10 Cutest Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun

| November 13, 2015

Well black women look awesome with their naturally black hair which makes them look cute, sexy and stylish when styled and dressed according to the occasion it’s designed for. Black ladies are naturally gifted with black hair which makes them look great when twisted, or braided.

Black Braided Hairstyles with BunIn this article therefore, we have decided to present to you some of the best, unique and stylish braided hairstyles for


black women and in particular black braided hairstyles with bun which we are sure will charm your look.

Trust me you might be thinking how best can I be able to achieve a unique stylish and fancy black braided hairstyles with bun? Well allow me say that all is well with you as we got you covered. In this write-up we have featured many different black braided hairstyles with bun and a detailed description of a step by step direction on how to recreate style and achieve a perfect braided hairstyle with buns.

Most of these black braided hairstyles with bun are easy to style though they feature different styles and bun shapes. Recreating and styling the bun is as easy as doing a two strand twist. Why don’t you take a walk with me as I walk you through some of the best black braided hairstyles with bun which will attract attention to you?

Note: these braided hairstyles are unique, sexy and super cute thus they will draw attention to your head(face) when moving down the streets, at your work place or any occasion or event you are dressing for.

Cute Black Braided Hairstyles with Bun


Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun

Black braided hairstyles with bun

The lady features in the image above had all her hair twisted into amazing dreadlocks which were then gathered and secured into a sassy braided bun at the back top section of her head. The main features that makes this black braided hairstyles with bun to look attractive are the individual braids that are well spaced which then creates a great color contrast between her lighter skinned skull and the dark color of the hair.

With this braided hairstyle you can notice that no hair drops below the head which helps to keep all facial features visible which is a major element of achieving extra beauty. The brown crafty earrings she’s wearing also matched perfectly with her light skin color that greatly contrasted with her black hair color. This made her look simple, elegant and beautiful enough to go for any occasion, meeting or even work.

You too can look more attractive and sexy more than the lady featured in the picture above. All you need to do is to get a few styling tips from the lady to recreate your own unique, trendy and super cute black braided hairstyles with bun.


Black Braided Hairstyles With 2 Buns

Black braided hairstyles with 2-buns

The pretty black woman displayed in the picture above had all her hair twisted into sexy braids that look like cornrows. Most of these braids begin from the front section of the crown whereby they look smaller at the beginning but they gradually increase in size as they run towards the back of her head.

However, this braided hairstyle truly looks unique compared to other braided hairstyle with bun because it is designed with 2 buns which leis on both sides of the back section of the head. To achieve these 2 buns, this lady had all her hair at the top and on both sides of her head collected and secured into hair buns on both ends which also helps to give her a young, sexy and energetic look that most ladies would love to achieve.

All her hair contains a dark colors that generates perfect contrast with the lighter skin color of the scalp and face while the applied eyelids and black outfit she’s putting on matched perfectly with the black color of the braided hair. All in all, this is a great braided hairstyle for those going for special occasions like; weddings, dates, partying and work.


Colorful Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun

Colorful black braided hairstyles with bunIn the image above, Beyonce decided to turn all her hair into a colorful box braided hairstyle with a huge bun sitting at the crown section with all the hair on the sides gathered and secured into an amazing hair bun.

If you take a closer look you will notice that the box braids are large in size at the beginning but they gradually decrease in size as they approach the hair tips (hair ends) which somehow helped in the formation of the huge bun.

On the other hand, this braided hairstyle contains a sexy brown color with some light color traces which help to add movement and dimension throughout. Generally this braided hairstyle still features a dark color tone that contrasts well with the light skin color.

Additionally, the sun glasses she was wearing feature almost the same color with the braided hairstyle and outfit while the gold and red earrings and light skin color helped to add some light towards her face. In conclusion, this braided hairstyle looks a bit casual but elegant enough to rock almost any function.


Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun And Fringe

Black braided hairstyles with bun and fringe

The lady seen in the photo above actually had all hair styled into dreadlocks which were then secured into a high bun at the back section of the head coupled with a braided fringe which was left to slightly cut through her forehead thus drawing optimum attraction towards her oval face shape and sexy eyes.

This braided hairstyle was also uniquely styled whereby one side has less hair while the other side was left with a great amount of braided hair and this actually created a playful effect throughout this hairstyle.

Likewise, all her hair features a dark color throughout and contrasts perfectly with the white outfit and earrings she’s wearing while her light skin color sums up everything. This braided hairstyle gave this lady a simple and elegant appeal making her just perfect to rock any occasion and even work.


Easy Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun

Easy black braided hairstyles with bun

Rihanna features an amazing hairstyle that is styled sleek and smooth at the crow section and sides while the hair at the back section was twisted into a long-braid which was then secured into a huge hair bun that covers the entire back-section.

This half braided hairstyle with a bun actually contains a nice dark brown color throughout that contrasts perfectly with the light skin color of Rihanna while the colorful crystal earrings she’s wearing added a lot beauty and style to her looks. I

If you want a hairstyle that is not entirely braided and makes you look beautiful and elegant enough, then just tryout this easy to style hairstyle with a braided bun at the back section and you will be able to achieve that amazing look.


Trendy Black Braided Hairstyles With Bun


Trendy black braided hairstyles with bun

The pretty, young lady featured above twisted all her hair into huge dreadlocks which were then collected and secured into a sexy braided bun at the back section. This hairstyle features individual braids with a dark color throughout which actually matches well with the black outfit she is wearing while the light tone of the skin coupled with the golden necklace and earrings helps to add some light to her looks. All in all, this hairstyle looks casual and it will work for you in-case you’re going for any party or when going for a trip but not work.

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