Most Dangerous Jobs – The Dangerous, Hazardous and Deadly Jobs

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Most Dangerous Jobs

There are many ways of earning a living, which includes the risks of putting our lives in danger. Many professionals have taken up advantage (many people fear to risk) in these most dangerous jobs in order to earn a living. Some of these dangerous jobs pay well but leaves a great healthy concern to the workers and many deaths have been reported for over years.

Most Dangerous Jobs - Police OfficerAs professionals say that the worst thing in life is the fears to take a risk and the best thing in life is to take the risk


and face the consequences. Personally I would prefer taking a risk irrespective of how dangerous the jobs may be.  Such jobs can change our standards of living because they surely pay well and many people have taken advantage coz they realized opportunities where other people comprehended risks or danger. Below is a brief review of the 10 most dangerous, hazardous jobs in the world.



Most Dangerous Jobs - Fisherman

Fishing is a good job on conditionally that the waters are stable. Otherwise this is the most dangerous job with a high mortality rate due to drowning, as a result of heavy storm, dangerous sea animals like crocodiles. I guess this is the reason as to why fish these days is expensive because these fishermen risk their lives on water fishing all day and all night.


Most Dangerous Jobs - Pilot

Aircraft Pilot is one of the most paying jobs ($118,000 annual salary) but the most dangerous job because if something goes wrong during the flight; the only option left is praying to God that he takes your soul for eternal life. Many airplane crashes (due to bad weather and other factors) have been witnessed and during the flight it’s God in control because the pilot has no powers without God’s guidance.


Most Dangerous Jobs - Roofer

If there is a job which sucks in my life, being a roofer really sucks. This is a dangerous job which puts your life at risk climbing roofs of different heights which may be slippery and you might fall off the roof in case of any mistake made and trust me there are fewer chances that you will survive.

Body Guard

Most Dangerous Jobs - Body Guard

OMG, what I hate in life is being a human shield; this is the main role for a body guard. This job is dangerous because in case of any attack to the person you are guarding, you have to sacrifice your life first and many body guards have been killed in the attempt to protect their employers. This dangerous job sucks especially when you are attacked and you have to protect (human shield) your employer and end up being killed.

Bomb Squad

Most Dangerous Jobs - BombSquad

Bomb squad is a very risky job especially when deactivating a bomb with the technology and design you have never seen (a bomb that you have no knowledge about it) because any slight mistake puts your life at risk. This job requires experienced and accurate personals because it’s a no-mistake job (any mistake made results into death).


Most Dangerous Jobs - Miner

A Miner is a professional who works in mines. Healthy is our responsibility, we determine our body healthy but this dangerous job has left many healthy concerns to many people who have worked in mines for over years. And besides our life is our wealthy but this job puts a great risk in retarding/ reducing on our lifespan. That’s not the only reason as to why this job is dangerous, it also takes lives miners in case of any accident under the mines and many deaths have been reported as a result of accidents in mines across the world.


Most Dangerous Jobs - Firefighter

Firefighters are responsible to put off fire. They are peaceful and almost help everyone, but this job puts their lives at a risk. Saving people and property in burning houses is the most risky and dangerous thing to do, but as a professional firefighter, it’s their joy to save lives and property when such incidents occurs.

Police Officer

Most Dangerous Jobs - Police Officer

Now here comes the most restless and stressful job “Police Officer”. A police officer is responsible to maintain law and order in the country (how dangerous could that be?). Many incidents of riots have left many Police Officer dead in different countries in attempt to keep law and order. This job is dangerous especially when it comes to fighting violent crimes (robbery, homicides, etc.) putting their lives at risk.

Refuse Collector

Most Dangerous Jobs - Refuse Collector

Refuse Collector moves from houses to house, street to street collecting garbage. There is nothing hazardous like lifting garbage of all kinds all day long; otherwise it’s quite a good paying job paying about $36,000 medium annual salary with 26 per 100,000 death rates.

Trucker Driver

Most Dangerous Jobs - Trucker Driver

Trucker Driver are professionals who collect, carry and deliver goods to their final destinations. In their journey they face many challenges which include robbery, bad roads, reckless driving, constant or restless driving, accidents and some drivers said that it’s tiresome especially when driving long distances.

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