9 Pretty Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

| December 22, 2015

Adding some hair accessories to your braided hair can make it look pretty and super cute. Hair accessories such as beads, hairclips, and bandana, among others will surely add fashion and attractiveness to your hair.

Little girl braided hairstyles with beadsDo you want to put a smile on that little girl’s face this season? If so these braided hairstyles for black girls with beads


will without question be the best choice for you. These beads added to the braided hairstyles will make the little girl feel happy and be rest assured that it will charm their look.

Have you been looking for a braided hairstyle with beads for your little girl which she can wear to different or various occasions? Well I should say look no more because these pretty and charming braided hairstyles for little girls with beads will be the best choice for her and are worthy trying on her hair.

Come with me as I walk you through some of the best and unique Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls with Beads which will put a smile on that little girls face.

Black Girl Braided Hairstyles Awesome Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

Black Girls Braided Hairstyles For Girls

Black Girls Braided Hairstyles For Girls

Are you considering for a Mohawk like braided hairstyle for black girls which will charisma her look? Look no more as this braided hairstyle will surely give her that look. It’s easy to style and recreate this braided hairstyle for black girls as you can Do It Yourself.

Begin by braiding your hair from the sides as you move towards the middle section of your hair. The braiding should begin from the hairline on either sides as you move up towards the middle section of your head.

Create a mega or big braid in the middle section of your head as shown or portrayed in the picture above. Accessories the hairstyle with fancy beads or any other hair accessories to make it look more attractive and super cute.

Your girl can wear this kind of hairstyle when going to school, or when she is going to any other occasion such as a party, outings, home get together, you mention it all.


Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

I love this kind of ponytail braided hairstyle for girls. Section your hair into three different sections one at the back and the two in the sides. You might create more sections depending on the thickness of your hair thus I shouldn’t limit you to only 3 sections (the choice is yours on how you want the hairstyle to look like when styled on your head). You might decide to first braid the hair before doing the portioning or sectioning. Personally I would prefer parting or sectioning the hair first and braid each section individually.

Gather the braids from each section to create a ponytail and secure the ponytail at the base with hair elastic. Now accessorizes each section of braided ponytails with several colorful beads which will give that hairstyle an awesome and flattering look.

Trust me the more the variation in the colors for the beads the more and awesome the hairstyle will look. Try to at least mix 7 different colors of the beads to create that incredibly super cute braided hairstyle.


Braided Hairstyles With Beads For Black Girls

Braided hairstyles with beads for black girls

Braided hairstyles with beads for black girls that look fancy on each girl when tried on their hair. For sure this kind of braided hairstyle I have no words to describe it. But I could say is that try getting a few styling tips from this little girl to come up with your own inimitable and stylish hairstyle.


Cute Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

Girls look like little angels when they are still younger more especially if you care about them on their way of dressing and their welfare. This amazing black girl looks confidently astonishing with a cute Braided Hairstyle for Black Girls with Beads which I believe when you do this kind of hairstyle on your little princess, she too will without question look like an angel.

Her outfit certainly matched with the color of the beads. There are several pink beads which will perfectly match with any pinkish or related color paired with it. You might as well notice that there are several white beads which mean any outfit that matches with white will surely match and compliment you hairstyle.

Don’t be left out, trying putting in beads of your own choice which you think and feel that they will surely make your girl happy and feel comfortable with the outfit paired with it.


Little Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls With Beads

Wow, I like cornrow braided hairstyles because they assuredly look great on me and my little girls. This kind of braided hairstyle for little black girls featured above confidently looks amazing on every black girl which we are certain it can give your girl unforgettable experience when plaited on her head.

You can do cornrow braids or a three strand then accessorizes the ends of the braids with colorful beads. Try to match the color of the beads with that of the attire your girl will wear to that occasion. If there are several pink beads, a pink dress or attire will be the perfect choice to match with the hairstyle, likewise if there are any other colors of the beads, try to match them with an outfit that will compliment and match with the hairstyle.

By so doing, you will create an apparel which will make heads turn and necks bend. Such apparel will surely charm your little girls look and bring that awesome smile on her face.


Little Girl Braided Ponytails With Beads

Little girl braided ponytails with beads

Ponytail braided hairstyles look great on all girls irrespective of your color or race. This pretty young girl features a braided ponytail with beads which will charm your look and will draw maximum attention to your little girls head.

To achieve this look, begin by preparing your hair so that it’s ready for styling. You might need to apply some hair moisturizer to make your hair soft so that it’s easy for braiding. Section your hair into several sections depending on the thickness of your little girl’s hair.

Secure the other sections in place using hairclips so that you might work on one section at a time. You can do a ponytail braid with a two strand or three strand braid. Secure the base of the ponytail on your head with a clear hair elastic.

Repeat the above procedure till when all the sections on your head are braided into a ponytail. Accessorizes the ponytail with beads to draw more attention to the head. Look at how amazing that little girl looks; wouldn’t you like you girl to look stunning and gorgeous like her. Learn a few styling tips from her to come up with your own styling and unique little girl braided ponytails with beads.

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