Most Dangerous Dogs

| February 1, 2013

Most Dangerous Dogs are dogs considered to be potentially hazardous in certain circumstance. However, some dogs are more dangerous than others depending on the way one trains his/her dog.

Most Dangerous Dogs - PitBullsAccording to American veterinary medical association, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the


Humane Society of the United States research,the following where sorted out to be the 10 most dangerous dogs ever depending on the injuries they caused, and number of people they killed in the past years.

Presa Canario

Most Dangerous Dogs - Presa Canario

Presa are aggressive and highly dangerous towards other dogs, humans, and other animals. However, Presa requires proper and professional training and socialization, to reduce on its aggressiveness.  Later it can be socially associated with homes with other dogs, cats, children.

Note: according to wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, information shows that; Presa Canario and mastiff-crosses owned by Marjorie Knoller and Robert noel killed a 33 year old Diane Whipple of San Francisco in 2001. And A 30 year-old Florida woman, Shawna Willey was killed by her own dog, Presa Canario in 2006.

Pit Bulls

Most Dangerous Dogs - PitBulls

Courageous and fearless dog mostly used as a guard dog by many families. It is the second most dangerous dog and many restrictions have been put to the bread due to the well-publicized incidences involved with the pit bull dog. According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study shows that 76 people were killed by Pit bull over a period of 24 years. This report was compiled and released in 2000. 


Most Dangerous Dogs - Rottweiler

It’s an obedient and courageous dog usually used as home guard dog. The Guarding instincts and exceptional strength are its dangerous behavior. According to CDC report (1997) on Dog Bite Related Fatalities (DBRF), Rottweiler killed 29 people in 20 years.

German shepherd

Most Dangerous Dogs - German Shepherd

It’s an Intelligent and active dog mostly used by Police Officers. However this dog can be dangerous is not socialized correctly and may attack the family where it stay (a well know territorial behavior). Otherwise it a very good Dog and can be used as a pet.


Most Dangerous Dogs - Huskies

A highly dangerous, intelligent and obedient dog affectionate with people and if well trained it can make a very good pet. They are well known for their howl behavior on a stranger rather than barking like other dogs. 

Alaskan Malamutes

Most Dangerous Dogs - Alaskan Malamutes

It is the largest of the Arctic dogs with a plumed tail and has a hereditary basis of living in the harshest environment possible. They helped Humans in various activities such as hunting, working and as companions. Its behaviors however are changed to imitate with “survival of the fittest”.  These dogs are more intelligence, which makes then more difficult dogs to train.

 Doberman Pinscher

Most Dangerous Dogs - Doberman Pinscher

Doberman originally was a vicious and aggressive dog commonly used as a guard but to day their aggression has been turned down and now they are very good house dogs with good temperament and loyal to its family members. Best as pet dog

Chow Chow

Most Dangerous Dogs - Chowchow

The Chow Chow was developed in China; it’s commonly used as pet dog and well known of its suspicious behavior to strangers (good at protecting family member).


Most Dangerous Dogs - Boxer

Boxer is the 9th most dangerous dogs among the top 10 most dangerous dogs. It’s an intelligent dog, friendly and noble as a pet. However if it’s provoked will be the most dangerous of all breads. The advantageous merit about Boxer is that it’s Skeptical to strangers.



Finally the Most Dangerous Dog among the 10 Most Dangerous Dogs Is Dalmatian. Dalmatian is also an active and intelligent dog. Though it’s not all that dangerous because little/ no information about its Dog-bite-related fatalities. It has a tendency of backing to scare off stranger. This is the best House dog.

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