Head Turning Box Braids Buns Hairstyles With Bandana

| November 13, 2015

Box braids have actually become a trend amongst some women today most especially black ladies and this is mainly due to their versatility it terms of styling and maintenance. If you are a black lady who wanted to look sophisticated and super cute, then box braids bun with bandana will be the best choice for you to charm your look.

Box Braids Bun With BandanaBox braids can be fashioned and designed in different styles so that every woman achieves a unique and sexy look yet


they also require less styling products compared to other regular hairstyles.

However, achieving a perfect box braided bun hairstyle with bandana might require you to seek for help from a professional hairstylist otherwise if you are well conversant with box braids, then you will be able to turn the entire head into fancy box braids without using any help.

Today on askmamaz, we have decided to share with you some of the best box braids buns hairstyles with bandana which hairstyles we believe look unique and trendy whereby they will make any lady look gorgeous, pretty and beautiful irrespective of whatever occasion she is dressing for.

If you have been looking for a perfect accessory to add into your braided hair, then the box braided hairstyles featured below will show you that a bandana can actually be a perfect accessory and there are even different styles you can use a bandana over your braided hair in order to look great for any occasion. Walk with me as I take you through the best, unique and outstanding box braids bun hairstyles with bandana.


Box Braids Bun With Bandana

Box braids bun with bandana

As you are able to see a pretty black (African American) lady who had all her hair styled into an amazing box braided hairstyle with huge braided bun over her head. All her hair was first twisted into box braids then it was later secured into a gorgeous, twisted, huge bun which looks like a twisted rope.

This lady added a colorful (red and white) bandana over her head whereby she tied it around the head while twisting it into a stylish knot at the top of her braided head. This colorful bandana created great contrast with her black braided hair making her look simple, casual but extremely stylish and super charming.

The black outfit she is putting on coupled with the black braided hairstyle perfectly contrasted with her lighter skin color while the red bandana helped to add dimension and movement towards her braided hair drawing optimum attention towards her head. So, if you are a kind of African American lady or African princess who loves looking casual, then adding a bandana to your braided hair will provide you with the best results.


Colorful Box Braids Bun With Bandana

Colorful Box braids bun with bandana

A beautiful white lady presented above had all her hair twisted into box braids with a huge circular bun just over the top of her head. This box braided hairstyle features an amazing golden brown color throughout coupled with a textured huge bun and these 2 styling elements help to enhance on the movement of the entire box braided hairstyle.

The queen featured above decided to cover the box braided hairstyle just below the bun with a red and white bandana which actually generated perfect contrast with the golden brown braids and her light skin color.

The bandana covered all the braids in the back, at the sides and it was then secured at the top of her head just over the forehead and this actually helped to frame out her long face shape while the dark outfit this lady is wearing matches perfectly with the dark color braids. If you’re looking for a stylish braided hairstyle then this colorful box braided hairstyle with red bandana will work for you.


Simple Braids Bun With Bandana

Simple braids bun with bandana

The cute black (African) lady in the photo above has simple box braided hairstyle with a stylish bun just over the crown coupled with a colorful bandana that was secured at the back of her braided head.

This box braided hairstyle looks like a Mohawk updo because all the braided hair on the sides was pushed and secured at the back of the head while the remaining braided hair at the crown was styled into a huge bun making this lady to look extremely stylish and beautiful for any event.

The colorful bandana placed at the back of her braided hair actually helps to add extra movement and dimension to the hairstyle while drawing optimum attention towards the entire head. Likewise, this lady features a chocolate skin which offers slight contrast with the black box braids and colorful bandana. All in all, this box braided hairstyle looks simple and will work perfectly for you when at home during your time with family.


Trendy Box Braids Bun With Bandana


Trendy Box braids bun with bandana

The African American pretty lady feature in the photo above had all her hair twisted into an amazing box braided hairstyle with huge bump at the crown which evenly covers the top section of her forehead.

This box braided is well secured whereby all the braids on the sides were pulled and secured at the back while the braids at the crown were secured into a lovely braided hair bun. The box braided hairstyle was covered with lovely bandana with different tones of color which include; army green, black and white. The colorful bandana matched perfectly with her dark-toned braided hair drawing lots of attention and attraction towards this black woman’s head.

Her light skin color coupled with the stylish glasses and colorful outfit made her look extremely unique, trendy and beautiful. All in all, this cute box braided hairstyle will look great on housewives but you can still rock this style when going for a simple house party.


Box Braids Bun With Bandana For Black Women

Box braids bun with bandana for balck-women

The charming lady seen in the image above had her hair twisted into huge box braids throughout and then the braids were secured over her head creating bulky but sexy hair bun that covers the entire crown section.

On the other hand, this lady decides to apply a colorful bandana around the sides of her box braided hairstyle creating an extremely stylish and unique braided hairstyle. If you take a closer look, you will notice that all the hair on the sides was secured into the bulky braid at the crown section and this is why the bandana smoothly covers the sides of her head.

The bright colors within the bandana perfectly contrasted with the dark color of the braided hairstyle and chocolate skin color on this pretty woman making her just perfect for any occasion.

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