Cufflink – How To Wear Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are the stable of small men’s wear dressing. Men are not generally learnt of wearing too much jewelry or too many accessories except for ties and watches. A Cufflink is a kind of a little symbol of smart dressing for men coz cuff linked shirts look great with cuffs on adding style to the outfit. Cufflinks are fasteners worn by men and women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a shirt or blouse. Before getting to know how to wear Cufflinks, you should note that Cufflinks were designed to be worn with shirts and blouses with buttonholes on both side. You can’t wear Cufflinks with a shirt that has buttons and one hole at the other side.

Fixed Backing Cufflink - How To Wear CufflinksThere are many different types of Cufflinks that you can go for to suit your personality and type of shirt you’re


planning to wear. Cufflinks are fantastic for women’s wear as well. Women are wearing more double cuffed shirts these days and Cufflinks are not only great for men but they are also fantastic for ladies as well.

You do not have to be a senior executive to wear Cufflinks; I wear my Cufflinks when I feel like adding style to my outfit to look splendid. You can wear Cufflinks with a tie or with no tie, with a suit or without a suit. When you feel like throwing it on, throw on with a French-cuff shirt.


Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks


Choose the Right Shirt

You can wear Cufflink with either French cuff shirts or with Double Cuff shirts. Shirts which have buttons with one hole on one side can’t be worn with Cufflinks. French cuff shirts and Double Cuff shirts have long cuffs with holes on each side. It’s through the hole that you can fix the Cufflinks.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Choose the Right Cufflinks

After selecting your stylish French cuff or Double Cuff shirt, match them with basic Cufflinks such as those made of silver and decorated with black or blue stones. Silver is like white color, it’s a neutral color that will match with almost every French cuff or double cuff shirt. You can go for other colors and try them on to see if they match with the shirt to avoid clashing the trend.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Fold the Cuffs

Fold the cuffs back to enable you close the cuff with your Cufflink. Line up the buttonholes on the shirt arms so that they form a net even line at the end of the sleeves.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Grip the Cuffs Together

Hold the two open ends of the cuff together so that the two sides lay flat away from the wrist.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Line Up the Buttonholes

Ensure that the buttonholes of the cuff lineup. This will enable you close the cuff with the Cufflinks with ease.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Push the Cufflink Through

After lining up the buttonholes of the cuff insert the Cufflink and open the swivel bar to secure the Cufflink in place and to hold the shirt cuffs together. Make sure that the design on your Cufflink faces outwards. In case its facing inwards, remove and fix it from the opposite end. You’re now done. You can now teach others about how you wore your Cufflink.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks


I have ever been in a situation when l left home without Cufflinks. I realize when I was already at work yet I had to chair a meeting. Therefore I was forced to go down the street look for a pair of Cufflink to appear splendid before the council members.

Quite frankly Cufflinks these days are considered to be jewelry for both men and women. They can be expensive especially when you didn’t plan for them. Therefore if you need to get cheap Cufflinks, better try these options.

NOTES: Tips On How To Get Cheap Cufflinks

  • If you are planning to buy Cufflinks and want to buy them cheaply, go to a craft store. Craft stores sell Cufflinks cheaper as compared to jewelry shops. There you will get the same Cufflinks sold expensively in other jewelry store. I got my Cufflinks at only $1 dollar from a downtown store and they gave me one more pair free.
  • Try the alternative option of buying replacement buttons of jeans or overalls. This worked well for my friend. These buttons have a tack at the back which you will fix through the button hole of your French cuff shirt to secure and hold the shirt cuffs together.
  • Alternatively, you can hold the buttons for some time to secure the cuffs enough to catch and stay. You can now forget about your Cufflinks and permanently opt for dungarees and jean buttons.

There are many ways of killing a rat, don’t look outdated or unfashionable without Cufflinks on your French or double cuff shirt. Opt for any of the above options for a splendid outfit.

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks



There are many different types of Cufflinks available in different designs. Many Cufflinks are ideal for a daily wear while others are designed and suited to be worn on different occasions. Cufflinks with a diamond design are perfect to be worn to a wedding or teamed with business suits.

Cufflinks are in different categories. There are six different categories of Cufflinks from which you can choose your favorite design according to your personality. Irrespective of the difference in their design and category, you follow the same steps and procedure when wearing them as fully described above. However, there might be some which are difficult to wear that you have to figure out on you own and sometimes ask for help from an experienced person.

Bullet Back Closure Cufflink: This is the commonest and easiest type of Cufflink worn by many people and famous fashion designers. This Cufflink secures the cuffs tightly and can’t loosen easily. They are relatively at a fair price as compared to other Cufflinks.

Bullet Back Closure Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Fixed Backing Cufflink: The material from which the post and the backing are made from is the same. They are made from a high quality material which doesn’t easily tear and wear. Choosing these Cufflinks may require more work when dressing them coz the backing does not bend or move in any way. The backing not moving in any way makes them securely fit when properly dressed.

Fixed Backing Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Whale Back Closure Cufflink: This is the type of Cufflink for all beginners to practice from when learning how to wear Cufflinks. Whale Back Closure was designed with a straight post and a flat backing which you can flip when fixing the Cufflink into the cuff buttonholes. You can then flip back to secure and hold the cuff tightly. The reason as to why I don’t like these Cufflinks is that they can easily flip flat and fallout of the cuff holes unnoticed. I think they are the cheapest Cufflinks that are readily available on the streets and in local jewelry stores.

Whale Back Closure Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Chain Link Cufflink: This type of Cufflink is connected with a chain link between two sides. It’s quite difficult to dress a chain link Cufflink and may require help when fixing the chain. They are the original form of Cufflinks worn especially by English people coz it gives them a sophisticated look at both sides of the cuff. Personally if am to opt for a chain link Cufflink, it will be because of its looser cuff it gives or permits.

Chain Link Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Reversible Cufflink: These are Cufflinks that are designed at the back end. Unlike other Cufflinks, reversible Cufflinks allow a quick style change giving you the chance to switch which end to show on the main side. Both sides of the Cufflink have different designs making you have two different Cufflinks in one (it’s a 2 in 1 Cufflink).

Reversible Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Ball Return Cufflink: Just like the reversible Cufflink, ball return Cufflink has design of ball of silver or gold at the back end. The balls are more attractive providing a unique style to the outfit. Ball return Cufflink provides a looser cuff just like the chain link cuff. However, ball return cuffs are easy to wear (put on without any help) as compared to the chain link Cufflink.

Ball Return Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

In conclusion, wear Cufflinks that matches with the type of occasion you are dressing for and one which complements and flatters your attire. You can’t wear bright and large Cufflinks to a formal occasion.

  • Put the Cufflink in the cuff buttonholes before dressing your shirt to easily secure and fix them.
  • When you are shopping or buying Cufflinks use online store because they have a variety of Cufflinks in different designs and categories with detailed info about each Cufflink giving you a variety to choose from.
  • Cufflinks are the best gifts to give to your friend whom you don’t know his or her fashion test and preference (personality).

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks

Cufflink - How To Wear Cufflinks


Now that Cufflinks are fantastic for men & women’s wear, I want to know what you think of them. Are you a fun of the French cuff shirts (double cuff shirts), or shirts with button and one buttonhole?

Would you wear cuff shirts and blouses with feminine accessories and rock them for a stylish look?

Do you think double cuff shirts and blouses will be in style for a long time or go “out” soon?

Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on how to wear French cuff (double cuff shirts) and double cuff blouses. Share your stylish ideas with us and the rest of the readers. Humbly use the commenting box below to voice out your opinion(s). You can comment using Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

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