10 Cute Braided Hairstyles For Kids

| September 2, 2015

Braided hairstyles have become trendy these days coz of their versatility compared to other long and short hairstyles. I asked myself a question five years ago why do most kids love braided hairstyles.

Cute Braided Hairstyles For KidsI think it’s because braids give them a chance to look just like mothers and the truth is that braids really make kids


look remarkable and charming compared to other types of hairstyles. braided hairstyles on the other hand can also be styled in different ways whether you have short or long hair and you can even enhance you braided hairstyle by adding extra accessories to it like beads, hair-bands and much more.

Likewise, braiding your kid’s hair will help to ensure that her hair grows faster and more healthy with less usage of hair-products which may have side-effects to your kid. Allow me invite you to walk with me as we explore the list of some of the trending and amazing braided hairstyles for kids and trust me if you go through this post till the end, you won’t fail to get that particular braided hairstyle for kids which has caught your eyes.

Braided Hairstyles For Kids


Braided hairstyles for kids

Braided hairstyles for kids

The little kid featured above had her hair styled into a unique and well-defined braided hairstyle which runs gently from the front to back and then secured into simple ponytail. All the hair on the sides, tops and back sections was twisted into tight big braids which are close to her head and running from the front to the back section.

It was later secures with a color hair band leaving the remaining braided hair to fall gently over back in form of a ponytail. You may use any color of hairband or elastic to secure the braided into a high ponytail, low ponytail or two separate ponytails on either sides of the heads depending on the design you want to create on your little princess.

The wide spaces within the braids expose this kid’s light skin-tone under which will help to create an awesome contrast with her black hair color hence drawing optimum attraction towards her entire head. I strongly believe that this braided hairstyle for kids is a gentle and smooth braided hairstyle that will make any little girl look beautiful and lovely for either school or a day out with parents. Give it a try on your little princess and you will wait for the compliments from friends and other people.


Braided hairstyles for white kids

Braided hairstyles for white kids

This little, white kid actually features a unique and lovely braided hairstyle which looks so simple and casual to wear. Her hair is center parted and left to fall gently on both sides and at the back.

The hair at the top styled sleek and smooth using a brush and the rest of the hair that drops off her head was secured and twisted into lovely braids that drop freely below her head. On top of that, the hair-tips were not braided in order to create a textured effect within this hairstyle.

In fact, this braided hairstyle is so simple to create and if you have been looking fora braided hairstyle that won’t consume a lot of your time during the styling process, then just try this easy braided hairstyle on your kid.


Braided Hairstyles With Beads For Kids

Braided hairstyles with beads for kids

This pretty, little-girl features a black-toned braided hairstyle which was styled in different directions in order to create a stylish and trendy effect. Her hair was turned into braids that run from the front to back and then secured to create a lovely side ponytail which falls gently below the head on one-side.

This braided hairstyle was enhanced by adding some colorful beads towards the hair ends which actually helped to add some light to the black braided hairstyle hence drawing extra attention towards this little-girls head.

Because most little-girls love colorful accessories like beads, this braided hairstyle with beads will actually be a dream come true for most of these kids. In conclusion, this braided hairstyle ensures that no hair drops over the face making you kid feel free when playing or learning and this means that it is the right braided hairstyle for your kid.


Braided Hairstyles With Ponytail For Kids

Braided hairstyles with ponytail for kids

When it comes to white girls or kids, looking for a simple and easy hairstyle to create braided hairstyle is the first element. The pretty kid presented in the picture above actually features a very simple braided hairstyle with a ponytail but it may take you some good time to notice that her hair is braided because the braids have been diffused into well-styled hair.

This hairstyle is also gently parted at the top-section in order to push some hair forward to create the simple fringe that slightly covers the forehead while the rest of the hair runs at the back and it is twisted into a simple, French braid that runs on the sides and then turns into a long-braid which is secured with the rest of the hair at the back so as to create that long and lovely ponytail which falls over the kid’s back.

Her hair features a dark-brown color which contrasts well with her light skin while the rough hair-texture helps to enhance on volume although she has fine hair. Are you a white or African American lady who is looking for a simple braided hairstyles which your kid can wear to school? Then I think this will be the best choice for you.


Braided hairstyles for kids with fine hair

Braided hairstyles for kids with fine hairIn case your kid has fine hair but she really wants her hair to be turned into braids, then this braided hairstyle will work for her. As you can see, the pretty girl in the photo above had her fine hair twisted into small braids that run smoothly over the head and then secured into a braided ponytail which was left to drop gently below one-side of her head.

The braids are so small and close to her head and it is only braided ponytail that will help you notice that this is a braided hairstyle. Your kid will actually love this braided hairstyle because it leaves all facial features within sight hence drawing extra attention towards the face.

In conclusion, this hairstyle looks simple and cute whereby your kid can even have it when going to school, during playing-time and when doing other activities.


Simple Braided hairstyles for white kids

Simple Braided hairstyles for white kids

The white girl featured in the picture above has a long sassy hairstyle with a single long braid that rotates around her head separating the hair at the top from that in the lower section.

This hairstyle actually has a rough texture throughout coupled with a dark-brown color which adds extra dimension, movement and even contrasts perfectly with her light skin-tone. All in all, this braided hairstyle will work for kids with long, fine-hair who wish to apply some braids to their hair.

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