10 Head Turning Cornrow Braided Hairstyles

| September 16, 2015

Cornrows are actually a common braided hairstyle among ladies most especially black ladies or African American ladies. What I have notice about cornrow braided hairstyles for black women is that it makes someone to look younger than their actual age and also look extremely stunning compared to other braiding styles.

Cute Cornrow braided hairstylesCornrow braided hairstyles can also be modified in order to achieve a specific appearance and most of the featured


cornrow braided hairstyles look great on either thick or fine hair textures. Though cornrow braided hairstyles expose the face and all its facial features, it should be noted that it looks great on ladies with almost all face shapes with an exception of those with round face shapes.

I remember when I was still younger, my mum, aunts and my elder sisters used to style cornrow braided hairstyles. When I ask why they liked this kind of braided hairstyle they told me that it has been there for a long time and will never go out of style because it looks trendy, fresh and unique as compared to other braided hairstyles for ladies.

For this reason therefore allow me share with you some of the best cornrow braided hairstyles that draw optimum attention when in public due to the extreme beauty they offer ladies.

Pretty Cornrow braided hairstyles Cornrow braided hairstyles


Cornrow Braided Hairstyles for African American Ladies

Cornrow braided hairstyles

African American ladies or black women look great, stunning and stylish with braided hairstyles more especially with cornrow hairstyles. The beautiful African American lady featured in the above features cornrow braided hairstyle with her hair twisted into large, gorgeous cornrows which run smoothly from the front to the back of her head and in fact these braids continue past her head hence falling gently over her back.

However, what makes this cornrow braided hairstyle unique is the way its patterns coupled with large braids which run smoothly to the back section. All her hair was secured into different sections and then each section was twisted into a big braid which starts small at the front and after gradually increases in size at approaches the mid and back sections of the head.

The great spacing within this braided hairstyle helps to create an amazing color play on top of the head whereby the unbraided sections show her light skin tone which contrast perfectly with the dark hair color making this lady extremely pretty and beautiful for any party/occasion. In conclusion, this braided hairstyle actually works for ladies who want to achieve a young and sexy appeal.


Cornrow braided hairstyles for white women

Cornrow braided hairstyles for white women

White ladies can as well look awesome and pretty with cornrows just like the white lady feature in the picture above. This lady actually features a cornrow braided hairstyle with a dark tone throughout which creates great contrast with her very light skin tone thus drawing a lot of attention towards her head.

Her hair was turned into braids which look smaller at the front and then gradually increase in size as they approach the back section of her head but these braids were secured into a hair bun which hangs gently at the back of her head. This ensures that no hair strands fall below her head leaving all facial features within sight hence making her look very beautiful, fresh and elegant. All in all, if you are searching for a perfect braided hairstyle for that prom night or function, then just tryout this cornrow braided hairstyle and be rest assured to make heads turn and necks bend.


Cornrow French braided hairstyles

Cornrow french braided hairstyles

In case you love French braids and cornrows, then this braided hairstyle featured in the picture above will actually work perfectly for you. Well this kind of braided hairstyle can be worn by ladies from all over the world. Cornrow French braids look great on African American, African or black women, American ladies, and all the other white ladies.

The lady featured in the image above features a center parted cornrow and fresh braided hairstyle which contains small, horizontally aligned braids which run from the top to the sides of her head. Additionally, there are 2 large braids which run gently from the front to the back on both sides of her head and then turn into a huge braided ponytails which drop smoothly below her head hence creating a unique and stunning appearance.

This braided hairstyle has a black hair color throughout which creates a contrasting effect with tone of her skin making her looks attractive and stunning just like a princess. In conclusion, women in need of a braided hairstyle that can create a young, beautiful and elegant appeal should actually tryout this cornrow French braided hairstyle because it meets all the listed requirements.


Simple Cornrow braided hairstyles

Simple Cornrow braided hairstyles

The black lady featured in the picture above has a sleek cornrow braided hairstyle with a unique zigzag pattern which makes her look different and extremely beautiful. The hair is twisted into several braids which look smaller at the beginning but gradually increase in size as they move towards the back of her head and these braids are left to drop over her back leaving all facial features visible.

The tone of her skin greatly matches with her hair color which make this hairstyle look perfect on her. Trust me this hairstyle is greatly enhanced by the unique braid pattern which actually helps to add a lot of movement and definition to her entire head. Ladies who love simple but unique cornrows should tryout this braided hairstyle.


Cornrow Braided Hairstyles With Color

Cornrow braided hairstyles with color

Colorful braided hairstyles like the one featured in the picture above will help to create extra definition and movement to your head. The lady featured in the picture above had all her hair twisted into colorful braids with almost no space in-between.

The braids actually look thinner at the front but they gradually increase in size as they approach the medium and back sections of the head. The braids are then secure at the back of her head and then the rest of the braids are left to flow smoothly below her head.

On the other side, the black and red color mixture within these braids actually helps to draw extra attraction towards the head while adding movement and definition to the entire hairstyle. Ladies who love colorful braided hairstyle will actually feel amazed and good in case they tryout this cornrow braided hairstyles with different color tones.


Trendy Cornrow Braided Hairstyles

Trendy Cornrow braided hairstyles

Alicia keys really likes having unique and trendy hairstyles just like the one featured above. As you can see, all her hair twisted into braids whereby the braids at the top are uniquely patterned but they still diffuse into the braids at the back while the braids at the sides are styled straight but they also move gently up to the back of her head.

These cornrows are then left to flow smoothly below her head hence falling over her back leaving all the facial features visible which is a key element to achieving a beautiful and sexy look. On the other hand, this lady has a light skin tone which really matches perfectly with the dark color tone of hair hence drawing lots of drama and attraction towards the entire head.

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