10 Charming Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

| August 28, 2015

Braids are one of the hairstyles that have been trending amongst black women for quite a long of time and in fact, black ladies have a tendency of braiding their little girls because braided hairstyles make these girls look very pretty and beautiful.

Black Girls Braided HairstylesOne of the advantages of braided hairstyles is that they require less maintenance, they are protective and even help


natural hair to grow faster. There are several braiding styles which means that each black girls can achieve a unique and beautiful braided hairstyle but the only challenging factor with braids is that they take some time to style plus they are a bit painful to style especially for these little girls.

All in all, in case you want your little girls to get that cute and sexy braided look, then I compiled for you some of the best braided hairstyles for black girls that you can tryout in order to achieve that great look.

Pretty Black Girls Braided Hairstyles


Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

This pretty little black girl has her hair styled into a gorgeous braided hairstyle with a long ponytail that goes over her shoulders hence making her look like a princess. The hair at the crown section is actually twisted into cornrows which look sleek and run up to the back of her head where they are gathered and secured into a long ponytail that fall gently below her head.

The gorgeous ponytail contains several braids which are equipped with white beads at the tips accessorizing the hairstyle which actually help to lighten-up the black colored braided hairstyle making this little girl look attractive and remarkable.

Just in case you are tired of styling your little girl’s hair all the time and you really want to take a break, then I would suggest or propose that you should opt for this amazing braided hairstyle for black girls.


Black Girls Braided Hairstyles with curls

Black Girls Braided Hairstyles with curls

Braids can really look great on little girls just like on the girl featured in the picture above. This pretty girl actually had her hair styled into braids which are diagonally aligned as they move from the front to the back of her head.

The braids are later secured with a ribbon at top-back section of her head. The truth is that this braided hairstyle features a curled ponytail which disperses slightly over the little girl’s head creating an illusion of high volume and the pink ribbon that was used to secure the curly ponytail actually helps to add some light and dimension to this braided hairstyle.

This black girl’s braided hairstyle leaves all the hair just over the head with some pieces falling below the head and which actually helps to make your little girl look gorgeous because all the facial features are visible.

In my own opinion, I would say that this black girls braided hairstyle will match perfectly with any outfit that your little girl puts on, it can as well be worn to several occasion both special and casual and this braided hairstyle for black girls would work best girls who like playing because there is no hair falling over the face unlike other braided hairstyles.


Black Girls French Braid Hairstyles

Black Girls French-Braid Hairstyles

If you really love French braids then I think you should also try them out on your little girl and see how pretty, stunning and lovely she will look like when styled on her head. In the image of the little girl above, her hair is styled sleek and smooth at the crown section with a long ponytail that has been twisted into a French braid that falls past the shoulder with a feathery tip.

This black girl’s braided hairstyle looks simple, elegant and cute enough for any kid to have because it will make her look like a Disney princesses. The hairstyle also ensures that no facial features are covered yet it is long enough to bring out that sexy and attractive look that every young girl wishes to have.

Well, if you little girl really loves having long braided-hair, then give French braided hairstyle a try and trust me, she will really love it.


Black Girls Up-do Braided Hairstyles

Black Girls Updo Braided Hairstyles

This celebrity girl features an amazing braided hairstyle which looks like a real up-do hairstyle for ladies. In fact, this girl had her hair styled into braids from the crown section and the braids actually took a third of the hair length and the rest of the hair was turned into curls up to the tips.

The braided hair was later gathered at the top and then secured using an orange ribbon which helped to add dimension and light to the braids. Additionally, securing hair at the top also helped to raise most of the hair just over the head preventing the braided hair from falling over her face and past the shoulders.

However, there are many way of styling this braided hairstyle whereby you may decide to remove the ribbon in order to leave the braids to fall freely over your back or secure the braids at the back to create a braided ponytail but all this depends on what you prefer to look like with a finished hairstyle on your head.


Black Girls Braided Hairstyles With Beads

Black Girls Braided Hairstyles with beads

This little girl features an awesome braided hairstyle with a lot of dimension and style that even ladies would wish to have their hair styled like this. This black girls braided hairstyle actually sleeked at the crown the braids are later secured into 2-ponytails on opposite directions and these ponytails actually feature colorful beads at the ends which help to lighten-up the dark hair-color of the braids.

In conclusion, if your little girl likes looking trendy and cute just like her mother then you should get her hair twisted into this amazing double-ponytail hairstyle with colorful beads.


Easy Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

Easy Black Girls Braided Hairstyles

This is an easy and awesome braided hairstyle that will make your little girl pretty and simple. As you can observe in the picture above, this little girl’s hair twisted into vertical cornrows that run from the front to the back of her head and then secured at top-back corner of her head using colorful piece of cloth which brings in extra dimension and light the black hair-color.

On top of that, the ponytail was turned into curly-braids that swing smoothly and gently over one-side of her head but leaving all the facial-features visible. On top of that, the light skin-tone of this girl contrasts well with the dark hair-color making her to look cute, simple and ready for playtime or school-time.

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