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The Most Expensive watches in the world

The Most Expensive watches have a collection of art works or are looked at as jewelry rather than devices which are to tell time only.

The Most Expensive watches are either worn on the wrist (wrist watches) or attached on a chain and put in the pocket and in whichever case, they may display day, date, month and year. These Expensive watches may even provide other time related functions like timers, alarm functions and sometimes GPS functions.

Most Expensive Watches - Patek Philippe’s Platinum World TimeThe process or mechanism that measures the passage of time and displays the current time and possibly other

information including date, month and day is called a Movement.  In watch making, movements are of three categories namely, entirely mechanical, entirely electronic (potentially with no moving parts), and a blend of the two. With that overview about watches, let us look at the top 10  most expensive watches in the world and the list is as follows.

Jaeger LeCoultre


Series of Jaeger LeCoultre watches are made in stainless steel, and features a self-winding automatic movement with dual time zone GMT and power reserve indicators. They are highly sought after and respected expensive watch brand for men, which represent the union of functionality, quality, and artistry.

Jaeger LeCoultre is recognized to be the top producer of Swiss movements and have been the supplier of movements for other famous watch brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. It also offers an excellent quality of gentlemen’s and ladies’ models of watches in steel, titanium, solid gold, and platinum. Master Compressor, Reverso Grande Date, Reverso Lady, Reverso Grande GMT, Master Date, Master Geographic, Reverso Automatique, Reverso Gran Sport are some of the popular watches offered by Jaeger LeCoultre.

Most Expensive Watches - Jaeger LeCoultre

Carat Chopard

This expensive 201 carats Chopard Watch is a 201 carats timepiece decorated with three heart-shaped diamonds i.e. a 15-carat pink diamond, an 11-carat white diamond, a 12-carat blue diamond in addition to the 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds. This brings the total to 201 carats of diamonds from which it derives its name. This is the most expensive watch in the world which costs a whopping $25 million! This watch-bracelet comes with a trio of heart-shaped diamonds and all of which open with a spring-loaded mechanism.

Most Expensive Watches - Carat Chopard

Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication

Patek Philippe Super complication is the world’s most expensive pocket watch with 18 carat gold, which was manufactured by Patek Philippe and the company. Graves was in competition with his fellow watch collectors to own a watch which had the most complications in the world and Patek Philippe Super complication was the ultimate solution which guaranteed Graves to win the contest.

In horology, the term complication refers to a mechanical feature beyond the hours, minutes and seconds movement. It took Patek Philippe over five years to design and manufacture the 900 parts that make up this watch.

Other watch manufactured by the Patek Philippe & Co is the Patek Philippe platinum tourbillon wristwatch which made the world record as the most expensive modern wristwatch sold at Hong Kong Sotheby’s for HK$11.75 million ($1.49 million US).

Most Expensive Watches - Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication

Louis Moinet – Meteoris

Louis Moinet-Meteoris unites the most legendary meteorites and portrays the solar system in a remarkable fashion. This expensive watch is composed of four tourbillons and a new form of planetarium. “Meteoris” TOURBILLONS 1st “Meteoris” Tourbillon: Mars This tourbillion presents a meteorite from the planet Mars, finely inlaid into a hand-engraved dial and adorned with an astrolabe-type appliqué, serving as a reminder of the ties between man and the cosmos. This is a world first, since no stone from Mars had ever yet been used in watch making.

Most Expensive Watches - Louis Moinet – Meteoris

Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time is a unique men’s platinum wristwatch manufactured by Patek Philippe. Unlike Patek Philippe’s other watch models, this timepiece didn’t have a long list of components and complicated functionalities. It was first bought to notice when it was sold at an auction in 2002, and became the most expensive watch, later to be overtaken by many other timepieces. Luxurious features included the platinum chassis, 24 time zones and the special leather straps.

The Platinum World Time created was sold at auction for over US $4 million in 2002. It is believed that only one was created and, at the time, it was the most expensive wristwatch in the world.

Patek Philippe had produced all of the ten most expensive watches in the world. The company, headquartered in Geneva, made their first wristwatch in 1868. They had already made a name for themselves prior to that, however, by providing watches to Queen Victoria herself in 1851. Other notable customers include Pope Pius IX, a king and queen of Denmark, an Italian king and Saddam Hussein’s son-in-law.

Most Expensive Watches - Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time

Cartier – Secret watch with phoenix decor

This watch manufactured by Cartieris shaped like a phoenix. It is made of 18 carat rhodium plated white gold with emeralds for eyes and one pear-shaped portrait cut diamond weighing 3.53 carats. This watch is part of the Merveille du Nil de Cartier collection and is covered with 3,010 diamonds, totally 80.13 carats.

Cartier Secret watch’s first appearance took place in April, 2010 and it is valued at $2,775,000

Most Expensive Watches - Cartier

Franck Muller

Franck Muller timepieces are famous for their fusion of modern style, mostly inspired by American watches from the thirties, like Elgin tonneau, and traditional Swiss watch manufacturing.  This brand of watches carries the slogan “Master of Complications” and it is worn by various celebrities, among them are Jose Mourihno, 50 Cent, Elton John, Demi Moore, and Robin Williams

Most Expensive Watches - Franck Muller

Armigiani Fleurier – Fibonacci Pocket Watch

Parmigiani Fleurier Fibonacci pocket watch is a pocket watch created by Swiss watch manufacturer, Parmigiani Fleurier. The Fibonacci pocket watch features mother-of-pearl counters and a white gold dial. Its casing is decorated with enameling of a lotus flower, designed to mimic Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio. Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio is represented by the snail shape; a theme continuously used in the watchmaker’s other designs.

The watch has complications such as a minute repeater with cathedral chimes and a perpetual calendar. The timepiece is available by special order from the Parmigiani Fleurier manufacturers, and the process can take up to two years at a cost of $2,400,000. Michel Parmigiani founded the company in 1975 in Fleurier, Switzerland.

Most Expensive Watches - Parmigiani Fleurier – Fibonacci Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

Most Expensive Watches - Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon is a luxurious expensive watch made of a platinum case, royal blue dial made of diamond. This luxurious expensive watch is resistant to water to 30 meters. If you are looking for a power standby watch, then look no more because Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon has roughly 100 hours of power reserve.

Most Expensive Watches - Ulysse Nardin – Royal Blue Tourbillon

Hublot Black Caviar Bang

Using a constant variety of black tones, luxury watchmaker Hublot has clear clarified the term “invisible visibility” with the Black Caviar Bang luxury watch. This is a million dollar expensive watch which is scratch-proof, anti-allergenic, elegance and reliable. Black Caviar Bang luxury watch is made of diamond and white-gold which makes it 30% lighter than steel.

Most Expensive Watches - Hublot Black Caviar Bang

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