that the tip of this French braid in extremely small.

There are different tones of color within this hairstyle these include a black color with some light brown traces allover which helped to add some light and dimension to the entire hairstyle while the lighter skin-one still created awesome contrast with dark hair colors drawing extra attention and attraction towards her long face shape.

This simple, colorful goddess braids hairstyle perfectly matched with that office outfit she is wearing but you can as well wear this braided hairstyle when going for simple occasions and you will still look gorgeous and eye-catching.


Goddess Braids Hairstyles With Bun

Goddess braids hairstyles with bun

The sophisticated lady displayed in the picture above features a goddess braided hairstyle whereby most of the hair is styled smooth and straight and the rest of the hair is twisted into a long French-braid that surrounds her entire head while securing the hair at the top into sexy hair bun that rests high at the back section of her head.

The black color within this updo braided hairstyle contrasted well with the colorful earrings and white top she is wearing. This goddess braids hairstyle will surely work flawlessly for any lady going to a prom function because it looks stylish, simple and pretty.


Simple Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Simple goddess braids hairstyles

The beautiful African American lady you see above had her hair styled into huge amazing cornrows that run gently from the front to the back section of the head and then they were secured into a huge braided bun that was positioned in the lower-section at the back of her head.

This lady truly has thick hair and that’s why she was able to achieve such a beautiful goddess braids hairstyle but in case you’re not gifted with naturally thick hair then you can decide to use synthetic-hair or human hair extensions in order to achieve this amazing look.

The natural black color within this braided hairstyle created good contrast with the light color of her skin and scalp thus drawing lots of attention towards her entire head. Surely this braided hairstyle will work well for housewives but you may also decide to have your hair styled like this when going for a simple party or date.

Personally I would opt for this kind of Goddess braided hairstyle because it will look perfect and extremely gorgeous on me as my face shape and hair texture will absolutely make it look super cute.

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