Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

| August 12, 2015

Men also have different haircuts to style just like women and they range from short to long hairstyles. Like women, even men will look cute and masculine with a great haircut and that is why you should try to enhance your looks as a man by trying out desired haircut.

braided mohawk hairstyles for menHowever, in this article I’m featuring some of the best braided Mohawk hairstyles that any man can tryout to


enhance his appearance and these hairstyles include simple, elegant and wild Mohawk haircuts and it upon you to a style that works best for you. On the other Mohawk hairstyle have actually become a trend amongst men today especially teenagers because they make someone look unique and cute.

All in all, here are of the braided Mohawk hairstyles that you can actually tryout in case you really want to look trendy and cute like men featured in the images below:


Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

The black man featured in the image above has a unique, braided Mohawk hairstyle which is turned into curls at the crown section while the sides are twisted into horizontal braids that up to the back and beyond creating flying braids at back of his head.

In fact, the braided sides are very sleek while the top section has a lot of hair volume which has been styled into messy and spiral curls that run from the front to the back in order to bring out that amazing Mohawk style. However, this braided Mohawk hairstyle is not easy to create and it will require some help for a hair professional in order to achieve the best results.

In conclusion, this braided Mohawk looks a bit wild and it may not work for some men who prefer having casual hairstyle. But for men celebrities and teenagers, this will actually be a great, eye-catching hairstyle to tryout.


Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men with thick hair

braided mohawk hairstyles for men with thick hair

This white man features a unique braided Mohawk haircut with sleek and braided sides while the top section heavily textured and styled into a wavy haircut with a lot of bounce coupled with a messy appearance. This hair at the crown actually stands-up straight whereby it creates a great contrast with the sleek, braided sides hence bringing out a perfect Mohawk haircut.

However, this haircut will make any man look wild and masculine whereby it will only work for men who like partying but if you are a gentle-man and you prefer a haircut that is causal and simple, then just tryout another haircut because particular braided Mohawk haircut will make you feel uncomfortable and may even destroy your status/image in the public.


Trendy Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

Trendy Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

This is actually an amazing and trendy haircut that will work for any man who would like to grab himself attention and fame in the public. As you see in the picture above, this man has his hair braided into sleek, vertical braids on the sides which diffuse into highly clipped hair at the crown-area creating a spiky braided Mohawk haircut that any wild-teenager would love to tryout.

In fact, the spiked crown even pushes some hair towards the his face in order to create a simple and wispy front bang just above the face while the hair at the back secured into a simple hair-bun with some protruding spikes which actually bring-out the Mohawk style.

Like with most Mohawk hairstyles, this braided Mohawk haircut will also not work for gentlemen but it will be a great style for the teenagers and may be some celebrities.


Simple Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

Simple Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

This man actually features a classic fade haircut which has been turned into simple braided Mohawk hairstyle than any man can tryout. In fact, this fade haircut features of braiding and a simple Mohawk which lies gently over the crow-section.

On the other hand, his hair is actually styled sleek and smooth on the sides the hair around the perimeter hairline is turned into a long horizontal braid which separates the sleek sides from voluminous hair at the crown-section. Additionally, back-combing of hair at the crown adds an asymmetrical element to the entire Mohawk hairstyle.

On top of that, the hair at the crown actually a bit textured with a lot of volume and this creates great contrast with the sleek sides hence bringing-out that Mohawk-style perfectly. Styling such a hairstyle will actually require you to use a wax-based product in order to ensure extra-firm hold and malleability.


Colorful Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

Colorful Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men

The black man you see in the see in the image above actually has his hair styled into a unique and interesting colorful braided Mohawk hairstyle that will anyone wondering and amazed. This man actually twisted most of his hair into braids/cornrows in a horizontal way starting from the sides while approaching the top-section and only a small portion of the hair at the crown was left un-braided in order to create a wispy Mohawk with some volume.

The most striking feature about this braided Mohawk hairstyle is the blonde color which greatly contrasts with dark-tone base making this guy to really look stunning and cute.

Additionally, this man even had his sideburns and beards lightly bleached to blonde in order to perfectly match with his blonde braided Mohawk hairstyle. All in all, this hairstyle cannot be worn by any man most especially gentlemen and the fact is that you have to be really confident and strong to tryout this colorful braided Mohawk hairstyle.


Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men with fine hair

Braided Mohawk hairstyles for men with fine hairThe young man featured in the picture above has her fine-hair styled into a braided Mohawk hairstyle with the sides twisted into well-patterned braids that run up to the back of his head. These braids stop just around the crown-area and then the rest of the hair at the top is combed-up straight to create more volume which is required to bring out that Mohawk hairstyle.

Additionally, the hair at the crown is longer with a lot of volume towards the top-front section and it reduces in length as it approaches the back-sections of his head. In conclusion, this braided Mohawk looks simple and easy to create and you really want to try out a new haircut a teenager then go for this style and how it will look on you.

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