Most Dangerous Animals

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The 10 most dangerous animals in the world; People say and believe that animals are the best man’s friend, which is right but any animal can be dangerous at some point and can inflict pain, injure to humans. That’s the main reason as to why we decided to write this article about the world’s most dangerous animals because it might be quite hard and confusing to tell the deadliest animals. Reports show that some of these deadly animals have claimed lives of many people across the globe and they should therefore be handles with maximum care.

most dangerous animals - SharkSome of these animals seem to be friendly and will not cause harm unless you disturb it and others though not


disturbed will cause harm i.e. might come after you with the intention of injuring or killing you and be used as food hence claiming your life. Therefore we should be very careful about these deadliest animals. Briefly let’s take a look at the 10 most dangerous, deadly, and deadliest animals in the world.

Venomous Snake

most dangerous animals - venomous snake Taipan

I used to love snakes when I was young till the day it bite my little sister and she died on the way when mom was taking her to the hospital. The Venomous snake is the most dangerous, deadliest and poisonous of all animals and when bitten by Venomous snake, without immediate medical attention one might die in less than six hour. It has venom glands and particular teeth for injecting venom in the victim’s blood stream. Never play, joke with Venomous snakes because without immediate medical attention after it bites you, you will be dead in less than 6 hours. It’s really dangerous and a deadly animal.


most dangerous animals - Scorpion

A Scorpion is a small but poisonous creature which lives mainly in hot countries. This creature is very deadly because it can give a poisonous sting (bite) which can lead to death. Many kids usually like to play with small insects like millipedes, centipedes, scorpions; but parents we should be careful and not to let our children to play with such small insects because you may never know which one in particular they are playing with. Scorpion for instance with just one sting, and delay to give medication may lead to death of our beloved children.


most dangerous animals - Crocodile

A Crocodile is a large reptile which lives in water mainly in rivers, lakes, and oceans. This reptile is the most dangerous and deadliest among all reptiles. It has a hard skin which enables it to turn boots sailing on water and kills, swallows and eats humans. Some Crocodile are able from lakes and rivers to the land to look for food. Crocodile in some parts of Africa (Uganda) hunted people from their homes and killed a great number of humans. I don’t think these deadly Crocodiles are friendly at any point.

Big Cats

most dangerous animals - Big cats

Most of the animals that belong to the cat family (lion, tiger, and leopard) are dangerous. The big cats in this category, we focus and consider the tigers and the leopard. These are dangerous carnivorous wild animals with the fastest speed to capture and kill their prey and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Anyway some people say that some big cats are friendly but as we said before any animal can be dangerous at some point. In the 1990s’ these big cats used to be in big numbers but recent reports shows that they are among the 10 most endangered animals in the world.


most dangerous animals - Hippopotamus

A Hippopotamus may seem not to be dangerous, however if disturbed it might be the most dangerous animal you have ever seen. It’s a large African animal with dark skin which mainly habits in lakes and rivers, which will only become dangerous if tampered with. With its heavy weight, when it puts you to the ground and steps on you with its short legs, trust me that will be your last breath on this planet earth.


most dangerous animals - Lion

Here comes the deadliest king of the jungle. This so called “king of the jungle” is the largest and most powerful animal in the cat family always ready to attack and kill. They usually move in groups making them more dangerous when encountered or when they hunt for prey. The lion is dangerous and should not be tempered with unless you are a trained animal ranger because they are very powerful, strong, fast and aggressive.


most dangerous animals - Jellyfish

Unless you know how dangerous a Jellyfish is? But just looking at it you may not be able to tell that a Jellyfish is also a dangerous sea creature. A Jellyfish is the most dangerous sea creature which can give a sharp painful sting using its long thin sharp tentacles. If you are a good fun of the sea better be careful with Jellyfish because they are dangerous and deadly.


most dangerous animals - Bear

I used to think that bears where not all that dangerous till when I can across a certain article detailing how dangerous a bear is and how dangerous it can be. Just from the pictorial point of view a bear isn’t a friendly animal. There are reports showing the deaths and injuries caused by bears in different parts of the world. OMG I can’t just imagine the pain the lady in the picture above had; bears are strong, muscular, and powerful and should be avoided especially when in their habitat or territory.


most dangerous animals - Shark

A Shark is a large sea fish which mainly attack humans when swimming or when seated at the edge of the boot. They are very dangerous and too protective/ defensive to themselves. They have a pointed fin on their backs as a means of self-defense. Just be careful not to be attacked by a Shark because it has very sharp teeth and can tier you into tiny pieces.


most dangerous animals - Gorilla

A Gorilla is a friendly animal conditionally you don’t tempered with it. But if tempered with, it’s the most dangerous animals.  It’s very large, strong and might use its strength against you. It’s an African wild animal which is protective and aggressive to its habitat  Gorillas live in the tropical and mountainous parts of Africa.

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