Most Expensive Clothing Brands

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Most expensive fashion Brands and style fashion wear. Many people wonder, get confused and almost fail to choose which clothing brand best suits them. This dilemma of failing to choose the best style fashion wear is no more because this article will express and explain precisely the best fashion and clothing brands in the world.

Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Marc JacobGirls and women, fashion is our bride, don’t be left behind, wake-up and become stylish by choosing any of these


fashion and expensive clothing brands. Oh Guys no one loves surprises more than women especially during their birthday, just try surprising her with any of these fashion clothing brands trust me she will all be yours. However, these fashion clothing brands are expensive, costly and luxurious; therefore you should have enough bucks on you to afford any of these clothing brands. Briefly let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive clothing brands in the world.



Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Gucci

Gucci is the top most expensive clothing Brand which not only has the ability to attract, but also to evoke certain memories. This Clothing Brand is the biggest selling brand in Italy and in some parts of the United States. Gucci is an Italian fashion and goods label owned by a French company PPR. This Clothing Brand makes about 5.28402 billion U.S. dollars annually.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Chanel

Channel is one of the most recognized labels all over the world. This is a fashion house founded by the late couturier Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, specializing in haute couture, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. This expensive cloth brand has its headquarters in Paris France which make about 2282 Million dollars a year.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Prada

Just like Gucci, Prada is also an Italian fashion brand founded by Mario Prada dealing in luxurious commodities for both ladies and gentlemen. This clothing brand first started as a leather goods shop and later developed into a recognized company all over the world. An estimate of about 2713 million U.S dollars revenue was made in 2010.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Armani

No other clothing brand best matches with the youth like Armani, this Italian and internationally recognized clothing company  was founded by  a famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani dealing in a wide collection of both men and women products such as, Luxurious cosmetics, clothes, make up, skincare, perfumes, among others.

Marc Jacobs

Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Marc Jacob

Marc Jacobs is the best clothing brand in America founded by an American fashion designer Marc Jacobs. This clothing brand consists of a collection of many women’s, children’s and men’s products and accessories like bags, watches, designer’s wear, and shoes, among others. Hey don’t be left behind, become stylish by choosing this luxurious and expensive American clothing brand. Visit their website to check out their brands


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Dior

Are you looking for the best clothing brand which can provide you with all what you need to be a stylish, congratulation Dior is your ultimate answer. Dior is a French fashion clothing brand offering a variety of fashion products and accessories to both men and women. For instance, if you are looking for eye care, face skincare, body care, leather goods, shoes ready to wear or haute couture, the look no more because Dior is the best clothing brand to find all these and many more.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Guess

Guess is an American expensive clothing brand which deals with many men and women’s jeans, clothes and accessories such as watches, jewelry and perfumes. You might be a little jumbled about what to wear or what not to wear when going for different occasions? Guess is the best teacher. Check out on their products, services and accessories.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Versace

Versace is an Italian fashion company with its trade name established by Gianni Versace in 1978. This Italian clothing brand offers a variety of products including, women and men’s fashion and accessories, eye-wear, watches and jewelry, mobile phones, among others.


Most Expensive Clothing Brands - Valentino

Valentino is an Italian fashion company founded by an Italian fashion designer Valentino. Valentino offers clothing products which includes jackets and coats, T-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts and many more.

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