Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

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A wedding ceremony simply refers to a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Everything you need to plan for your wedding, literally wedding dresses, wedding hairstyle, wedding flowers among other. The big task to all wedding couples is the right choice of the wedding dress or wedding gown.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Peacock wedding DressThe nature of the wedding dress, wedding hairstyle, wedding flowers, matters and should be highly considered


during your wedding plan meetings. But as for now the main focus will be at the most expensive, luxurious, and classy wedding dress in the world. Making the right choice of which type of wedding dress to buy for your wedding or as a gift to the bridal may be quite difficult; that’s why we decided to bring to you the best and most expensive, classy wedding dress or wedding gown.

Briefly below is a concise description of the most expensive, luxurious, and classy wedding dress or gowns in the world.

Diamond Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Diamond wedding dress

This wedding dress is so beautiful! How I wish I could afford something like that. Diamond Wedding Dress a luxurious wedding dress was created by Martin Katz Jewelers and Renee Strauss. In history, it has been the most expensive wedding dress ever in the world valued at a whopping $12 million, featuring a spectacular 150 carats worth of diamonds laced throughout the dress.

White Gold Diamond Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - White_gold_diamond_dress

White Gold Diamond Dress is the second most expensive, classy and luxurious dress created by a Japanese designer Yumi Katsura. It’s valued about $8.5 million. Surely if you can’t afford the Diamond Wedding Dress, then White Gold Diamond Dress will be the best choice. It’s really beautiful and stunning and how I wish I could afford to buy one for my fiancée to be.

 Yumi Katsura

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Yumi-Katsura

Yumi Katsura is an eye catching wedding gown with unique silhouettes and fabrications. The Yumi Katsura Spring 2013 is the latest version of Yumi Katsura Spring bridal fashion. This bridal wears best suites people of medium size and height, though fat people can also wear them but they don’t look as perfect as a medium size person.

Peacock Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Peacock wedding Dress

Whether it’s for your Wedding Dress, Bridesmaids, or Prom, nothing looks Spectacular like a Peacock Gown/ Dress. The peacock wedding dress valued $1.5 million was fashioned out of 2,009 pieces of peacock feathers. Just like the name suggests, this expensive wedding dress looks like a peacock and it took eight handicraftsmen 62 days to finish.

 Danasha Luxury Gown

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Danasha Luxury Gown

Just like the Peacock wedding dress, Danasha Luxury Gown is also valued $1.5 million. This expensive wedding dress was created by Fashion designers Jad Ghandour and Danasha Luxury. The dress features lots of airy silver fabric, a belted waistline, and a special handset made of diamonds and 18k gold.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

If you can’t afford any of the above expensive wedding dresses, Kate Middleton Wedding Dress will be the best choice for you because it’s really stunning and can be obtained at a relatively cheaper cost (Valued $416,700). This relatively expensive ivory wedding dress or gown was recently worn on the day of her Royal wedding ceremony with Prince William.

Platinum Wedding Dresses

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Platinum Wedding Dresses

The latest luxury wedding and bridal fashion dress which is eye catching is the Platinum Wedding Dresses. This was the most stunning, beautiful platinum wedding dress in 2007 which valued about $250,000. It’s really nice for an average income earner because it’s cost effective.

Mauro Adami Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Mauro Adami wedding dress

Mauro Adami Wedding Dress is a $400,299 wedding gown which was designed by a famous Italian designer Mauro Adami. Mauro Adami and his creative spirit led to the creation of a unique Mauro Adami Wedding Dress made of 40 meters of fabric spun from silk and platinum thread.

Grace Kelly

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Grace Kelly    $ 300,000

OMG, this is the best and fantastic wedding gown at the cheapest price. The material from which it was made makes it look so fantastic and fabulous making you feel like you are wearing Diamond Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress Bearing 9,999 Karats Of Gems

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses - Wedding dress bearing 9,999 karats of gems

Wedding Dress Bearing 9,999 Karats of Gems is a nice wedding gown designed by a famed Hong Kong jewelry designer which valued about $154,000. Its fabulous design, decorations and the material from which it was made make it look spectacular, being the best perfect wedding gown. Don’t miss if you can to buy any of these wedding dresses/ gowns in the world; either for your wedding or your friend’s wedding as a gift.

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