Fastest Animals – The 10 Fastest Animal in the World

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10 Fastest Animals

Kingdom Animalia is a broad kingdom containing many species belonging to different phylum and classes. When God created these animals, he gave them different speeds for different reasons with some animals in the same class being faster than others. In this article we are going to discuss about the fastest animals on the planet.

Fastest Animals - LionIn kingdom Animalia, the Peregrine Falcon is stated as the fastest animal on the planet however, this article is bases


on the fastest animals which belong to class Mammalia, with the cheetah being #1  with a speed of 70 miles per hour. The fastest animals have an added advantage towards their prey because they are capable of moving faster than them. Below is a concise description of the fastest animals on earth planet.



Fastest Animals - Cheetah

The Cheetah is the fastest animal with a top speed between 70 and 75 mph and it has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 3 seconds. With the aid of its top speed, the cheetah is capable of hunting and capturing its prey in the shortest time possible. However despite its speed, this species is among the most endangered species in the world and a significant decrease in its number has been noted and reported over the past five years.

 Pronghorn Antelope

Fastest Animals - Pronghorn Antelope

The pronghorn antelope is the second fastest land animal with a speed of up to 61 miles per hour. When mature, an adult male weighs an average weight of about 54kgs and 42kgs (female average weight).


Fastest Animals - Wildebeest

Wildebeest is a largest antelope and the third fastest animal in the world with a body mass of up to 270 kilograms (kg). Just like the lion and Thomson’s gazelle, the wildebeest has a top speed of 50mph (miles per hour). They are preferred prey of lions, hyenas and crocodiles.


Fastest Animals - Lion

The lion is one of the big cats (second largest cat after Tiger) in the genus Panthera with a weight of over 245 kilograms. However its size doesn’t limit its speed when running which makes it rank the fourth among the top 10 fastest animals in the world with a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

 Cape Hunting Dog

Wild Dog (Cape Hunting Dog)

This species is found only in Africa and when mature an adult weighs about 27kgs (average body weight). The cape Hunting Dog also Called African hunting dog, African wild dog, or painted dog/wolf has a speed of 45 miles per hour. Unlike other dogs, which have five toes on their forefeetCape Hunting Dog is a long-legged canine having only four toes per foot.

 Wild Quarter Horse

Fastest Animals - Wild Quarter Horse

A quarter horse is the fastest horse among all horse breeds; generally the average speed for a quarter horse is about 48 miles per hour but some horse can go up to 55 miles per hour. It out-stood other horse breeds in a quarter mile hence the name “Quarter horse”.

 Grant’s Gazelle

Fastest Animals - Grant's Gazelle

Grant’s gazelle (Swala Granti – Swahili name) is also among the ten fastest animals in the world with a speed of up to 49 to 57 mph. The species is found in the southern parts of Sudan and Ethiopia and the northern parts of Tanzania; which weighs an average weight of 68kgs (Male) and 40kgs (Female).

 Red Fox

Fastest Animals - Red fox

The Red Fox is the largest and fastest among all foxes with a top speed of 77km/hr (kilometers per hour). They live in many different habitats including deserts, mountains, forest and grasslands. They are omnivorous animals feeding on vegetable, fruits, frogs, fish, among others.

 Brown Hare

Fastest Animals - Brown Hare

Brown Hare is the fastest land animal in the UK, and are widely spread throughout the western and central parts of Europe. With the aid of its hind legs, it’s capable of escaping its predators and can run up to a speed of 45mph.


Fastest Animals - Coyote

Coyote is a species also known as Prairie Wolf which is found in the parts of both Central and North America. It is among the 10 fastest animals with a top speed of up to 43 miles per hour.

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