10 Black Girls Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

| August 8, 2015

Braided hairstyles are actually an easy way of styling your long or short hair and the advantage about braids is that they give you an option spending several months without styling your hair and this will save you a lot of time and money.

Cute Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles Additionally, braids will give your hair some rest and even give it protection from harsh hair-styling chemicals


because you won’t have to apply hair-products in your braided hairstyle like with other hairstyles. Likewise, braided hairstyles can really look great and attractive whereby they will any lady look very beautiful and feminine.

On the other hand, braided hairstyles actually create space for creativity whereby they offer the user with several interesting braiding styles and techniques hence ensuring that every woman achieves a unique braided hairstyle.

On top of that, braiding is very versatile whereby you can twist your hair into different shapes or forms after it has been braided hence making you look gorgeous and unique every day and this is the reason as to why most black ladies prefer going in for braided hairstyles.

Cute Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles

Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles

Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles

This Mohawk braided hairstyle really looks great on this ladies medium-length, natural curly hair. This black lady actually features beautiful and unique braids at the sides which diffuse into the curly hair at the crown hence generating a more creative result.

This easy and ingenious braided hairstyle has slightly longer curly hair at the crown which falls gently over the forehead to create a simple fringe the hair at back stops just around the nape section making her look really simple but beautiful for any function. In fact, the sleek braided sides coupled with a stylish curled Mohawk at the crown ensures that all facial features a left visible hence offering this lady extra freedom and beauty.

How to style:

  • Begin by gently sectioning all the hair on the sides and top section by brushing the hair on the sides downwards then leave the hair at the crown as it is.
  • Curl the hair at the crown section using a small curling-wand and then set it with a firm-holding spray.
  • Start to braid the hair on one side by simply twisting it into smaller box-braids but you may need help from a hairstylist during this stage in order to achieve best results.
  • Braid the other side carefully while securing and tucking the braids underneath the curls at the crown-section and finish by setting your style with a medium-hold spray.


Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles with color

Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles with color

The black lady really looks beautiful and unique with Mohawk-like braided hairstyle which looks thicker at the crown section with very fine braids on the sides. This Mohawk hairstyle actually features thin, layered braids on the sides which are integrated into the thicker braids at the crown hence creating a huge and bulky Mohawk bump that flows up to the back.

This creative Mohawk braided-hairstyle also contains different shades of color at the crown-section which include brown and golden shades which contrast perfectly with the natural black-color of most braided-hair giving this lady a very stunning and attractive look.

How to style:

  • Start by gently cleaning your thick-hair with a good conditioning-shampoo which is formulated to work on natural black-hair.
  • Towel-dry your entire head of hair after washing it and then give it some time to air-dry. After, apply some hair styling-gel to make the hair soft and easy to twist during the styling stage.
  • Begin to twist the hair on the sides and then secure it into a bump at the crown section. Continue braiding you’re up to the back of the head until the entire head is worked upon. But this braiding process may require you to get some help from a hair-styling professional for best results.
  • Complete your braided Mohawk hairstyle by applying a shine enhancing spray allover in order to add some shine and hold.


Trendy black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles

Trendy black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles

This beautiful African-woman features a chic and uniquely braided Mohawk hairstyle which is styled with perfection making her look very stunning. The sides of this braided hairstyle are very sleek while the crown-section features a thick braided Mohawk which is beautifully-created and well-defined whereby it makes this lady to look very attractive and sexy. This Mohawk braided hairstyle will actually look great on younger ladies or teenagers because it makes someone to look beautiful, younger and sexy.

How to style:

  • Before styling this braided Mohawk, you will actually need a professional hair-stylist to offer you with some help during the styling process because it’s impossible to create this hairstyle individually.
  • Wash the hair properly prior to styling it and then try to apply some little hair-conditioner in order to soften the hair-strands.
  • A hair professional will now begin to twist the hair into braids while ensuring that the braids start smaller at the sides while developing into huge braids at the crown section.
  • The hair will actually be braided starting from the sides while directing it towards the crown-area and it will then be secured at the top of the head while generating several hair-buns in order to bring-out that Mohawk-style out of those braids.
  • Finish you’re Mohawk braided hairstyle by simply working through hair with a medium-hold hair spray in order to add extra hold and shine to it.


Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles for thick hair

Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles for thick hair

This pretty black girl is really gifted with natural thick hair which is braided and styled into gorgeous Mohawk hairstyle. First of all, the hair on the sides into simple braids that diffuse into the thick and smooth hair at the crown making her look gorgeous and perfect foe almost any occasion.

In fact, this is the simplest braided hairstyle that you could ever tryout in case you thick hair because it does not require you turn the entire the head of hair into braids but you simply have to braid the sides.


Cute black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles

cute black girls braided Mohawk hairstylesIf you’re a black lady with thin or fine hair then this braided Mohawk hairstyle will look great on your head. In fact, this hairstyle looks simple and cute whereby the sides are twisted into smaller braids that connect onto the curled fine-hair at the crown hence creating a gorgeous and trendy Mohawk hairstyle.


Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles for curly hair

Black girls braided Mohawk hairstyles for curly hairYou actually have a braided Mohawk hairstyle in case you have long curly hair like the lady featured in the image above. This lady actually decided to braid the hair on the sides and left the hair on the long-enough and curled but you can still notice the Mohawk shape.

However, some of her hair is left fall freely onto one side leaving one side with visible braids and a curled Mohawk that crosses over the crown section.

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