10 Best Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces That Will Charm Your Look

| October 12, 2015

People have different face shapes and this is actually a natural characteristic that can’t be changed or modified. Some of the commonly seen and noticed face shapes include; oval, round, square, oblong, heart, diamond, long face shapes, among others.

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Round FacesThe type or shape of your face should not be a factor to hider you from looking great and beautiful as we are all


created beautiful in the eyes of the Lord God Almighty. In this write-up today, we will share with you the best and most stunning braided hairstyles for round face shapes which you are sure will charm your look.

Do you have a round face shape or is someone you know having a round face shape and didn’t know which braided hairstyle best suits and compliments her facial features? Well, I should say congratulations! We have compiled for you a collection of the best braided hairstyles for ladies with round face shapes which will make heads turn and necks bend.

Allow me invite you to this journey as we walk through the best, most stunning, gorgeous and trendy braided hairstyles for round face shapes of all seasons which you can wear to many different occasions be it casual, or formal.

Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces


Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces

Braided hairstyles for round faces

When I was browsing the web, this kind of braided hairstyle for round face shapes really captured my attention. It looks great on her and made her face look longer than its wide. Do you love such a braided hairstyle which will slightly elongate the round corners of your face?

The African American lady seen above had all her hair twisted into small braids which begin form the crown while moving below her head and then the braids stopped around the mid-section of her head. The rest of the hair that continues to flow below the head was styled sleek with softly curled hair ends that were left to fall gently over shoulder.

The hair ends that falls down her head past the shoulders help to cover-up the round corners of her face making the face look a little longer than its wide. This gives your round face that slightly longer look hence looking great and elegant.

Additionally, this braided hairstyle features 2 shades of color which include black and brown whereby this mix of colors helps to add dimension while creating a playful effect throughout her head. On the other hand, this hairstyle also contains individual braids which are left to fall over each other in order to enhance on hair volume while framing-out her round face shape yet the large soft curls in the lower sections help to create an attractive appeal thus making this woman just perfect for any occasion.


French Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces

French Braided hairstyles for round faces

If you have been kin, you would notice that almost all ladies with round faces opt for hairstyle which will leave some hair around their cheek to cover-up the round corners of their faces making them look as if their face shape is oval or heart shaped.

The white lady featured in the picture above looks pretty and simple because she had her hair styled into a gorgeous French braid which surrounds the entire head beginning from the back, sides and then over the crown section.

This huge French braid actually rests over a sassy hairstyle which is center parted with 2 side bangs that slightly cover her forehead in order to elongate her round face shape. The sassy and rough texture within this braided hairstyle helps to enhance on the volume of her fine hair while increasing on volume throughout.

The bangs which were left to hang freely over the cheeks surely cover up the round corners of her face making the hairstyle look super cute and sexy on her.

In terms of color, this French braided hairstyle features a dark brown color with some lighter golden blonde traces which actually help to create a playful effect throughout while drawing optimum attraction towards her round face shape. All in all, if you want to look young, beautiful and elegant, then just tryout this sexy French braided hairstyle because it make you look perfect for any function.


Mohawk Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces

Mohawk Braided hairstyles for round faces

One of my friends told me that Mohawk hairstyles don’t look great on ladies with round face shapes which I strongly disagree with. Mohawk hairstyles when styled perfectly around your round face, it will be the best hairstyle you have ever styled on your head which made heads turn and necks bend.

Well, I believe that this Mohawk hairstyle for round faces will definitely charm your look when styled in a similar way just like the lady featured above has. My advice to you will be to get a few stylish tips from her to recreate and come up with your own unique Mohawk hairstyle for round faces that charms your look.

The excited African American lady featured in the image above has trendy Mohawk braided hairstyle that matches perfectly with her round face shape making her look extremely cute and stylish. The hair on one side of her head was twisted into uniquely patterned braids which are smaller in size but gradually increase in size as they approach the crown section. The hair on the other side was then styled into bouncy, sassy curls which were left to flow gently below the head resting over her shoulders and back.

This braided hairstyle looks like a Mohawk because the braids on one side were left to diffuse into the voluminous curls at the crown hence making this woman extremely stylish, elegant and beautiful enough to rock any prom occasion.

On the other hand, the curled side of this hairstyle features a simple side swept fringe that slightly passes over the forehead hence drawing a lot of attraction towards the eyes and other facial features while framing out the roundness of her face by simply adding some length.


Colorful Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces

Colorful Braided hairstyles for round faces

Colorful braided hairstyles can actually look great on most women no matter the face shape as long you use the right colors. As you can see, the African lady seen in the photo above actually had her hair styled into micro braids which perfectly engulfed her round face shape making her look extremely beautiful and elegant for any occasion.

These micro braids contain black and brown individual braids throughout which help to create a playful effect while adding movement and dimension. Additionally, this micro braided hairstyle is uniquely styled whereby most of the braids are pushed to the sides while some of the braids at the crown are pushed backwards.

However, these braids are styled up to around the mid-section and then the rest of her hair was styled sleek and smooth with flipped hair ends generating a bob like braided hairstyle. Do you love how this African American lady styled her braided hair around her round face? Wow, to me she looks great and the hairstyle indeed complimented all her facial features.


Braided Up-Do Hairstyles For Round Faces

Braided Updo hairstyles for round faces

This light skinned black lady features braided hairstyle which looks like Mohawk because of the huge braided bump placed at the crown section. This braided hairstyle features horizontally aligned cornrows that run from the front to the back of her head while the longer braids at the crown were secured and styled at the top of her head thus making her pretty, trendy and elegant.

This up-do hairstyle actually helps to draw lots of attraction towards her head while framing out that round face shape. Additionally, the black hair color within this up-do braided hairstyle contrasts perfectly with the lighter-tone of her skin and bright, white eyes.

In conclusion, if you want to look simple and beautiful, then this up-do braided hairstyle will provide you with that simple and casual look that is perfect for rocking any simple party, work or even a date.


Fish-bone Braided Hairstyles For Round Faces

Fishbone Braided hairstyles for round faces

The cute African American woman had all her hair styled into fish-bone braids that run in a unique pattern from the front to the back of her head while leaving some spacing in-between which create an attractive appeal over her head.

These braids look smaller at the front and then gradually increase size as they move towards the back of her head. Additionally, all hair is styled at the top, in the sides and at the back of her head leaving no hair strands/braids falling below the head leaving all facial features visible and this actually enhances on the overall beauty of this African American lady.

If you wish to look, young, trendy and elegant for any moment in life, then this fish-bone braided hairstyle will give you that simple and beautiful appeal.

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