Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Kids

| August 12, 2015

Braiding hair has been in existence for some good time and braided hair is very common amongst kids today because it makes them look awesome. However, braiding hair actually takes time and often hurts but the results or looks from braided-hair are worth it.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For KidsAdditionally, braided hairstyles for kids can be very unique and creative whereby you can even decide these braids in


various ways and with different colors in order to enhance on the kids looks.  On the other hand, braids even help to protect hair from the harsh environment conditions and also keep your kid away from hairstyling products for several months yet she will still look very beautiful and cute.

Another advantage about braids is that they increase on the hair-growth rate and if really want you kid to get long and nice looking hair, then tryout a braided hairstyle. In conclusion, I have listed for you some of the best braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids that any parent can tryout on their kids and all these styles will look great and beautiful on your kid.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls

Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids

Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids

This cute African kid has her hair styled into an amazing braided Mohawk which looks unique and trendy. Her hair is actually twisted into cross-sectional or square-like braids on the side which look sleek with some square-spaces in-between which give off an amazing effect.

Additionally, the braids on the sides are then directed towards the crown section and secured into thick braided Mohawk which looks sassy but beautiful and mind-blowing. In fact, this braided Mohawk hairstyle will look great on your kid because it looks playful yet gentle enough to make the look perfect on any occasion or even when going to school.

How to style:

  • You will have to first seek for a professional hairstylist in order to help you style hair like this because it’s impossible the kid or parent to style it individually.
  • Thoroughly wash hair before you begin styling it and then apply a good hair-conditioner will to help soften the hair-strands.
  • Use fingers to twist hair into braids while ensuring that the braids begin smaller and grow bigger as they approach the crown-section.
  • Braid hair beginning from the sides while directing it towards the top-section and then secure it at the top of the head in form of several, sassy, braided-buns so as to bring out that braided Mohawk style.
  • Finish by misting the braided-hair with a medium-hold hairspray in order to add extra hold and shine to it.


Ponytail Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids with color

Ponytail Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids with color Kids really like colorful things and will be a great idea to add some color to kids braided hairstyle. The black little girl you see in the image above looks just unique and pretty with that braided Mohawk hairstyle which contains 2 tones of color.

First of all, this hairstyle features well-patterned braids on the sides which are styled towards the top-section in order to create a big and bulky braided Mohawk which flows gently up to the back section.

The most amazing feature about this hairstyle is the large braided Mohawk at the crown-section which contains different shades of color and these include a golden color-tone at the front section of the braided-Mohawk and a black-tone towards the back-section of the Mohawk whereby this color mixture actually creates great contrast within this braided hairstyle.

All in all, kids especially girls’ love having colored-hair and that is why this colorful braided Mohawk hairstyle will actually make any kid feel happy and beautiful.

How to style:

  • Clean the kid’s thick-hair with a good shampoo that is formulated to work on natural black-hair.
  • Gently towel-dry hair and then give it some time to air-dry. Apply some styling-products to make hair soft and easy to manage while braiding.
  • Start twisting all the hair on the sides into braids using your hands and then create a huge, Mohawk braid at the crown which runs from the front to the back of the head.
  • Spray your braided Mohawk hairstyle with a shine-enhancing spray so as to provide extra shine and hold.



Ponytail Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids

Ponytail Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids

Every little girl likes having a fabulous hairstyle that will make her look just like their mom and that is why you should help your kid out by styling her hair into this simple ponytail braided Mohawk hairstyle because it looks supper-chic, beautiful and amazing.

The hair of this kid is entirely turned into braids whereby the sides have been twisted into vertically-aligned braids running from down towards the crown-section. The hair at the crown has been fastened into as simple Mohawk-braid which runs into a regular braid at the back creating an amazing ponytail braid which makes this girl look just like a young princess.

All in all, the ponytail Mohawk braided hairstyle looks trendy and amazing with a twist and a lot of playfulness that is required by any kid.


Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids with curly hair

Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids with curly hair

This pretty girl has a braided Mohawk hairstyle with spiraling curls at the crown which make her extremely cute and unique. this hairstyle is just simple because its only the hair on the sides that was twisted into braids while the hair at the crown area was turned into spiral-like curls that run up to the back her head.

Additionally, the curls are styled short enough so that they can leave the braids on the sides visible and these curls don’t even fall over face while the side-braids are also sleek-enough hence leaving all the facial features visible making this girl look really cute and beautiful.

Therefore, if you have a little girl who really loves curly-hairstyle and braids, then it think you should help her get this amazing braided Mohawk hairstyle with curls.


Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids with thick hair

Braided Mohawk hairstyles for kids with thick hair

This little girl with thick hair features an edgy braided Mohawk hairstyle that will actually grab any kid attention yet it’s not that complicated to create. The sides of her hair were segmented and twisted into short rows of braids in a seemingly geometric pattern.

The hair at the front section of the crown was also twisted into braids which stopped around the mid-section of the crown and the rest of the hair at the crown was just back-combed in order to create layers with increasing-lengths as it flows towards the back-section.

This dramatic contrast between the braids on the sides and textured layers at the crown really created an amazing braided Mohawk hairstyle that every girl would love to tryout especially those who like having long-hair.

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