10 Creative Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles

| February 10, 2016

Cornrows hairstyles look great and awesome on girls more especially black girls. Cornrows hairstyles are mainly styled and worn during formal occasions such as when your little girl is going to school or to any formal function. However, Cornrows hairstyles can as well be styled and worn when going to various casual occasions.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Little Black GirlsIn this post today, we have decided to share with you some of the best Cornrows hairstyles for black girls which will


look great on any girl. These black girls Cornrows hairstyles are in different styles and variations which will give you a variety of options to choose from.

With our collection be rest assured to find a Cornrows hairstyle which will work for you and your black girl. Welcome a boat as we explore the hottest, pretty and charming black girls cornrows hairstyles which will give your girl an overwhelming look.

Black Girls Braided Cornrows Hairstyles


Cornrows Hairstyles For Black Girls

Cornrows Hairstyles For Black Girls

The little black girl featured in the above picture features a charming Cornrows hairstyle which every black girl would like to try on. This kind of Cornrows hairstyle looks great on all girls more so those with medium length or long hair and with a long face shape.

The Cornrows braiding pattern is so unique that it will surely draw attention to your little girls head in that it will make other girls jealousy about her charming look. To make this kind of Cornrows braided hairstyle more colourful, add a few hair accessories such as a flower at the back or in the sides.

For girls with short hair who would also wish to do this kind of black girls cornrows hairstyle, hair extensions will be necessary to achieve the look. When choosing the hair extensions to use, opt for natural human hair extensions which perfectly match with the colour of your hair so that it can easily blend into your natural hair.


Twisted Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles

Twisted Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles

Many girls and ladies will do or style Cornrows hairstyles on their head but what makes a different is in the way you style your Cornrows around your head. Twisted Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyle is one of the unique ways one can style her Cornrows on her head to look unique from the rest of the other ladies.

As you might notice just from the picture featured above, this kind of Cornrows braided hairstyle is so unique, rear, and looks incredibly overwhelming. The hairstyle features two different sets of braids (Cornrows and three strand braids) where the Cornrows are tucked in (incorporated) into the three strand braids.

This Cornrows braided hairstyle feature two different kind of colours (black and brown ) which perfectly match with the colour of her skin making her look super cute and remarkable. The braids are then gather at the back of her head to create a braided ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a ponytail holder and you will be good to go.


Curvy Cornrows with Beaded Ends For Black Girls

Curvy Cornrows with Beaded Ends For Black Girls

Creativity when doing Cornrows will clearly make you always look unique and outstanding even in a crowd on many ladies with different braided hairstyles. The little black lady above feature a creative, unique and attractive Curvy Cornrows with Beaded Ends which surely makes her look pretty, endearing and adorable.

Give your girl a unique look this season with this kind of Cornrows braided hairstyle with beaded ends which will put a smile on her face. You do not have to recreate the very style as featured above. Try to play around with different shapes and styles around her head to create your own unique, remarkable and fancy Cornrows braided hairstyle.

I just like how perfect this cornrows braided hairstyle matches with the little black girl. The colour of the beads match with the top she is wearing while the black colour of the braids precisely match with the colour of her skin. Can’t wait to try out this kind of braided hairstyle to my little girl when she turns 12 next year.


Cool Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles

Cool Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles

For some Cornrows hairstyles you might not have a specific name that best describes them. This Cool Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles is one of them. The hairstyle features beautiful Cornrows which were braided from the front of her head as you move towards the nape of her neck. The braids were then gathered at the back to create a braided bun.

For girls with short or medium length hair, you might need hair extensions to be incorporate into your natural hair to add length so that the braiding and creation of the bun is made easy and possible. You might want to think of something else or different to add into the braid to make it different from other kinds of similar Cornrows braided hairstyles.

Choose the best attire for your girl which will match with this Cornrows hairstyle and she will be good to go to any occasion. Personally I would opt for tunic or cami with denim shorts or tight skinny jeans for casual occasion and dresses such as a peplum dress for formal occasions.


Beautiful Cornrows Hairstyles African American Girls

Beautiful Cornrow Hairstyles African American Girls

Beautiful beautiful indeed!!! Wow I like this kind of amazing Cornrows hairstyle. Have you been looking for a braided hairstyle which will make your girl go crazy, get super excited and look like a little princess? Well you are in the right place and at the right time because this Beautiful Cornrows Hairstyle for African American Girls will be the best choice for you.

It’s a creative breaded hairstyle for girls, which has braids running away from the face and others across her head which form an amazing and unique braided pattern. This make the hairstyle charming, exclusive and endearing more especially for African American girls.

The hairstyle was accessorized with beautiful and colourful beads which added more attractiveness to the hairstyle and her look as well. You too can make your girl look tremendous and remarkable just like that little girl in the picture above is! Get a few styling tips from her to recreate your own exceptional and spectacular lovely Cornrows Hairstyles African American Girls.


African American Girls Cornrows Hairstyles

African American Black Girls Cornrow Hairstyles

Just like the above Cornrows hairstyles, this braided hairstyle is also among the distinctive and innovative, inventive Black Girls Cornrows Hairstyles. It features stunning Cornrows in a unique pattern which in the end the braids where styled into a lovely braided bun.

With such kind of braided hairstyle, you might be required to have long hair to achieve an amazing and magnificent look. However, thanks to the human hair extensions in that even girls with short or medium length hair can style and achieve such kind of hairstyles.

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